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korean food / seoul / [One Hundred Years Gourmet] Tantuk Thong Tree House Restaurant… Gegukji, the common people’s food responsible for meals in Chungcheong-do – 2087

[One Hundred Years Gourmet] Tantuk Thong Tree House Restaurant… Gegukji, the common people's food responsible for meals in Chungcheong-do

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│ Ahead of popularizing gekokuji by introducing fusion gekokuji

Fifty-nine restaurants from around the country were selected for the “Hundred Years Restaurant”, which connects generations. These are places that have been silently meeting customers in one place for over 30 years. A place that impresses with “uniformity” while protecting faith and determination. These efforts have stolen the government's taste. The 59 restaurants selected directly by the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Enterprises and the Small Commercial Market Promotion Corporation are currently known through the foodtech O2O (online and offline connection) platform “Shikishin.” Under the title “Hundred Years Gourmet,” AJU Keizai introduces the Hundred Years Restaurant, one by one, each weekend, a place filled with memories.

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*Image source: Courtesy of the owner

“Gekokuji” is a local food from Chungcheongnam-do where the crab is cleaned and the outer shell is simmered with kimchi. The sharp broth with the freshness of vegetables and blue crab added to it is good for relaxation, but it is a magical flavor that brings sake.

“Tanktuk Tree House Restaurant” started selling gegukji for the first time in Anmyeon-do. It is a place that took the lead in popularizing the gegukji menu by introducing fusion gegokuji, which captures the unique fishy smell of gegokuji, for the first time. CEO Lee Chang-woo returned to his hometown of Anmyeon-do in 2001 based on his experience running restaurants in Taean and Dangjin since 1981 and opened his current store. When you order food, 10 kinds of side dishes made from pollution-free vegetables grown by yourself are also prepared. The signature menu “Gekokuji” is characterized by adding wild sesame powder and dried shrimp powder to the broth developed in-house without adding chemical seasonings to further enhance the umami flavor. The combination of blue crab, which becomes plump and becomes sweet as you chew, and the sharp soup is excellent. There is also a set menu with plenty of options, including mainly gepokuji, soy sauce crab made from anmyeon and blue crab, seasoned crab, prawn prawn, rice, and drinks. There's a cafe space in front of the store where you can enjoy drinks at a reasonable price, so it's a great place to chat after a meal.

[Hundred Years PICK] “Gegukji” = A type of kimchi made with soy sauce crab made from small Japanese crab or mint from the west coast, kimjang, vegetables, and old pumpkins, which are eaten by pouring rice broth into it and cooking it in a stew pot. It was an extremely common food, with a variety of recipes from house to house using a variety of ingredients. Currently, it has developed into a stew that cooks good crab and cabbage from the west coast, but Taean's “Tanttuk Tree House Restaurant” is a place that helped promote Gegukji by introducing “Fusion Gegukji.” Gegokuji, gejang, and prawn steak menus can be found anywhere in the country through a courier service.



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