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korean food / seoul / Gimbap pilgrimage all over the country! 2019 National Gimbap Taste Map – 2134

“Gimbap” is eaten by putting rice, egg, zidan, pickled radish, cucumber, and burdock on top of seaweed, rolled up and cut into bite-sized pieces. Depending on the ingredients in it, it has a rich texture and unique flavor. Gimbap is popular as a picnic lunch box or a meal in a busy everyday life because it is an easy way to prepare a meal. There are various types of gimbap, from dainty-sized gimbap for kids to nude gimbap with rice on the outside, so it's fun to choose and eat. Let's go on a gimbap pilgrimage all over the country with a gimbap map!

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Gyonam gimbap


Gwangpan forearm gimbap

Bangbae gimbap

Mangine chungmu gimbap



One bite and a half

Green gimbap


Choi Dae-seop Dae-bak Gimbap

Gyeonggi & Incheon

Popular gimbap

Mild injury

Samodang mother gimbap

Toad neck

Jin Ine meal

Real gimbap

Changdong Bunsik

Beer gimbap

Fuhwa Gimbap

Seomun gimbap

Halmae gimbap


Banzuru gimbap


Gwangan Market Gimbap

Three Brothers Gimbap

Dongwon Bunsik


Famous gimbap

Jang Gimbap

Sodami gimbap

King Jeongteo Jin Gimbap

Yeongdo Haenyeo Village


Daewang Gimbap Jeon Dae Main Gate


Namchun Restaurant

Dowon Gimbap


Big mama gimbap

It's affectionate

Oseonmo traditional gimbap

From Moseulpo

Yi Soon Lee Gimbap

Friendship Association Center

Shikishin released the “National Gimbap Taste Map,” which analyzed big data based on user reviews and evaluations until January 2019, for 3.7 million users.

Shikshin's '2019 National Gimbap Taste Map' includes a total of 40 gimbap restaurants located in Seoul, Gyeonggi & Incheon, Gangwon, Gyeongsang, Chungcheong, Busan, Jeolla, and Jeju.

If you look at the selected major restaurants, you can see that they include places that have gained a lot of popularity due to famous media coverage, as well as stores recommended by locals. Jeonju's “Oh Seon-mo Traditional Gimbap”, Jeju's “Friendship Center”, and Pyeongtaek's “Popular Gimbap” are places where you can find unique gimbap with carrots, saury, and shiraegi as the main ingredients.

Also, places that boast plenty of filling ingredients that make you feel full even after eating just one line have made a name for themselves, such as Sokcho's “Choi Dae-seop Dae-bak Gimbap”, Mokpo's “Yi Soon-i Gimbap”, and Anyang's “Beer Gimbap”.



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