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I wonder if there is another time when the name is called as often as these days! “Yusansul” was forced to reach its heyday thanks to the stage name created by Kookmin MC Yoo Jae-seok! Yusansul (yusansul), which is intuitively named “stir-fried with three or more ingredients cut into thin slices,” is a dish made by slicing ingredients such as meat or seafood, seasoning them with broth, and then simmering them with starch water. It usually appears as a regular buffet menu along with spareribs, and the flavor is not irritating, and the sliced ingredients are gently blended together, making it great for men and women of all ages to enjoy. The sauce, which is moderately salty and has a savory aftertaste of sesame oil, can be eaten with rice or enjoyed with a cup of sake. The ingredients are simple, but as the saying goes, “making simple is the hardest,” the interesting thing is that the recipe is not uniform, and the ingredients and flavors vary widely from store to store.

Recently, Yoo Jae-seok received an impromptu trot stage name called “Yusansul” in the “Pong4U” project of the “What Do You Do When You Play” program, and as the title song she released became popular, Yusansul's popularity is also increasing. How about enjoying a bite of Yusansul along with Yusansul's song, which is full of mulberries?

Seoul's Yusansul cuisine restaurants include Jangchung-dong Donggak Station Hongmyeong, Nonhyeon Hakdong Station Hongmyeong, Seorae Village Seorae-hyang, Seogyo-dong Hongdae Jinjin, Sinsa-dong Song Chef, Yeonhui-dong Mok Ran, Cheonho-dong Haejungcheonban Branch, Jongno Hongneung-gak, Bangbae-dong Song Ga, Yeonnam-dong Songga, Eonju Station Il-hyang, Sogong-dong Hongyeon, Jangchung-dong Palseon, City Hall Station, The Plaza Dowon, Sogong-dong Dorim, Hapjeong Daejeong, Daebang-dong Daejukgwan, Yeongdeungpo Jang, Yeouido Thyme Hyang, Euljiro Oguban Branch, Apgujeong Luxury Branch, Dongdaemun Donghwa Branch, Huigyeong-dong Hoegi Station, Mapo Oebaek, Mapo Yeomyeong, Cheongdam-dong JS Garden, Yeouido Seogung, Seoul National University Excursion, Yeonhui-dong Ewha Won, Hoegi Station Cinema, Sangsu Taste China, Mapo Hyeonnaejang, Yongsan Ichon Donggang, Hapjeong Florida Branch, Myeongdong Ilpo-hyang, Apgujeong Daebaek, Seoga-hyang, Seoga-hyang, Namdaemun Yarae-hyang, Samseong-dong Chairin, Dunchon-dong National Treasure Castle, Yeouido Shindongyang Branch, Yeonnam-dong Sanwangban Branch, Yongsan Famous Flower Garden, Euljiro Wonheung, and Euljiro Andongjang are famous. A basic Chinese dish, Yusansul, where you can enjoy the simple yet luxurious flavor of the emperor! Here are 5 of the best Chinese restaurants in Seoul that serve Yusansul cuisine best.

1. 'Promotion Hall' in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, where you can enjoy the taste of a master Chinese restaurant

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1576568383740018 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: cooing_gram's Instagram

1576568397519019 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: cooing_gram's Instagram

'PR Hall' is located on the 2nd floor of Grand Ambassador Seoul Pullman near Dongdae Station. It is a place where Chef Yeo Kyung-rae, who is the president of the Korean Chinese Federation and the vice president of the World Chinese Cuisine Association, is the owner-chef, and you can experience high-quality Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine. The signature menu, “Ryusansul,” is made by putting vegetables such as enoki mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms, shrimp, sea cucumber, and beef in a wok and quickly stir-frying them with sauce and putting them on a plate. The rich texture that comes from a combination of ingredients such as plump, plump and firm shrimp, to crunchy sea cucumber, crunchy bamboo shoots, and chewy mushrooms is excellent. There is also a private room space with a luxurious atmosphere, so it's a great place to have a meeting.

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â–²Location: 287 Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 12:00 — 22:00 every day, B/T 14:30 — 18:00

â–²Price: Ryusansul 60,000 won, Samseon Champon 22,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Weird Food, Girl): I made a reservation in advance for a special day, and I was satisfied because the service and food quality were better than I had expected, so I visited often after that. The best thing I've been to so far is the bulldojo. Ryu San-sul. If you are unsure about sweet and sour pork, choose from this menu and be sure to try it!

2. “Hongmyeong” at Hakdong Station, a staple restaurant for nearby office workers

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1576568412129028 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: jooyhoyazoe's Instagram

1576568421030020 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: traveler__rin's Instagram

“Hongmyeong,” which went viral as a lunch spot for nearby office workers, is a popular place that has been waiting for a long time since it opened. The store was recently expanded and relocated, so you can eat in a more comfortable and spacious space. The signature menu is “Yusansurubap,” where you can enjoy grating rice cooked on thick yusansul. The rice grains soak in moisture and add a rich flavor. “Soy sauce,” which makes use of the crunchy texture of the onion, is also a popular dish. The onion, which still has a mild aroma, captures the flavor of the oil, and has a clean aftertaste, so you can eat it deliciously until the end without getting bitten.

