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“Omakase” means “the customer entrusts all the food to the chef.” It comes from a Japanese high-end sushi restaurant, and it means not having a fixed menu, but a dish presented at the chef's discretion with the freshest ingredients of the day. Even if it's the same sushi, each chef creates a food with a unique personality by preparing and maturing the fish, the sauce that goes with it, and the shari that goes with it. Another appeal of omakase is that you can sit at a seat where you can watch the food being prepared and listen to the chef's cooking explanation.

Thinking of traditional omakase, there was a perception that it was burdensome to approach at first glance because of the high price. Recently, omakase restaurants that are popular among people in their 2nd and 30s with a menu that is as good as high-end omakase at a reasonable price of 30,000 to 40,000 won are attracting attention. Reservations are essential because we do not serve a large number of customers and only accept and serve a limited number of customers. There was a huge reservation competition that was more difficult than applying for a university course, and the term “course registration” also came into being. Here are 5 of the best sushi omakase restaurants where reservations are as difficult as picking stars in the sky.

Sushi Omakase restaurants in Seoul include City Hall Chosun Hotel Sushi-jo, Jangchung-dong Shilla Hotel Ariake, Apgujeong Dosan Park Sushi-in, Dosan Park Sushi-Koji, Cheongdam-dong Sushi Hyo, Dosan Park Chef, Samsung Yuki-zushi, Cheongdam Sushimai, Dosan Park Sushi Kiyoi, Cheongdam-dong Kojima, Dosan Park Sushi Kiyoshi, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Sushi Kiyose, Apgu-dong Dosan Park Mountain Park Sushi Shimizu, Seolleung Sushi Sanwon, Hannam-dong Sushi Noya, Apgujeong Sushi Kaisei, Songpa Jamsil Sushi Mountain, Gangnam Station Sushi Ryo Premium, Gwanghwamun Ogawa, Seorae Village Sushi Tano, Seorae Village Bangbae Sushi Man, Mapo Gongdeok Iyoisu City, Eunpyeong Ngam-dong Sushi Shobu, Yeouido Hatsuho, Mokdong Sushi Oshima, Apgujeong Sushi Ito, Cheongdam Sushi Market, Cheongdam Sushi Mo-hyeon, Cheongdam Toy, Dosan Park Sushi Hane, Sangam Sushi Towa, Seorae Village Takumigon, Seorae Village Sushi Go, Apgujeong Sushi Kotei, Yeouido Aruhi, Seokgye Station Sushi Daon, Bukgajwa Sushi Sou Kai, Seocho-dong Sushi Dou, Idae Yeorai Yeoge, Cheongdam Sushi Sang-hyeon, Sinsa Garosu-gil Sushi Tsubasa, Wangsimni Suyashikanonde, Hannam-dong Sushi Gokoro, Apgujeong Sushi Gokoro, Apgujeong Sushi Dam, Cheong Ebisu Sushi Kanae, Apgujeong Sushi Sakau, Apgujeong Sushi Yuki, Dosan Park Sushi Komatsu, Nonhyeon Sushi Aota, Dosan Park Sushi Kaishin, Samseong-dong Sushi Yuri, Samcheong-dong Kizuna, Apgujeong Sushi Chicken, Daechi-dong Sushi Sora, Jangchung-dong Sushi Hyo Ambassador Store, Apgujeong Sushi Heavy Season, Nonhyeon Kamesushi, Apgujeong Sushi Ryuko, Nonhyeon Sushi Namiki, Dosan Park Sushi Yoake, Cheongdam Sushi Kurumi, Yeoksam Seolleung Sushi, Ancient Sushi Jinsu, Borasan Neki Sushi City, Itaewon Grand Hyatt Kauri, Apgujeong Sushikana, Dosan Park Sushi Tsubaki, Yeouido Sushi Arata, Yeouido Sushi Hyejeong, City Hall Sushi Mito, Hannam-dong Sushi Town, Gwanghwamun Sushi Mountain Scenic Area, Sinsa Station Kim Susa Temple, Shillim Seoul National University Sushi Ryo, Yeouido Tamasu City, Yeouido Sushi Dama, Mokdong Sushi Dama, Yeoksam Sushi Sancheong, Sindaebang Sangnam Sushi, Yeoksam Sushi Woncheong, Yeoksam Sushi Sanjeong, Yeoksam Sushi Park, Yeoksam Sushi Sancheong, Sindaebang Sangnam Sushi, Yeoksam Sushi Woncheong Shishouki, Nonhyeon-dong Sushi Tatsu, Yongsan Sushi Umi, Gwanghwamun Sushi Mountain Palace, Yongsan Sosan, Itaewon Hannam-dong Sushiame, Eunpyeong Sushi Ima, Mokdong Sushi Nomichi, Gwanghwamun Sushi Sora, Yangjae Dogok Sushi Gangjimun, Jamsil Cosmos Sushi, Sadang Sushi Koe, Jamsil Signiel Club, Gwanghwamun Sushi Swa, Gwanghwamun Four Seasons Akira Bag, Dongdaemun Stam, Seochon, Sushi Ha Gangseo Naoki, Yeouido Sushiai, Yeouido Sushi Miso, Yeouido Sapporo Black, Dangsan Seoul Sushi, Ancient Friendship Sushi, etc. It's famous.

