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korean food / seoul / The identity of BHC’s new chicken, which is about to come out with a masterpiece connected to a wrinkle – 2537

Gamutu? chicken? Forteking!

1612503086411137 jpeg Korean Food September 29th, 2023

Launched by bhc as a new menu in 2021

Fortequing fried!

What is the chicken that comes in a special box

Even before I opened the lid, the french fries smelled

It makes the most of my anticipation as I go.

1612503092794138 jpeg Korean Food September 29th, 2023

The price is 18,000 won!

Along with other side menus such as cheese balls and soteok-somochi

A variety of edible set menus are also available

However, I ordered it separately!

Fortequing Fried does not have a boneless menu

Only one with bones was released.

1612503099381141 jpeg Korean Food September 29th, 2023

When you open the chicken box, potatoes are everywhere

The unique visuals are popping up!

There are many cases where the poster is so different from the real thing

Maybe it's because I saw it… Potatoes are better than I thought

It felt like it was stuck.

1612503176016139 jpeg Korean Food September 29th, 2023

What is a basic sauce that can be eaten as a dipping sauce for chicken

A total of 3, from salt to mustard and seasoning sauce!

1612503183975142 jpeg Korean Food September 29th, 2023

After all, the first chicken must start with the legs to be delicious!

The potato has a very good texture, so it's crunchy

The chewy texture was still alive.

Potato sticks to tempura batter! Excellent number because it sticks

Feels like one body without falling off!

1612503191800140 jpeg Korean Food September 29th, 2023

Thanks to potatoes, the texture of the outer texture is emphasized even more.


A combination of the saltiness of french fries and the savory flavor of chicken

I wanted it, but… the potato doesn't taste as good as I thought.

Rather fried chicken that doesn't have a characteristic flavor?

I was a little more disappointed than I expected because of the taste.

1612503199665143 jpeg Korean Food September 29th, 2023

1612503205204141 jpeg Korean Food September 29th, 2023

1612503211388144 jpeg Korean Food September 29th, 2023

I tried just eating it at first, and then added different kinds of condiments.

Because chicken itself doesn't have a unique flavor

Seasoning does not enhance the flavor

The feeling that the seasoning flavor is mixed with the chicken flavor all over…

*Overall Review*

It makes use of its crunchy texture, but it doesn't have an impact!

If you add the saltiness unique to french fries

I think it was proud of its addictive flavor, but

It doesn't taste like this or me, so rather

I can really feel the fatty flavor unique to chicken

It was disappointing that they were quick to get bitten.

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