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â–²Location: 10, Nonhyeon-ro 131-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:30 — 21:30 every day, B/T 15:00 — 16:00

â–²Price: Yusansubab 15,000 won, soy sauce 8,500 won

â–²Review (The snack is a homerun ball): Hongmyeong (Hongming), a Chinese restaurant located in Nonhyeon-dong (Hakdong Station). It's a small Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood, but I think the soy sauce flavor was the most delicious in Gangnam. It's such a popular place that people wait in line at mealtime.

3. Daebang-dong's 'Daesung Hall', which continues its unwavering taste and sincerity

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1576568465156029 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: ohsimok1234's Instagram

1576568474513021 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: ohsimok1234's Instagram

“Daeseonggwan” has remained in place for 74 years from 1946 until now. This place, designated as a Seoul Future Heritage Site, evokes nostalgia for its interior, which has traces of many years, such as the red main gate, yellow wallpaper, and hand-stained menu boards. The signature menu “Yusansul” catches the eye with a lot of chili oil on the center. After enjoying the natural light flavor of Yusansul, I recommend mixing chili oil evenly to enjoy a deeper flavor. “Jajang,” which competes with a harsh flavor instead of pungent sweetness, is also a popular menu. The combination of the savory sauce made with onions and minced pork and the chewy noodles is fascinating.

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â–²Location: 204-1 Yeouidaebang-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 10:30 — 21:00 every day, closed on the first and third Tuesdays

â–²Price: Yusansul 35,000 won, jajang 5,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Shiwisai 52): I came by chance because I was passing by this neighborhood, but it was a really old place. Once I tried it, it was so delicious that I went out of my place of residence to find it. The basic menu, jajang, champon, and fried rice, is actually much tastier than other places, and dishes such as yusansul and sweet and sour pork are also good value for money and fit the palate.

4. Hapjeong “Daehan Gak”, a Chinese home-cooked meal that stands out for its healthy flavor

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1576568489598030 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: grrma2's Instagram

1576568500372022 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: loveinteapot's Instagram

“Daehan Gak”, which first opened its doors in Bukchang-dong in 1982, went through Yongsan for the third generation and is now located in Hapjeong. I want to make healthy Chinese home-cooked meals using vegetables grown directly in the countryside without chemical seasonings. The signature menu is “Ryusansul,” where ingredients such as thinly sliced sea cucumber, bamboo shoots, shrimp, and pork are stir-fried with oyster sauce, then finished with starch water to make the most of its smooth texture. Starting with the first flavor that spreads lightly throughout the mouth, the rich flavor that melts as the various ingredients are cooked and melted, and the subtle aroma at the end blends harmoniously. Other unique dishes, such as “tomato beef tang noodles,” which stand out for the sour flavor of tomatoes, and “Wonju,” made by simmering pork forelegs with Chinese spices, are also very popular.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: Delight Square 226, 14, World Cup-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:00 — 21:30 on weekdays, 11:00 — 21:20 on weekends, B/T (weekdays) 15:30 — 17:30, closed on Mondays

â–²Price: Ryusansul 26,000 won, tomato beef noodle soup 9,000 won

â–²Testimonial (I'm hungry for sweet crab): It's nice that even though this is a Chinese restaurant because it doesn't add condiments, the inside is always comfortable after eating. There is also a one-person set where you can eat sweet and sour pork and noodle dishes together, so it's great to eat alone often. It's great to be able to eat Chinese food that's hard to taste anywhere else.

5. “Sanwang Banten” in Yeonnam-dong, a great place to enjoy at an affordable price

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1576568543760031 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: bin_ahn's Instagram

1576568642817032 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: Shikigami Contents Team

In Yeonnam-dong, famous for its many Chinese restaurants, “Sanwang Ban Branch” has gone viral for its good value for money. It's nice to enjoy ordering a variety of meals and cooking menus at reasonable prices. The signature menu, “Yusansul,” is characterized by being prepared using the unique texture of each ingredient, such as shrimp, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms. The sauce, which tightly wraps each ingredient, adds a soft texture and rich umami. “Shrimp bread,” which is made by putting finely chopped shrimp between slices of bread and deep-fried until crispy, is also a popular menu. The flavor of shrimp meat blended smoothly with the crunchy texture and savory flavor of white bread is exquisite.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 19-5 Seongmisan-ro 29an-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 11:30 — 22:00 every day, B/T (weekdays) 15:00 — 17:00

â–²Price: Yusansul 22,000 won, shrimp bread (4 pieces) 9,000 won

â–²Review (if you can't see the shikigin for 1 second): I went there because the menbosha, known as shrimp bread, was delicious, and it went really well with beer. Also, the overall price range was reasonable, so I ate this and that, and it tasted really good.



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