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korean food / seoul / Synonymous with spring health food! 5 BEST DUCK RESTAURANTS – 2348

Since ancient times, “duck meat” has been frequently used as an aphrodisiac, to the extent that it is often mentioned in Dongbogam. Compared to other meats such as beef, pork, and chicken, duck meat, which has more unsaturated fatty acids, has the effect of lowering cholesterol, making it easy for dieters to enjoy. Also, since it contains a large amount of healthy ingredients such as protein, vitamins, and iron, it is known to have an excellent effect in preventing adult diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Enjoy a healthy diet with duck meat that is both tasty and nutritious. From Gwangjuk duck soup, which fills the filling with rich broth, to mizutaki duck with the flavor of Neungi mushrooms, and duck stew that you enjoy grilling with whole garlic! Here are 5 of the best places to enjoy duck meat as a spring health food.

1. The rich flavor of perilla, 'Yeongmi duck tang' in Gunja-dong, Seoul

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“Yeongmi Duck Soup” offers a thick duck soup in the style of Gwangju in Jeolla-do. The signature dish, “Duck Soup,” brings out the savory flavor of the perilla soup that spreads with its appearance to the fullest. Once the soup is simmered for a while, you can add parsley to the duck, soak it thoroughly in the sauce, and eat it in one bite. The sauce made from perilla powder and herbs enhances the rich flavor and umami of perilla.

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â–²Location: 53 Dongil-ro 60-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 11:00 — 22:00 every day, B/T 15:00 — 16:00

â–²Price: Duck soup (half mari) 31,000 won, raw roast (half mari) 28,000 won

▲Testimonial (Shikigami #이공일오): Since Gwangju is my hometown, I often ate duck soup, and I can experience that flavor as it is. After eating meat, you must also add rice to the soup and cook it like porridge on your own.

2. Duck mizutaki with the scent of mushrooms, 'Toori' in Daehak-ro, Seoul

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“Tori” is a place where you can find a variety of duck dishes, such as mizutaki duck, grilled duck, and duck soup. The signature menu is “Neungi Mushroom Duck Oriental Medicine Mizutaki,” which is served by putting lots of chives and mushrooms on top of mizutaki duck. The combination of tender duck meat and the soup, which deepens the aroma of Neungi mushroom as it is boiled, is excellent. Porridge that is eaten by putting red rice in the leftover soup and cooking it thoroughly is also a delicacy.

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â–²Location: 6-4 Sungkyungwan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 11:00 — 21:00 every day

â–²Price: Neungi mushroom duck Chinese medicine mizutaki 39,000 won, charcoal-grilled duck 29,000 won

â–²Testimonial (I love eating fish meat): The meat in mizutaki was so tender that it was so tender and separated from the bone. I ate mizutaki and ordered grilled duck, but the duck soup was served as a service, and it was very hearty.

3. Enjoy duck shabu-shabu like a course, 'Byeongcheon Sulfur Duck Main Store' in Cheongjin-dong, Seoul

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“Byeongcheon Sulfur Duck Main Store” is responsible for lunch and dinner for nearby office workers. The signature menu, “Smoked duck shabu-shabu,” is served with smoked duck and poached vegetables in a hot pot of broth. Thanks to the hot seaweed, the fat of the duck falls to the bottom, the meat has a light flavor, and the broth has a rich flavor. It's a good idea to fill your stomach by adding kishimsu sari to the rich broth.

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â–²Location: 68 Sambong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 10:00 — 22:00 every day, B/T (weekdays) 15:00 — 17:00

â–²Price: Smoked duck shabu-shabu (medium) 36,000 won, smoked duck bowl 9,000 won

â–²Review (Shikishin Line 2 Gangnam Station): The duck meat is delicious because it's really tasty! The soup with duck oil added is absolutely authentic! If you put kishimen sari and seasoning in it, there's no complete course!

4. Sweet duck hot pot meets octopus, 'Moon Ori' in Itaewon-dong, Seoul

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“Moon Dori” uses props such as mother-of-pearl statues and five-colored cushions to create a nostalgic atmosphere. The signature menu is “Moon Dori,” where you can enjoy sharp duck hot pot and octopus sashimi all at once. The combination of octopus sashimi, which has a soft texture, and hot pot that combines the flavors of various ingredients and boasts a sweet flavor is impressive. You can enjoy it even more by adding ramen, udon, and vermicelli sari.

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â–²Location: 13, Hoenam-ro 13ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 12:00 — 22:00 every day, B/T (weekdays) 13:30 — 17:00, B/T (weekends) 13:30 — 16:00, closed on Mondays

â–²Price: Moon duck (small) 45,000 won, octopus sashimi 20,000 won

â–²Review (Shikishin 10251325): Like a restaurant on Gyeongridan-gil, there's always a wait if you visit late..! The rich soup of moon-ori hot pot reminds me of soju.

5. The rich flavor of grilled whole garlic, 'Donggang Duck' in Mangudong, Seoul

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“Donggang Duck”, located near Mangwoo Woorim Market, and the signature menu “Whole Garlic Duck Jumuluk” are grilled and eaten with fresh duck meat, whole garlic, and mushrooms on a grill. Ripe garlic, like being fried in duck oil, loses its mild sweetness, and you can enjoy a richer flavor when added to meat. Please note that duck soup is served as a service when you eat a cast iron roast.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 10 Yongmasan-ro 115-gil, Jungnang-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:00 — 22:30 every day, closed on Tuesdays

â–²Price: Whole garlic duck cast rack (half fish) 35,000 won, duck casting rack (half fish) 30,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Shikigin Bling Bling Shiny): Jimuluk is delicious even if you just eat it, but if you eat it with the fragrant buttercup sauce, it goes in constantly. Adding stone-grilled rice to the duck soup that comes from eating meat makes you feel full.

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