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“Jeju Island” is one of Korea's representative resorts. It is full of magnificent natural scenery and tourist spots that can only be seen in Jeju, such as over 300 rises, cool seas, and lush forests, and is very popular not only among Korean people but also among international travelers. Recently, restaurants have sprung up that have captivated even the tastes of the locals with their diverse concepts and special flavors, and Jeju restaurants have become a must-see for a trip. Due to the nature of the region surrounded by the sea and black pork suitable for raising in the climate of Jeju Island, where rain and heat are strong, the food of Jeju Island developed naturally. Previously, black pork was only grilled and seafood was eaten only as a sashimi, but now restaurants where you can enjoy it in a slightly different way are attracting attention. Here are 5 of the best popular restaurants in Jeju that you must visit on a fresh summer day.

Jeju's sashimi restaurants include Port Restaurant, Wharf Restaurant, Miyoung Ine Restaurant, Twin Sashimi Restaurant, Manseon Restaurant, Eojin Ine Sashimi Restaurant, Yongcheol Sashimi Restaurant, Daepung Mirak, Namgyeong Mirak, Delicacies, Hoeyang and Guksu District, Marado Sashimi Restaurant, Mom's Sashimon Sashimi Restaurant, Seomun Fisheries, Baekseon Sashimi Restaurant, Sinsanpo Sashimi Restaurant, Halla Hoi Sashimi Center, Namyang Fisheries, etc.

Noodle and noodle restaurants are Ollae Noodle, Okdom Restaurant, Gashiabang Guksu, Sister Noodle, Sanbongdang, Chunja Anchovy Noodle Soup, Seogwang Chunkai, Suudong, Samdae Guksu Hall, Noodle Garden, First Village under Mount Halla, Sokobae, Sammu Noodle, Namdo Meat Noodle, Namdo Meat Noodle, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat Noodles, Namdo Meat There are Hororak, Jeju Han-myeon Ga, Noodle Picker's Wife Who Makes Dumpling, Daekwang Restaurant, Hagalbi Noodle, Gongju Neguksu, etc.

Black pork and meat roast restaurants are Yeonriji Garden, Yeonjeong Restaurant, Mokpo Goeul, Jukseong Jungmun Branch, Childongga, Don Sadon, Myeongri-dong Restaurant, Woongdam Restaurant, Yakikisori The Premium, Pungro, Solhyang Sea Garden, Byeoldon Star, Haeolum Restaurant, Heukdonga, Resting Pang Garden, Scenery with Black Pigs, Seongeup Sevilla Restaurant, Orak Garden, Seoul Restaurant, Sunset Pig Garden, Ongpo Villa Garden, Donam Ogori, Sangrok Pork, 88 Pig, Flower Jiyeon Restaurant There are grilled food, sea shim garden, ohyeonbulbaek, sunchang ribs, Aewolgseongjip, haggalbi, and jukseong.

More than Bom for Korean fine dining; Jeju's local food restaurants include Mollhang Restaurant, Deokseung Restaurant, Four Street Restaurant, Matna Restaurant, Chunmi-hyang, Cheonjiggol Restaurant, Yongyong Restaurant, Pyosun Fishing Village Restaurant, Manmin Restaurant, Nammokdo Restaurant, Myeongmun Intersection Restaurant, Seongsan Sea Scenery, Chunshim Ine, Nangteul Esimpang, Sinseolum, Dolhar Bongdang, Samseong Haemultang, Sungmi Garden, Unjeong Ine, Willow Tree House, Hwaseong Restaurant, Bokjeong-hyang Restaurant, Taijeong-hyang Restaurant Jeong, Dool-doo, local food Yuri Ne, Jeon Bangdi Restaurant, Samwon Jeong, Solji Restaurant, Central Restaurant, Nangpun Meal, Delicacy Restaurant, Guangdong Restaurant, Iltong Iban, Rodem Garden, Alley Restaurant, Mandeok Ine, Seonheul Cape, Haekwang Restaurant, Jaeyeon Restaurant, Once upon a time, steamed monkey, Green Jeong, Lee Chun-ok Wonjo mackerel sambap, Taekwang Restaurant, Daewoojeong, Memorable House, Dam Jang, Doraji Restaurant, Au Woo Eun, Jeju Hae-dang, Gwangilmadang, Gwangilmadang From Dao to Geer Seo's house, there are Mother and Daughter's Kitchen, Boram Restaurant, Toollae, Dow Jeong, Jinju Restaurant, Eojang-gun, Biwon, Cheongjane Food House, 007 Pocha, etc.

