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korean food / seoul / The identity of Gongcha’s new menu, which has as many likes and dislikes as Mincho – 2608

The fragrance spreads softly

The charm of pistachios!

1620020591168577 jpeg Korean Food September 16th, 2023

From Gongcha to the 2021 Spring-Summer Season Menu

Pistachio drink released!

1620020597973578 jpeg Korean Food September 16th, 2023

Gongcha Choco Scented Pistachio

Price 5,300 won

1620020607955554 jpeg Korean Food September 16th, 2023

Conveying the aroma and sweetness of pistachios

Smoothie contains cookie flakes, so the sweetness is

A taste that's even more vivid!

Smoothies that melt refreshingly and

The crunchy cookies also go well together.

1620020618599579 jpeg Korean Food September 16th, 2023

Rich in the aroma of pistachios

It's a smoothie packed with sweetness.

The chocolate that is surrounded on the outside is also perplexing

It adds texture while being chewy.

Overall, I think it's perfect for charging sugar in the summer!

1620020627487555 jpeg Korean Food September 16th, 2023

Tolerance pistachios

Price 4,900 won

1620020655106580 jpeg Korean Food September 16th, 2023

A slightly softer flavor compared to a smoothie

Salin pistachio milk tea!

It contains crunchy noodles like pistachios

Every time I chew, I feel the aroma in my stomach.

1620020661934556 jpeg Korean Food September 16th, 2023

If a smoothie has a powerful sweetness

Milk tea made use of a slightly softer and softer feel.

*Overall Review*

A combination of the sweetness of pistachios and the chewy pearls!

Overall with ingredients such as cookies and powder

This drink harmonizes texture and flavor and makes good use of it!

If you want the rich sweetness of pistachios, try a smoothie,

If you don't feel too sweet, I recommend milk tea.

If you like pistachio drinks, I recommend it!

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