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korean food / seoul / The season for chimak is back! 2019 National Chicken Taste Map – 2113

After the capricious cold of flowers, spring has arrived, where a pleasant breeze blows in the warm sun. The weather is perfect for a glass of beer in the park in light clothes. When I drink a cool beer while watching the flowers blooming everywhere, I can't help but think of crunchy chicken. A must-have for a spring outing! Let's go on a tour of chicken restaurants around the country that will enhance the perfection of chimak!

1554106304466186 jpeg Korean Food September 24th, 2023




Ssangdong Chicken

Rooftop moonlight

Original garlic chicken restaurant

Isu Tongdak

Jinmi Chicken

Haenam Chicken Restaurant

Chicken chicken

Hyodo chicken

Haru chicken

Gyeonggi & Incheon


Mild injury

Mago chicken

Red Rock

Sammi garlic chicken

Yongseong Chicken

Obok Chicken Restaurant

Hansung Chicken

Wonju Chicken

Happy chicken

Jangseong Chicken




Giant chicken

Seoul Chicken


Rural chicken

Pippo Chicken

Shinheung Pancake

Obok Chicken

Hakkyung garlic chicken

World Chicken


buckwheat mill


Cultural chicken

Market chicken

Baekyang Chicken Restaurant

Yangdong Chicken

Mother's chicken house

Movie chicken

Lee Kang Chicken

Flavored chicken

Chung Angtong Chicken

Shikishin released the “National Chicken Taste Map,” which analyzed big data based on user reviews and evaluations until January 2019, for 3.7 million users.

Shikshin's '2019 National Chicken Taste Map' includes a total of 40 chicken restaurants located in Seoul, Gyeonggi & Incheon, Gangwon, Gyeongsang, Chungcheong, Busan, Jeolla, and Jeju.

If you look at the selected major restaurants, you can see that places that maintain the same taste as traditional methods and stores that offer value for money are included. Seoul's “Hyodo Chicken” and Busan's “Pippo Chicken” are places that are causing a wave of certified shots on social media by showcasing chicken with unique toppings such as shishito pepper and pad thai.

Also, after the broadcast of famous media such as “Isu Tongdak” in Seoul, “Jinmi Tongdak” in Wonju, and “Giant Chicken” in Busan, places loved by nearby residents as well as tourists have made a name for themselves.



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