Chicken is famous for Bunka Tongdak, Jungang Chicken, Jeju-ri Chicken, Mother Chicken, Manong Chicken, Naju Chicken House, and Dongwoo Chicken, and Haejang soup includes Eunhee-ne Haejang soup, Woojin Haejang soup, Meepung Haejang soup, teishoku, Baekseongwon Haejang soup, Mihyang Haejang soup, Samil restaurant, Moise Haejang soup, Jeongseong Bok Seolleongtang, Gom Haejang soup, and Sundaeguk has licorice restaurant, Beomil Bunsik, Gwangmyeong Restaurant, and Kashi Restaurant.

Abalone and haenyeo restaurants include Sunok Haenyeo's House, Myungjin Abalone, Sorane's House, Ojo Haenyeo's House, Gangjo Haenyeo's House, Sleeping Haenyeo Village, Seopji Haenyeo's House, Bomok Haenyeo's House, Gongcheonpo Restaurant, Sehwa Haenyeo Dive Village, Chungmun Haenyeo's House, Haenyeo Village, Mukgohaenyeo's House, Soseom Abalone, Dodu Haenyeo's House, Kwak Ji Haenyeo's House, Halla Abalone, Good Abalone, Kwak Ji Haenyeo's House, Halla Abalone, Good Jeonbok, etc.

Western food and wine restaurants are Phoenix Jeju Seopjikoji Glasshouse Mint, Haevichi Miliou, Biotopia Restaurant, Le Bui Bui, Manwoldang, Rice Bully, Hermitage, Ristua, Confluence, Revolver, Ray Restaurant, Natural Restaurant, Landing Dining, Sake Botanic Garden, Dream Tower Steakhouse, White Donkey in the Wind, Flavor Reading, Unspecified Restaurant, The Spoon, BIG DEER, Dolldam Over the Sea, Willala, Mimi Pasta, Mimi Burger, Mimi Burger, Mimi There are Okra, Woong Kitchen, Seomsonai, Seommora, Saturday Island, Delicious Pool Kitchen, Kuku Arim, Shilla Hotel The Park View, Hahaho Ho, Hello Land People, Brother Yang Ga, Madam Natalie Social Club, Fresh It, Kitchen Oz, 204 Kitchen, Magpie Brewery, Life, and Bong Klang.

Sushi Omakase has Sushi Hoshikai, Inochi, Jeju Iwai, Dream Tower Yumeyama, Hachi, Yoshino, and Sushi Kohaku, and Japanese and Southeast Asian foods include Tomtom Curry, Yeondon, Simba Curry, Morino Aruyo, Okra, Tonkatsu Seo Hwang, Hoja, Shinui Hanmo, Bendie, Gongsaemi 59, Midori Jeju, Volcano 2020, Izakaya Mood, Hibian Dokohaku, Yakitori-tabi, There are tempura, Baghdad, Aruyo, Jeju Goro, Aura Kitchen, Woljeong-ri rib rice, etc.

For lunch, there are Dream Tower China House, Hongseongbang, Deokseongwon, Arseowon, Darae-hyang, Imseong Banjom, Boyeong, Soriwon, Sori-won, 10 Won-hyang, Doduban Branch, and Dim Sum 9898.

Cafes include Gong Baek, One & Only, The Romantic The Most Beautiful Days in My Life, Humero Part2, Nimome Vintage Lounge, Manor Blanc, Osullocti Museum, Cafe Glinco, Gamzer Cafe, Dream Aewol, High End Jeju, Around the Sunset, Anthracite Jeju, Beke, Sunset Cliff, Monocle Jeju, Ball Cafe, Rich Mango, Salon Rambang, Jeju Sea Da, Blanche, Jeju Sea Da, Blanche, Jeju Coffee Museum, Baum Ean, Seo-yang Tea House, Terarosa Seogwipo Branch, Seo Yeon's House, Alice, Insmill, Cafe The Contena, Okam, Café EPL, Cafe Halla Mountain, Camino, Myeongwol Kookmin School, Spring Day, New Jersey Cafe, Olive Cafe, Bontae Museum Cafe Bontae, The Cliff, Cafe 2472, Woljeong-ri LOWA, Cafe Camellia, Cafe Marni, Cafe Mustache, Cafe Del Mundo, Mield Sehwa, Sand Beach Cafe, Poong Lim Da Bang, Dou Corel, Dou Corel, Cafe Gee Cafe, Ain Citrus Field, Espresso Lounge, Lazy Box, Wato Coffee, Gujwa Sangkai, Warang Warang, Cafe Sheba, Beautiful Women, Hyeopjae Botanical Garden, Bukchon, Musang Teahouse, Chinbong Sanjang, Nature Canvas, The Travel, Azuleju, Coffee Temple, Byoji, Ultramarine, Sannoru, Cafe Brief, Nogorosi, Clan Blue, Og Coffee, Morip, Retto Basement, 5L2F, Dendry indecisiveness, climb, There are Cafe Cola and Cafe Lucia.

