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korean food / seoul / Review of Shilla Hotel Mango Shaved, 5,000 won higher than last year – 2399

The signature dessert “shaved ice” comes to mind when it comes to summer. Also, since a few years ago, the Shilla Hotel's apple mango shaved ice became the classic shaved ice of the hotel, and its reputation has continued steadily. I'm surprised to see the price, but I can tell you that there are more customers who only visit to eat this shaved ice! I was curious about how delicious it was, so I tried it myself!

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The Library, located in the lobby on the 1st floor of the Shilla Hotel, sells meals and desserts together, but since they only wanted mango shaved ice on this day, I ordered them as soon as I sat down. I was told that shaved water would take 15 to 20 minutes. Even though I visited during the daytime on a weekday, I was able to feel the popularity when I saw the atmosphere. (rattling)

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Shilla Hotel The Library – Apple Mango Shaved Ice

Price 59,000 won

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I thought you said to catch enough for 20 minutes, but the shaved ice actually came out 20 minutes later. It comes with shaved water filled with yellow apple mangoes, mango sherbet, and red bean paste.

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They use apple mangoes ripened in Jeju, and it is said that the price of fruit increased this year, which is 5,000 won higher than last year. It feels like you have to scrape it off without leaving a drop of ice…

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They said they gave me a lot of red bean paste, but they really filled the bowl. At first, you can eat mango and milk with ice cream, then put red beans on it and enjoy it like shaved ice.

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Fresh apple mangoes from Jeju! When you take a bite, the moist juice bursts out, and JMT has a sweet flavor without any acidity.. Even if you eat only apple and mango without ice, it's delicious…!

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If you remove the mango slightly, milk ice cream with an immaculate appearance will appear inside!

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The long, living milk ice melts as soon as you put it in your mouth. The milk ice sold at regular dessert cafes has a strong sweet condensed milk flavor, but the Shilla Hotel mango shaved ice has a subtle sweetness and doesn't feel strong!

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Mangos themselves have a high sugar content, but if you put ice on them, it feels like you might have been slightly bitten while eating them? By lowering the sweetness of the ice, the savory flavor of milk and the fresh and sweet flavor of mango were harmoniously combined.

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I was infatuated by the flavor of shaved water, so I forgot the sherbet for a while, and it melted a lot… If you eat a combination of ice, mango, and sherbet, you can enjoy the fresh flavor of mango on your stomach. If you just eat sherbet, it's crunchy, but I feel like it's even more delicious when eaten with this combination…

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When you eat shaved ice, something appears in the ice! The point is that you can enjoy the mango flavor until the end because it contains something like mango sherbet when you go round and round!

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Eat some shaved ice, add adzuki beans, and try the shaved ice style! As for the red bean paste, the texture of the red bean paste grains was on the side of the grains, so I liked the texture that popped up every time I chewed them.

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If you eat mango shaved water, it's refreshing! If you eat shaved ice in style, it's sweet! So it was fun to pick and eat whatever I wanted. Also, the whole time I ate, the portion was larger than I expected, so it was enough for 3 people when they went out to eat.

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The mango was generously raised until I took the last bite, so I didn't feel sorry at all. Mangos are also big, but they're evenly ripened, so there's nothing that isn't sweet, JMT… If I had to review Shilla Hotel's mango shaved ice, it's expensive, but I have no regrets!

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 249 Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

â–²Business hours: 11:00 to 23:00 every day, shaved ice cannot be ordered on weekends and holidays

â–²Price: Apple mango shaved ice 59,000 won, fresh apple mango juice 35,000 won

â–²Review (Shikigami hazak): Shilla Hotel Mangbing is now a proper noun that doesn't need any other modifiers! A must-have course in summer! Even though the price is over 50,000 won, it's a place where you can spend comfortably without feeling overwhelmed! It's not easy to find such high quality apple mangoes even in Vietnam and Thailand, the country of tropical fruits! After all, I've been visiting Shilla Hotel Library for 10 years, and my love for Shilla Hotel will continue to grow

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