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korean food / seoul / 5 Soul Food Kalguksu Roads Nationwide That Will Warm Your Heart – 2553

“Kalguksu” got its name from using noodles that are finely chopped with a knife to make flour dough. Kalguksu, which combines rich soup with chewy noodles, is a typical Korean common food enjoyed by men and women of all ages. Thanks to its hot soup, it is a popular winter dish, but in the past, when wheat was scarce, it was a high-class food that could only be eaten in June of the lunar calendar, when wheat was harvested. Later, during the Korean War, wheat flour came into the country in large quantities as relief food from the United States, and flour became a popular ingredient. Kalguksu, which could be easily prepared with flour, was made and eaten in ordinary households and restaurants, and became popular across the country.

Kalguksu combines elements such as the natural environment and local specialties of each region, and you can enjoy unique flavors. Depending on the ingredients, cooking method, broth, etc., various flavors such as chicken broth kishimen noodles, beef bone noodles, seafood kal noodles, hand kal noodles, hot kishimi noodles, jang kal noodles, pressed noodles, meat noodles, bomal kal noodles, water gun kishimsu noodles, red bean noodles, eotang noodles, perilla kishimen noodles, sundae noodles, mushroom kishimsu, etc., add fun to choose and eat. Here are 5 of the best Kalguksu restaurants in the country, our eternal soul food that warms our hearts.

Chicken broth kal noodle restaurants include Ilsan Ilsan Kalguksu, Myeongdong Myeongdong gyoza, Gangnam Gyoza at Gangnam Station, Nonhyeon-dong Nonhyeon Son Kalguksu, Guri Inkokkal noodles, Incheon Cheongna Nilison Kalguksu, Samseong-dong Samsung noodles, Chungmuro Sarangbangkal noodles, Hongdae Attic, Dangjin Bongga Geun Kalguksu, Paju Millfield Restaurant, Cheongnyang-ri Comet Kalguksu, Apgujeong Woohyung Junjeong Miso.

Restaurants in Seoul and Andong include Yangjae Sohojeong, Samcheong-dong Hwangsaenggakkksu, Yeonhui-dong Yeonhui-dong Kalguksu, Yangjae Shandong Kalguksu, Nonhyeon-dong Hansung Kalguksu, Daehak-ro Hyehwa Kalguksu, Seongbuk-dong Seongbuk-dong Seongbuk-dongjip, Gwangjang-dong Gwangjang-dong Guksijip, Seongbuk-dong Gomguk Sip, City Hall Gomguk Sip, Suwon Daewang Kalguksi, Nonhyeon-dong Garamguksi, Jongno Dalyeonjip, Daehak-ro Myeongnyun Kaljip There are noodles, Euljiro Kuwak Kalguksu, Seongsu Family Kalguksu Bossam, Gwacheon Hansung Kalguksu, Nonhyeon Jeongganeson Kalbon, and Seongsu Milbon.

Daejeon Water Gun Kalguksu and cool Ikkal noodle restaurants in Chungcheong-do include Daejeon Osi Kalguksu, Daejeon Gongju Kalguksu, Daejeon Boksu Boksu, Daejeon Misobongga Smile Kal Noodle, Daejeon Shindo Kalguksu, Gongju Traditional Gungjung Kalguksu, Daejeon Hanbat Kalguksu, Sejong-si Matnadang Kalguksu, Daejeon Kalguksu, Daejeon Kal Noodle Maker, Daejeon Gongju Kalguksu, Daejeon Gonggongju Kalguksu, Daejeon Gonggongju Kalguksu, Daejeon Gonggongju Kalguksu, Daejeon Gonggongju Kalguksu, Daejeon Gonggongju Kalguksu, Daejeon Gonggongju Kalguksu, Daejeon Gonggongju Kalguksu, Daejeon Gonggongju Kalguksu, Daejeon Gongju Kalguksu There are thatch house, Jecheon Boryeong Restaurant, Nonsan Eunjin Son Kalguksu, Cheonan authentic corn noodles, Asan Yurim Bunsik, Daejeon Popo Bunsik, Gongju Gogane Kalguksu, Daejeon 3rd Traditional Kalguksu, and Daejeon Daewon Kalguksu.