Sushi omakase restaurants around the country include Bundang Jeongja Sushi Kun, Bundang Jeongja Sushiya, Pangyo Sushi Kun, Bundang Sunae Sushi Ryoko, Bundang Seohyeon Hoshi, Pangyo Kimcho Saengcho, Bundang Jeongja Sushi Aoi, Ilsan Sushi Toru, Hwaseong Dongtan Seya Sushi, Dongtan Sushiai, Suwon Gwanggyo Sushi Yukai, Gwanggyo Sushi Issei, Incheon Songdo Sushii, Incheon Guwol-dong Susei, Anyang Sushi Gaisen, Bupyeong Sushi Ae, Cheonan Budang Sushi Chou, Buldang Sushi En, Buldang Sushi Mori, Buldang Sushi Hogi, Daejeon Wolpyeong Sushi Hosan, Daejeon Yuseong Sushiai, Daegu Sushimin Jongwoo, Gwangju Seoseok-dong Sushi, Pohang Aomi City, Busan Haeundae Sushi Yeon, Haeundae Zensi, Busan Lotte Hotel Momoyama, Haeundae Aomori, Haeundae Umi, Busan Sushi Sushim, Busan Gupo-dong Kudoku, Jeju City's Sushi Hoshikai, Jeju City's Inochi, Jeju City's Aewol Iwai, Jeju City's Yumeyama, Jeju Seogwipo Hachi, Jeju Aewol Yoshino, and Jeju City's Sushi Kohaku are famous.

1. “Aruhi” in Yeouido, filled with fresh flavors of the sea

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Image source: Ashleeism's Instagram

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Image source: Ashleeism's Instagram

On the 20th of every month, “Aruhi” accepts online reservations all at once. They make sushi with fresh fish from time to time without having a separate freezer. The signature menu “Omakase Dinner” consists of 2 to 3 types of tsumami, sushi, tempura, futomaki, and dessert. Starting with chawanmushi, which makes full use of the flavor of shark fin and wood ear mushrooms, 15 types of sushi will appear in earnest, including yellowtail, tuna, red snapper, striped horse mackerel, scallop, and golden tae. Dishes such as fried oysters, fried eggplant, green onions, and futomaki served in the middle of the sushi enhance the completeness of the course. Please note that alcoholic beverages must be ordered when using the omakase for dinner.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 42 Yeouinaru-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:30 – 21:30 every day, B/T 15:00 – 17:00

▲Price: Omakase lunch 33,000 won, omakase dinner 35,000 won

▲Reviews (Seokshin Choi Hyun-seok ♥) Reservations are only accepted through Naver reservations. This is a bargain omakase restaurant where you can't make a reservation even if it's only 1 minute late. I was able to visit after many attempts. Needless to say, the sushi was delicious, and the futomaki that came out at the end was so delicious that it was called a futomaki restaurant. The palm-only futomaki contains plenty of eggs, okra, mushrooms, and various types of sashimi. If it's hard to eat in one bite, they can even cut it in half.

2. “Sushi Daon” at Seokgye Station invites you to a world of rich flavors

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Image source: seok1___ on Instagram

1623812110682011 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Image source: yeon.h__01's Instagram

At “Sushi Daon,” you can enjoy dinner and lunch omakase for the same price. When you sit down and prepare to eat with a warm handkerchief, the sight of them preparing the ingredients in front of you adds to the sense of anticipation. The signature menu is “Dinner Omakase,” which offers tsumami such as chawanmushi and sashimi, 8 to 9 types of sushi, onsoba, futomaki, and sherbet. The sushi composition, which makes use of a variety of flavors, with various sauces and ingredients, such as hanchi topped with yuzu zest, amberjack marinated in garlic soy sauce, and aged flounder wrapped in sea urchin eggs stands out. For sushi lightly coated with soy sauce, you can add wasabi and truffle salt if you like to add richness of flavor. At dinnertime, instead of having to order alcoholic beverages, additional snack menus such as deep-fried chicken skin, grilled chicken, and deep-fried monkfish are offered.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 9 Seokgye-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: Daily lunch part 12:00 – 13:00, lunch part 2 13:30 – 14:30, dinner part 1 18:00 – 19:30, dinner part 2 20:00 – 21:30, closed on Sundays

▲Price: Lunch omakase 39,000 won, dinner omakase 39,000 won

▲Review (shikigin green tea powder pack): I ate omakase for dinner. A variety of snacks were served at the same price as lunch, and it went well with sake. If you want to fully enjoy omakase, I recommend dinner. The combination of sushi and truffle salt also went very well together.

