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Ju-san's “watermelon bento” was a hit on the internet. In the early days, watermelon bento boxes were sold only at the Jinju Hadae store, which first started, but thanks to popularity, they were able to be enjoyed all over the country. I bought it right away because I drink watermelon juice once a day in the summer!

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I went over the phone to inquire that they might have run out, but when they said there were 2 left, I was in a hurry! I went to buy a watermelon lunch, but… The watermelon juice also looked delicious, so I bought the new Sukonut and Watermelon Sok as well!

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The price of a juicy watermelon lunch is 8,500 won! It is said that the lunch box contains about 1.3 kg of watermelon.

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As soon as you open the lid of the lunch box, it's full of watermelons! It has a sweet smell unique to watermelons… it really contains only watermelon kernels without any clutter.

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The watermelon, which was cut into large pieces, contained a total of 34 pieces. The number of pieces may vary depending on the size used in each store, but it contains enough for 3 to 4 people to eat.

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Compare the size of a container containing a watermelon lunch and 330 ml of bottled water! At a glance, you can see that it is a generous size.

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The place I bought the watermelon was thick and cut into thick slices between 1.5 and 2 cm. In the past, when I saw it on the internet, all of the watermelon seeds were covered, but now there are so many orders that it seems like they are sold with the seeds embedded in them!

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And most importantly, taste! When you cut a slice of watermelon and bite it, the moist juice is amazing! One more sweet flavor! Overall, the sugar content was high, so I was able to enjoy delicious watermelons without failure.

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Also, when I inquired over the phone, they said there were 2 left, but since they were sold in limited quantities, the watermelons were in good condition! It didn't get dry anywhere and was kept fresh overall.

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If you choose well, there are parts without seeds like that! Hehe, if you put several watermelons on a skewer and eat it, you can make a watermelon skewer that won't envy yakitori..! I also really liked the convenience that the watermelon skin didn't come out, and the quality and taste was not worth the price of 8,500 won.

It's easy to eat, so I think it would be great for people who live alone, and I think it's okay to buy one and put it in the ice box when you go on a trip! hehe

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A drink made by putting coconut cream on top of watermelon juice. The combination of refreshing watermelon juice and fragrant coconut cream goes better than I thought, so it's perfect for summer when you want to eat sweet fruit juice! The cream is sweet, so I recommend ordering a watermelon drink with a lower sugar content!

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There is a cube watermelon cut into a kakudoku shape on the top, and watermelon juice on the bottom, so it's a drink where you can eat fruit juice and fruit at the same time.

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After eating a watermelon lunch, I was a little disappointed with the quality of the watermelon that went on top of it. The sweetness and crunchy texture were less… The watermelon juice is mixed with a sugar content of 50%, so if you prefer a sweet flavor, I recommend ordering a sweeter one!

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