Noodle restaurants in Daegu include Daegu Yakjeon Alley Wonjo Guksu, Dalseong-gun Kim Tae-hee Old-fashioned Hand Guksu, Dalseong-gun, Donggok Halmaison Kalguksu, Daegu Geumwa Restaurant, Daegu Hapcheon Halmaison Kalguksu, Daegu Bonjeon Restaurant, and Dalseong-gun Gachang Kalguksu.

Seohaean seafood kal noodles and clam kal noodle restaurants include Incheon Yeongjongdo Hwanghae Seafood Kalguksu, Jongno Ikseon-dong Praise Restaurant, Incheon Scallop Kalguksu, Uiwang Myungga, Gwangju Kim Kang-shim Kalguksu, Guro Sundang Innere, Daejeon Shintanjin Gourmet Leek Seafood Kalguksu, Hanam Changmoru, Gwacheon Bongdeok Kalguksu, Siheung Byeolgu-ne, Daechi-dong, Seocheon Wellbeing Kalguksu, Seocheon Wellbeing Kalguksu, Bowol-ryeong Kalguksu, Boryeong Oyangson Kalguksu, Eumseong Super Fragrant Kalguksu, Gimhae Potted Kalguksu, Uiwang Bongdeok Kalguksu, Gangseo Igaba Jirakson Kalguksu, Jeju Willow House, Yeongjongdo Miane, Daebudo Solbat Kalguksu, Uiwang Jungwon Kalguksu, Jeungpyeong Songwon Kalguk Noodle, Yusu Sarangbang Kalguksu, Dangjin Hongbuk Restaurant, Chuncheon Boyeong Ine Haemul Kal Noodle, Taejeon Galan There are water, Gongju Yugane Kalguksu, Seocheon Durebunsik, and Yeonggwang Myokhyanggi.

Gangwon-do Ongsimikal noodle restaurants include Gangneung Gangneung Potato Ongshim, Sokcho Persimmon Restaurant Potato Ongshim, Daegu Dalseong-gun Ongshim Ikal Guksu, Uljin Ongshim Ikal Guksu, Samcheok Bumyung Kalguksu, Gangneung Ponnamsagol Ongsimi, Gangneung Byeongsan Potato Ongsimi, Gangneung Gamja-boo, Sokcho Gonggane Potato Ongshim, etc. Gangwon-do Jangkal Noodle Restaurants include Gangneung Hyundai Jangkalguksu, Gangneung Kyungjae Kal Noodle, Sokcho, Sokcho, Sokcho Kal Noodle, Sokcho, Sokcho There are Jeongdeon Restaurant, Gangneung Geumcheon Kalguksu, Jeongseon Jeongseon Kalguksu, Chuncheon Old Hand Jang Kal Noodle, Gangneung Honeycomb, Donghae Ottogi Kalguksu, Gangneung Geumhak Kalguksu, Sokcho Wangbakgol Restaurant, Gangneung Dongjang Kalguksu, Donghae Daewoo Kalguksu, Sokcho Hansung Kalguksu, Gangneung Gumcheon Kalguksu, Gangneung Yongbijip, etc.

Son-kal noodle restaurants with clear broth include Jongno Hometown Son Kalguksu, Cheongna Gwon O-gil noodles, Gwangmyeong Hongdugak Kal noodles, Namdaemun Hanson Son Kal Guksu, Busan Gijang Son Kalguksu, Cheongju Jeongganeson Kalguksu, Ulsan Gyeongju Sonkal Guksu, Seochon Chebuk-dong Feast Restaurant, Yongin Bungak Son Kal Guksu, City Hall Hyundai Kalguksu, Songpa Thumji Sounkal Noodles, Mulrae Yeongil Bunsik, Euljiro Bunghaedang, Haengji-dang Handmade rice noodles, Bangbae Ilmi Kalguksu, Chungmuro Chungmu Kalguksu, Jongno Ikseon-dong Jongno Grandma Kalguksu, Busan MacGyver Son Kalguksu, Cheongju Soyoung Kalguksu, Iksan Taebaek Kalguksu, Mokdong Apricot Tree House Kalguksu, Hoengseong Sister Restaurant, Ulju-gun Dongbok-sik, Gijang Ulsan Rose Kalguksu, Pohang's 40-year tradition, Mokdong Holosang Kalguksu, Cheongnyangsaeng-ri There are Kalguksu and Yeongwol Gangwon Local Restaurant.