3. “Sushi Soukai” in the northern part of the river, can only be enjoyed by 18 people a day

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Image source: annyongabby's Instagram

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Image source: leesh_1025 on Instagram

“Sushi Soukai” consists of a small tachi table that seats 6 people. It only operates 1 time for lunch and 2 hours for dinner, and welcomes only 18 guests per day. Every day, rice cooked in a cast iron cauldron is characterized by a brown shari that maximizes its sour flavor by seasoning it with red vinegar without adding sugar. The signature menu “Dinner Omakase” begins with soft chawanmushi containing fromage blanc cheese. Afterwards, the taste is enhanced with tsumami such as flounder wrapped around the monkfish liver, sashimi of amberjack and horse mackerel, grilled eel, and steamed abalone, and then a hearty selection of about 12 types of sushi, jang soup, deep-fried meatballs, soba, and even desserts are served. The sushi is seasoned to make it easy to eat, so you can eat it right away without dipping the soy sauce separately.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 25, Jung-ro 23na-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: Daily lunch 12:30 – 13:40, dinner part 17:30 – 19:10, dinner part 2 20:00 – 21:40, B/T 15:00 – 17:00, closed on Sundays

▲Price: Lunch omakase 25,000 won, dinner omakase 35,000 won

▲Testimonial (Black Peanuts): You can make a reservation twice a month through Naver Reservations! The gyoku that comes out at the end was definitely sweet and delicious, like castella. It was nice to have a clean finish with a scoop of ice cream for dessert. Really! They said they won't be open for lunch in May and June due to COVID-19. Please take a look!

4. “Sushi Dow” in Seocho-dong, a colorful feast of tsumami

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Image source: ecko0718's Instagram

1623812193881013 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Image source: jazmin_baek's Instagram

The exterior of “Sushi Dou” is painted yellow and has a fresh feel. Before the sushi is served, about 10 kinds of tsumami spread out in a variety of ways will raise the anticipation of the meal to the fullest. The signature menu is the “omakase dinner,” which starts with tsumami such as chawanmushi, which is chewy with shrimp and mushrooms, and monkfish liver stewed in sweet soy sauce. After tasting the tsumami, 11 to 12 types of sushi, tempura, soup, kamameshi, somen, and dessert are served one after the other, including tuna, perch, and herring. Among sushi, “sea urchin and sweet shrimp,” which is made by putting a lot of sea urchin on top of sweet shrimp and wrapped in seaweed, is the most popular. The sweet flavor of sweet shrimp blends with the green flavor of sea bream to fill your mouth with the rich flavor of the sea.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 66, Seocho-daero 42-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: Weekday lunch 12:00 – 13:10; weekend lunch 12:00 – 14:00; dinner part 1 17:40 – 19:40; dinner part 2 20:10 – 22:00; closed on Mondays

▲Price: Weekday lunch 40,000 won, weekend lunch 70,000 won, omakase dinner 70,000 won

▲Review (Shikigami Lee Soo Bong): I take reservations on the Poing app every first Monday at noon. It was fun to try a variety of tsumami. I especially enjoyed Ankimo. It was moderately greasy and melted in my mouth!

5. A laid-back, inspiring flavor, this is the “Nyorai Yeogga”

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1623812219545007 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Image source: mkyu_foodie's Instagram

1623812232631014 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Image source: mkyu_foodie's Instagram

“Nyorai Yogo” is a trade name that means you can come and go as often as you like. The signature menu “Omakase Dinner” has a rich menu, including chawanmushi, 2 to 3 types of sashimi, about 10 types of sushi, jangguk, deep-fried maki, karaage, and futomaki. Chawanmushi, which has a pleasant flavor with truffle oil, draws gummies and gently soothes empty stomachs. Wasabi, Himalayan salt, truffle salt, and soy sauce are prepared in front of the table to enhance the flavor of sushi, so you can eat whatever you like. “Kintae sushi,” which is lightly charred with a torch and placed on top of the shari, is loved by many. You can feel the deep aroma by adding the flavor of fire to the golden layer that boosts the flavor from the melted fat layer.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 56-3, Yeohwayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, dinner part 1 17:20 – 19:00, dinner part 2 19:30 to 21:00, closed on Sunday and Monday; reservations can be made on the last to second Sunday at noon

▲Price: Omakase dinner 39,000 won

▲Testimonial (Namaste of Shikigin): Every time the menu came out, they explained what sauces go well with wasabi, truffle salt, Himalayan salt, etc., so I think I enjoyed it even more. When rice is placed on top of seaweed and wrapped in cream cheese, fried shrimp, salmon, gyoku, and negiro, I feel like the richness of cream cheese balances the flavor!

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