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[Hundred Years Gourmet] Subong Ban Branch… A cod delicacy that captivates the palate with its fiery flavor

│ Tender pork and crunchy vegetables mixed with a sharp sauce

205 restaurants from all over the country were selected for the “Hundred Years Store” connecting generations. Following 58 last year, 147 more were designated this year. These are places that have been silently meeting customers in one place for over 30 years. A place that impresses with “uniformity” while protecting faith and determination. These efforts have stolen the government's taste. The 205 restaurants selected directly by the government are currently known through the food tech platform “Shikigami.” Under the title “Hundred Years Gourmet,” AJU Keizai will introduce the Hundred Years Restaurant and the food restaurants filled with memories one by one.

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*Image source: Courtesy of the owner of Subong Ban Branch

There are many foods in Daegu that captivate the palate with their strong colors and spicy umami, such as yukgaejang, Chinese bibimbap, spicy steamed ribs, and briquetted yakiniku. Recently, “Chinese bibimbap” was introduced as a delicacy of Daegu in a gourmet program and has received a lot of attention. “Subong Ban Branch”, which has continued for the second generation since 1971, sold many menus such as nanja wans and jajangmyeon at the beginning of its opening, but now, in order to focus on popular menus, they only offer 5 types of menus: Chinese bibimbap, Chinese bibimbap, fried rice, champon rice, champon rice, champon rice, champon rice, champon rice.

The Chinese bibimbap here is eaten by frying various vegetables such as pork, zucchini, Chinese cabbage, carrots, onions, and green onions in lard, then seasoning them with red pepper powder, garlic, and pepper on top of white rice. It's easy to understand if you think of it as a version of champon without broth. When you first eat it, you are greeted by the spicy seasoning that contains a fragrance, and the texture of the vegetables that make you feel crisp and fresh is excellent. If you pop the yolk of a fried egg on top of bibimbap and grate it, the savory flavor comes to life and you can enjoy a richer flavor. “Windstorm Champon,” which has a refreshing yet heavy soup flavor with pork and squid, mussels, and vegetables, is also a popular menu. It's a good idea to note that after the broadcast recently aired, the method of ordering a menu in advance and visiting at a fixed time was changed in order to have a meal due to high waits.

[Hundred Years PICK] “Chinese bibimbap” = One of Daegu's representative delicacies, it is a dish where ingredients contained in champon, such as pork, onions, and carrots, are stir-fried in spicy red pepper powder and eaten with rice. The spicy flavor of the pork mixed with the spicy sauce and the vegetables with the natural texture of the ingredients that soak in between the grains of rice is appealing.



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