Jeju meat noodle restaurants include Jeju City Ollae Noodles, Sister Noodles, Seongsan Gasia Bangguksu, Samdae Guksu Hall, Jeju City Samdae Guksu Hall, Jeju Sammu Noodle Restaurant, Seogwipo Noodle Sea, Namdo Meat Noodle Soup, Jungmun Yeongsil Noodle, Jeju Gongju Noodle Restaurant, Jeju Bomalkal Noodle Restaurants include Okdom Restaurant, Namwon Dangkeole Noodle, Seongsan Hororak, Jeju Sundae Guksu Gourmet Examples include Namokdo Restaurant and Kashi Restaurant.

Noodle and fish noodle restaurants in Chungcheong-do include Okcheon Daebak Restaurant, Seon Kwang-jip, Salty Restaurant, Yeongdong Gasun Restaurant, Icheon Singal Biosun Noodle Soup, Goyang Jirisan Eotang Noodle Restaurant, and Seomjin River Saecap Noodle Restaurants include Gurye Seomjin River Saecap Noodle Noodle Soup, Hadong Wonjo Gangbyeon Halmae Saecap Noodle Restaurant, Jeolla-do Red Bean Noodle Restaurant in Jeongeup, Yangpyeong Munho Red Bean Soup, Gyodae Angkal Noodle Soup, Old Jeju There are raw red bean soup and Goyang corn bean noodles.

Other famous places include Yongsan Munbae-dong Yukkal, Suyu Elim Perilla Steamed Chicken Noodle Soup, Jeonju Veteran Kalguksu, Deungchon Choewolsun Kalguksu, Pohang Kakunemori Noodle, Gimpo Airport Kalguksu, Anyang Busan Bok Kal Noodle, Grandma Jeong Shin Bun-joon's Geese Kalguksu, Bangi Shabu-shabu Kalguksu, and Ulleung-gun Taeyang Restaurant.

1. Daejeon's “Osi Kalguksu” with a rich flavor made from dongjuk

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“Osi Kalguksu” has become a popular attraction in Daejeon, and is called a must-see for tourists. Dishes such as kishimasu and shellfish soup are served using biological dongguk from the west coast. The signature menu, “Sonkal Noodle,” is made by adding dongcongeuk and cheongyang pepper to a broth made by stewing about 10 ingredients such as radish, anchovies, and kelp for 12 hours or more to create a refreshing yet sharp soup flavor. The noodles extracted by rolling the flour dough, which has been aged for about 2 to 3 hours, with red beans, each having a different thickness and a chewy flavor. If you put thick noodles and chewy clams in one bite, you can enjoy the rich texture that fills your mouth. The kimchi on the table has a strong spiciness, so I recommend eating it little by little while eating it with it.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 13, Old Shintanjin-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon

▲Opening hours: 11:00 — 21:00 every day, closed on Mondays

â–²Price: Hand knife noodles 6,000 won, water gun (1 kg) 12,000 won

â–²Testimonial (shikigin moonlight powder@@): As the name suggests, I make kishimen noodles with handmade noodles. The refreshing soup flavored with dongjuk is infused with the scent of garnish, and the flavor of the soup is just right. The water gun menu, which is generously filled with dongjuk, is the best snack. hehe

2. Yeongjongdo's “Hwanghae Seafood Kalguksu” surprised twice by its richness and taste

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“Hwanghae Seafood Kalguksu” is a kishimoku specialty store located at the end of the coastal road of Incheon International Airport. It is crowded with tourists visiting Yeongjongdo on weekends and is very popular. The signature menu “Seafood Kalguksu” catches the eye with the visual of a bowl full of seafood, broth, and noodles in an unusually sized bowl. Various seafood such as mussels, drumfish, scallops, and clams were added to the kelp broth base to capture the rich flavor of the sea. The thick noodles blended with the hot noodles stand out for their elasticity, which is moderately fresh without the appearance of flour. Please note that there is also a second store within a 3-minute walk.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 3 Yongyu-ro 21beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon

▲Opening hours: 09:00 — 19:00 every day, closed on Mondays

â–²Price: Seafood kishimen 10,000 won, wild octopus 15,000 won

â–²Review (Shikigami june03): If the first store feels like a bit of a country house, the second one feels like a newly built building! I often go to the first store because I like the nostalgic feeling. There's drumfish in it, so the soup is also really good for seafood. The amount is very large, and eating pickled peppers at the beginning and eating them as a snack is also a real delicacy.

