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korean food / seoul / Even hiking after a meal! 5 best places to eat on a hiking trail in Seoul – 2160

The warm weather and new green clothes on the mountains in June are a great place to enjoy hiking. The path up the steep mountain is a bit difficult and difficult, but the view from the summit and sense of accomplishment cannot be replaced by anything. Climbing itself is fun, but one of the fun things you can't miss is delicious food that satisfies your hunger after climbing. From places that are great for putting a cup of makgeolli on savory tofu to lamb that's great for taking care of your body! Here are 5 of the best places to eat on Seoul's hiking trails to fill your stomach.

1. The lavishly decorated Hansang and Bukhansan “Manseokjang”

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1561361104785123 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: Shikigami Contents Team

1561361121889140 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: Shikigami Contents Team

At Manseokjang, you can enjoy a meal while looking out at Bukhansan Mountain and Bukhancheon. The signature menu is the “sambap set meal,” where you can enjoy meat that has gone through a pristine roasting process to make use of its moist, juicy meat. Along with the meat, it is served with miso stew, wild vegetable bibimbap, steamed egg custard, and soft tofu. You can choose meat to suit your preferences, such as pork belly, duck, and shoulder loin, and you can use the wrapped vegetables as an all-you-can-refill.

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â–²Location: 43-10 Daeseomun-gil, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 10:30 — 20:00 every day

â–²Price: Pork sambap 13,000 won, mushroom hot pot (medium) 30,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Where you eat delicious food): I was surprised that sambap comes with a lot of things other than meat and wraps. There are so many types of wrapped vegetables, and it was nice to be able to eat a really hearty meal because you can use them in unlimited quantities. ^^~~

2. Achasan's “Grandpa Achasan,” the charm of its rich aroma

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Image source: jinyounglook's Instagram

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Image source: itssunnyside's Instagram

“Grandpa Achasan” has a long history of 40 years. The signature menu, “sundubu,” is made from 100% domestic soybeans and has a light yet rich flavor. You can enjoy the natural flavor of sundubu with marinated seaweed without seasoning, and then eat it with sauce, kimchi, etc. I also like the seasonal menu “Kongguksu,” which can only be enjoyed in summer.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 328, Jayang-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

â–²Opening hours: 05:00 – 21:30 every day

â–²Price: Sundubu 3,000 won, bean noodles 5,000 won

â–²Review (Shikigami Junbly Love): A must-see course after climbing Mount Achasan! They only sell tofu and bean noodles without any other menu, and they are all delicious. Sundubu has a nice, smooth texture like steamed egg custard!

3. Bukaksan 'Snow Tree House', a sour soup that reminds me of summer

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Image source: teddykim0321 on Instagram

1561361201896126 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: hoit_cauliflower's Instagram

“Snow Tree House” has been featured in famous media and magazines and is a very popular place. The signature menu is “kimchi rolled noodles,” made by adding ice cream to the sour kimchi soup. The combination of the chewy noodles and the refreshing and refreshing soup is excellent. “Tteokgalbi,” where beef is finely chopped, seasoned with sweet and spicy soy sauce, and grilled with mochi, is also a popular menu.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 136-1 Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 11:00 — 21:00 every day

â–²Price: Kimchi wrapped noodles 6,000 won, teokgalbi 11,000 won

â–²Testimonial (One Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shosha): I recommend filling your stomach with sweet rice cake ribs and then finishing the sharp yet clean kimchi roll with noodles. When the weather gets hot in the summer, I think of kimchi noodles here.

4. A bowl prepared with care, “Yongsun crayfish bone handmade rice ” from Suraksan

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Image source: udniya's Instagram

1561361222160127 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: hyej2_93's Instagram

“Yongsun Crayfish Bone Handmade” is located at the entrance of the Suraksan Mountain Encounter Course. The signature menu, “Sujebi,” is a natural condiment made by grinding kelp, shrimp, and anchovies, and simmered in broth to add rich flavor. The homemade rice dough, which is mixed with soybean flour and wheat and aged for 24 hours, has an extraordinary chewiness. You can choose between mild, medium, or spicy homemade rice according to your taste.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 100 Dongil-ro 242-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 11:00 — 22:00 every day

â–²Price: Handmade fee 7,000 won, pajeon 9.000 won

â–²Testimonial (shikigin tomatotoamto): The spiciness is more spicy than I thought, so after I tried it once, I tried it in the middle! The rich soup goes well with the soup that is so refreshing that it makes you feel refreshed. There is a lot of waiting in the evening, so please check it out.

5. Dobongsan “Dobongsan Lamb” with charcoal to add flavor

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Image source: dodo06171122 on Instagram

1561361245025128 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: thanks_yen's Instagram

“Dobongsan Lamb” has a variety of spaces, from indoor seating to outdoor terraces. The signature menu is “triangular rib,” which is the softest part of the lean meat with lamb backbone. A well-grilled rib will leave your mouth full of moisture and juiciness. The mild flavor of charcoal captures its unique flavor, making it easy for people who are new to lamb to enjoy.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 99-6, Dobong-gu 191-gil, Seoul

â–²Business hours: 11:00 – 22:00 every day

â–²Price: Beef rib 23,000 won, back rib 16,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Lucky Star): After going hiking, I went hiking and visited for a dinner party with people from a mountain concert. I tried lamb here for the first time, and the savory yet rich flavor was amazing. Next time, I plan to try the cool health hot pot.



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