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[Hundred Years Gourmet] Seoul Restaurant… Savory Haejang Soup with Goesan Specialties

│ Dasulgi's deep, rich soup that is excellent for haejang

The “Hundred Years Restaurant”, which connects generations, has selected 149 restaurants from all over the country. Following 58 last year, 91 more were designated this year. These are places that have been silently meeting customers in one place for over 30 years. A place that impresses with “uniformity” while protecting faith and determination. These efforts have stolen the government's taste. The 149 restaurants selected directly by the government are currently known through the food tech platform “Shikigami.” Under the title “Hundred Years Gourmet,” AJU Keizai will introduce the Hundred Years Restaurant and the food restaurants filled with memories one by one.

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*Image source: Courtesy of Seoul Restaurant Owner

The valley of 'Goesan' in Chungcheongbuk-do has an optimal environment for Dasulgi to live, with no strong water flow and large pebbles on the floor. In the Goesan region, dishes using dasulgi, such as dasulgi sauce and dasulgijeon, have developed naturally. Among them, Dasulgi Haejang soup cooked with fresh vegetables and enjoyed hot is famous for its delicious flavor.

“Seoul Restaurant” has been serving Haejang soup for 39 years using Dasulgi, a specialty of Goesan, since 1981. The store opens at 6 a.m. every day for customers visiting Haejang and early breakfast. The signature menu is “Olgang Haejang Soup,” which is made from freshly prepared meat of Dasulgi. You can enjoy the savory yet sharp flavor at the same time by adding miso and a little bit of red pepper paste dipped directly into the dasulgi broth. Also, when chives, mallow, and green onions are put together and simmered, the natural sweetness of the vegetables melts and adds a deep flavor. Dasulgi is characterized by rolling it once in flour and egg and then putting it in soup to catch the fishy flavor unique to Dasulgi and make it float upward so that it is easy to eat. The rich broth mixed with the chewy texture fills the filling.

[Hundred Years PICK] “Dasulgi Haejang Soup” = This dish is eaten by simmering vegetables such as dasulgi, mallow, and chives in a miso-flavored soup. Mallow is the best match for Dasulgi Haejang soup, but since mallow is the most delicious season in the fall, the Dasulgi Haejang soup enjoyed in the fall is delicious. Dasulgi, which is a low-fat, high-protein food, contains large amounts of potassium, calcium, and iron, so it is good to enjoy as an aphrodisiac.



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