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In March, McDonald's launched “Happy Snacks,” a new platform where you can enjoy popular snacks at discounted prices all day long. Not to mention the taste and value for money from various lines such as burgers, drinks, and ice cream! The fun of choosing and enjoying your favorite menu is added, so you can feel a lot of happiness. As a well-informed nation, we will introduce the 4 most popular burger+side menu combinations ordered by customers, including happy snacks.

1. When you think of spicy chicken

1620352401774817 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

McSpicy Shanghai Burger Set


Shanghai Chicken Snack Lab (2,200 yuan > 1,500 won)

1620352407247818 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

1620352416413875 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

When you think of chicken burgers, the McSpicy Shanghai burger that comes to mind and

When a chicken snack wrap made with spicy chicken tenders meets

Today is a spicy chicken party party!

The outside is crispy! The inside is moist and juicy

Thanks to the combination of chicken patty, fresh vegetables, and sauce

It goes all the way in without getting bitten.

2. beef? chicken? I am both!

1620352501340876 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Big Mac set


6 pieces of McNuggets (3,000 won > 2,500 won)

1620352513742819 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Go to McDonald's Burger One Tower to the point where Big McSong comes out

Called Big Mac! A beef patty with lots of flavor

A combination of burgers and crispy McNuggets with honey!

McNuggets is sweet chili, sweet and sour,

You can choose a Cajun sauce

It's easy to choose and eat whatever suits your taste.

3. The hottest combination at McDonald's

1620352580640877 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Fileo fish set


Oreo McFlurry (2,500 won > 2,000 won)

1620352596948820 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Phileo Fish is back after 13 years!

A light fish patty and a fresh tartar sauce

It makes me feel like meeting and eating a single dish.

1620352615075821 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

The truth is that all food is sweet and salty!

Oreo McFlurry has an intense taste of tartar sauce

After a sweet finish, you can fully enjoy the dessert!

4. Coffee and burgers are all the rage these days!

1620352656721822 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Bulgogi burger set


Iced Americano M (2,200 won > 1,500 won)

1620352675440878 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Sweet yakiniku burger and

It's a fantastic match for bitter Americano.

King Jung with a combination of cheeks and cheeks!.

The prejudice that coffee at fast food restaurants is not tasty

The place that blew it was McNal is McNal, but recently the amount of beans used has increased

The point is that you can enjoy a slightly deeper flavor!

*Overall Review*

Fresh snacks you can enjoy all day long!

Happy Snack doesn't have a time limit

It was nice to use it anytime regardless of the time zone.

If you order a burger set+side menu

It's between 7,000 and 8,000 won, but after Happy Snacks appeared

You can enjoy it casually for 5,000 to 7,000 won!

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