Famous bakeries include Bohem, Mother's Bakery, Chojeong-seok Bakery, Sister Peel, Butter Morning, Audrang Bakery, Mad Confectionery, Tina Cake, Iiksae Pastry, Aewoldang Aewol Confectionery, Landy's Donut, and Otto Donut.

Gimbap and bento include Gimbap, Dajeong Gimbap, Jeju Kimmanbok, Friendship Center, Jeju Saeuri, Moseulpo, Jeju Saeulpo, Dajeong Ine, Donggo-liang, and Four Seasons Kitchen are famous for their food. Saerona Bunsik, Pyeongdae snacks, love food, merry snacks, dragon pretzels, and barley bread is famous for Sinchon Deokin-dang, Sukine barley bread, and old-fashioned red bean soup.

1. Pork that has gone through 3 stages of aging, Jeju City's 'Yakiksori The Premium'

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1628844369604477 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: jiny_77's Instagram

1628844400221478 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: Nohyewon's Instagram

'Yakiniksori The Premium' presents omakase using clean Jeju pork raised on a farm directly managed by the company and seasonal ingredients. Jeju sows between 90 and 100 kg, selected according to strict criteria, are prepared to go through 3 stages of customized aging, including vacuum aging, dry aging, and fermentation maturation. The signature menu is “omakase,” which consists of jamon salad, bonded bone soup, shoulder meat, pork ribs, soba noodles, pork belly, tenderloin meatballs, meals, and desserts. Sirloin dishes with homemade basil pesto are particularly popular. You can enjoy the rich aroma of meat wrapped in the fragrant scent of basil. In addition to pork, fresh seafood dishes such as abalone, scallops, and sea eel from Jeju's sea are included to add richness to the meal. Note that it is 100% reservation-only.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 56, Seoheul 1-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

â–²Opening hours: 12:00 – 22:30 every day, closed on Wednesday

â–²Price: Omakase 90,000 won per person

â–²Testimonial (Dim Sum Soon-i): Being able to eat while watching the ocean view makes it even more atmospheric. The Jeju pork that you enjoy in omakase for 1 hour and 30 minutes is even more luxurious. Every time a dish came out, I was able to enjoy it even more because I was able to explain it myself. The bonded bone soup, which has been aged at a low temperature for 36 hours, is especially perfect as an aperitif! After eating the deliciously grilled meat one by one, a meal with rice, soup, and ribs is served. It was a very satisfying meal!

2. 'Over Spring' in Jeju City, a Korean bistro where you can enjoy a view of Jeju's ocean

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1628844481555731 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: ming99999 on Instagram

1628844505469479 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: ming99999 on Instagram

'Over Spring' has an attractive, cool view of Jeju's ocean. It is run by Chef Kang Byung-wook from an overseas Michelin restaurant. Based on the concept of “innovative Korean bistro”, you can find dishes using potatoes, fish, hikki, and basil grown in Jeju. The signature menu is “gamtae-myeon,” made by putting persimmon noodles on warm white soybean porridge and finishing with cold sesame sauce, Jeju black pork hamong bone stock, sesame leaf oil, and red frills. Gamtae-myeon, which has a clear green color, uses sooyeon noodles made by the master Song Cheol-soo by hand stretching the noodles in the traditional way. The savory flavor of soybean porridge and persimmon noodles, which contains a subtle marine scent by adding only persimmons without artificial colors, irritates the nose. The hamong bone stock and sesame leaf oil soak in between the noodles, so you can enjoy both the savory flavor and the aromatic flavor.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 75-1, Gimnyeong-ro 1-gil, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju

â–²Business hours: Thursday to Monday 17:00 to 22:00, closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

â–²Price: Gamtae-myeon 18,000 won, black pork 30,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Shikigami GlueStick): If you want to hear more about the chef's explanation, I recommend a bar seat; if you want to eat while watching the ocean view, I recommend a table seat. The most delicious dish I ate in late spring was persimmon noodles. I like the savory flavor, so I think I'll order it again next time. Ordering alcoholic beverages is a must, and they have a wide selection of natural wines!