3. Gently wrapped in spiciness, Gangneung 'Brother Kalguksu'

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“Kyodai Kalguksu” has been consistently loved by local residents since 1985 until now. The interior and exterior of the store, which exude a quaint feeling that seems to show signs of time, create a nostalgic atmosphere. The signature menu “Jangkal Noodle” is served by putting seaweed powder, pumpkin, and sesame salt on top of the reddish soup. I used a sauce made by mixing sweet pepper chujang, miso paste, and steamed red pepper powder to make use of the spicy flavor that spreads softly without getting thick. The combination of the noodles made by adding soy flour to the dough to add a savory flavor and the soup that wraps the tongue tightly is excellent. You can adjust the spiciness of kishimen noodles in a total of five steps, from white noodles to a very spicy flavor.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: Gangwon Gangneung Gyo-2-dong 162-94

▲Opening hours: 10:00 — 18:50 every day

â–²Price: Jangkal noodles 7,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Shikigami 123): It was originally a local restaurant, but after it appeared on the TV, many people came from afar. The noodles are wider and thinner than regular kishimen noodles, so when you eat them, they go all over the place. I made it by loosening the intestines, but the soup was refreshing. If the portion is a little short, roll the rice in the leftover soup and eat it, and you'll be completely full.

4. A refreshing soup without any frills, Daegu's 'Yakjeon Alley Mokwon Jogoksu'

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When you enter “Yakjeon Alley Mokwon Jogoksu”, you will be greeted warmly by the owner who is cooking kishimen noodles at the entrance of the store. At the same time as ordering, prepare the noodles by grinding out the matured flour dough into red beans and cutting it into large pieces with a knife. The signature menu is “Kalguksu,” which uses ingredients such as red crab, kelp, blue crab, and freshwater shrimp to make the most of the unique flavor of seafood in broth over a long period of time. Suta-myeon, soaked in broth, is fluttering and gently rolling over the throat. At first, you can fully enjoy the refreshing soup and then enjoy side dishes such as seaweed powder, green onion sauce, and Chinese cabbage kimchi according to your taste. If you run out of broth during a meal, they will refill it for free.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 34-20, Yangnyeong-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu

▲Opening hours: 11:30 — 17:30 every day, closed on Sundays

â–²Price: Kalguksu 6,000 won, Bibim Kalguksu 6,000 won

â–²Testimonial (King of Shikigami Sushi): Seeing the noodle making and boiling process in front makes it even more delicious. You can use all the water and side dishes on your own, but it was amazing to be able to put the rice on your own. The broth is on the side, but the kimchi is spicy, and the seasoning is perfect, making it a fantastic combination.

5. 'Kakunemori Noodles' in Pohang, a cool feeling that reminds me of sake

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“Kakunemori noodles” has been in business for over 50 years, with the owner, who is old and tired. It is a place where noodles, which were eaten by fishermen from a nearby fish farm cooked with noodles in the past, developed into a local food in Pohang. “Mori noodles,” which are made by sprinkling plenty of bright red pepper powder on top of kishimen noodles in a large pot, is the signature menu and single menu. The cool flavor of the soup contains plenty of ingredients such as monkfish, monkfish liver, mussels, meedeok, and bean sprouts, which adds richness. The thick soup flows hot down the throat, relaxes the stomach, and at the same time fills the stomach, creating a strangely addictive feeling.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 239-13, Homi-ro, Guryongpo-eup, Nam-gu, Pohang, Gyeongbuk

▲Opening hours: 10:00 — 15:00 every day

â–²Price: 13,000 won for 2, 17,500 won for 3

â–²Testimonial (Shikiganseong Rabbit): When you come to Pohang, you must eat mori noodles along with guamegi! Other places are really delicious, but for me, Kakune, which is known as the origin of Mori noodles, suits my taste best. It's a steamed restaurant where only the servings and prices are written on the menu without any other words! It's like eating noodles rolled up in a sharp, spicy soup. It's a magical taste that makes you go to Haejang and drink alcohol again.

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