3. 'Hermitage' in Seogwipo City, a small France in Jeju

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1628844578883732 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: seol_hyeong_ on Instagram

1628844609451481 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: seol_hyeong_ on Instagram

“Hermitage” is a restaurant where you can enjoy French course meals made with seasonal ingredients from Jeju. It is a small place located between residential areas and only accepts reservations for 3 tables per day. In the summer season, you can enjoy 9 courses of scrambled eggs & Jeju nimome cream, bite-sized wrap, Jeju tangerine seafood ceviche, cold potato soup, Jeju fish & caponata, mint shaved ice, Jeju horse & Israeli couscous, pavlova, coffee or tea. The plating, which boasts artwork-like visuals, is pleasing to the eye. The main dish, “Jeju Horse & Israeli Couscous,” comes with soft Jeju horse meat steak served with couscous with cheese. The horse meat steak, which is grilled without getting stiff on the back leg of the horse, is rich in juiciness and tender meat.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 3-8, Sinseo-ro 52beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

â–²Opening hours: 17:00 – 21:30 every day

â–²Price: Seasonal course 100,000 won

â–²Review (Shikigami by Lemonade): It's a place that properly serves French cuisine in Jeju Island. It's a place where you have to make a reservation. I also liked the fact that the course was different from season to season because it was made with seasonal ingredients. Each dish seems to have been carefully prepared. It was my first time eating horse meat, so I was worried and it melted in my mouth without any residue! Speaking of anniversaries, you can also get a dessert lettering service, so I think it would be a good idea to go there on an anniversary.

4. Enjoy Jeju black pork with omakase, Seogwipo city's' Pungro '

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1628844684104733 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: 9.4.go's Instagram

1628844702431482 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: jin_young.s Instagram

'Pungro' is a place where you can meet the special part of Jeju black pork with omakase. The signature menu “Butakase” consists of gomguk soup stock, beef, grilled pork, noodles, jamon tortillas, shabu-shabu, meals, and desserts one after the other. Skilled experts grill gabri, seagulls, neck, skin, and back ribs using moist juice in a dedicated brazier at each table. A sauce that goes well with each part, such as miso paste on top of the magnolia leaf and truffle oil on the neck, comes out with a sauce that goes well with each part to enhance the flavor of the meat as much as possible. Vegetables such as shishito peppers, mushrooms, eggplants, and asparagus are also grilled to bring out the sweet flavor. If you eat pickled peppers, white kimchi, fresh kimchi, and wasabi, which are served as side dishes, with meat, you can experience a richer flavor.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 423, Shinhwajeok-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

â–²Business hours: 16:00 – 22:00 every day

â–²Price: Butakase 59,000 won

â–²Testimonial (hungry woman): I liked this place more than I had expected~ It was a place I liked more than my expectation~ I felt treated and above all, the quality of the meat was very good. Each part had a different texture and flavor, so I didn't get bored the whole time I ate it. Among them, the chewy gibberjack meat and the pork belly topped with magnolia leaves were the most delicious. I'm full even if I only eat meat, but at the end, I even came out with kamameshi and bracken kimchi stew to fill my stomach really well! ~

5. Jeju City's' Inochi ', a creative sushi made from a combination of different ingredients

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1628844773340734 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: d.liebe_'s Instagram

1628844800935483 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: d.liebe_'s Instagram

“Inochi” is newly opened in Jeju Island by Chef Kim Je-sung of Cheongdam “Inochi” to open an omakase. It is famous as a place that offers creative sushi using different ingredients such as burdock root, parsley, and sesame leaves. The signature menu is “Lunch Omakase,” which includes sashimi, 12 types of sushi, grilled fish, and sweets. You can enjoy unique combinations of sushi that are hard to find anywhere else, such as sushi topped with shrimp and burdock root on top of shari and wrapped in white kelp and sprinkled with emulsion zest, and sushi made by piling up abalone, spiny lobster, umeboshi, and white kelp on top of the shari and finished with ground radish. In particular, sushi made only of chives, umeboshi, and sesame leaves without fish is good for a refreshing finish because of its refreshing flavor

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 77, Jeonnong-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

â–²Business hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 to 21:30, closed on Sunday and Monday

â–²Price: Lunch omakase 100,000 won, dinner omakase 150,000 won

â–²Review (Heralucci, Shikigami): I have unique sushi unique to Inochi, so it's an even more special memory. The sushi made of abalone with buttercup and white kelp was the most delicious, as the chewiness of the abalone and the bitterness of the buttercup kept lingering in my mouth! It was also nice to have a fresh finish with the melon as a dessert. If you're tired of plain sushi, I recommend Inochi's creative sushi, which combines fresh seafood and vegetables!

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