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Sweet potato+fresh cream = JMT

1631510222757037 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Two Some Place Sweet Potato Milk Fresh Cream

Price 32,000 won

1631510228748038 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

A new one at Two Some Place for fall

Sweet potato milk whipped cream was released as a dessert menu!

I made it with sweet potatoes, the representative crop of autumn

As soon as you take it out of the box, the sweet potato is over

The sweet scent spreads intensely.

1631510235886019 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

The colorful color of yellow cake and white whipped cream

The color of the cake catches the eye!

As a cake topping, a square-shaped sweet potato topping

There are 8 of them on top, and there's a very little bit of gold leaf on them!

1631510242022039 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

The cake is framed with sweet potato mousse

You can see that it's full of energy.

1631510250126020 Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Sweet potato mousse that floats softly when you scoop it with a fork!

I only tried a little bit of mousse, but the sweet potato flavor and

Together, they melt softly in the mouth.

It's not very sweet and has just the right amount of weight.

1631510258301040 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

A single-sided shot cut to eat in earnest!

Yellow sweet potato mousse on a cake sheet

Stacked on top of each other and soft on top

The cream is thick and thick.

1631510265433021 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

There are two layers or layers of sweet potato mousse

It's also surrounded on the outside, so overall

Sweet yet savory, unique to sweet potatoes

The taste and aroma are strong.

1631510273434041 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

The fresh cream on top isn't very sweet

It contains a rich milk flavor.

1631510282352022 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Sweet potato mousse, cake, cake sheet, etc.

Each ingredient is not sweet

The light flavor is rather alive

A sweet potato cake that you can enjoy casually!

*Overall Review*

A cake filled with the flavor and aroma of steamed sweet potatoes!

Sweet potato mousse, cake, fresh cream without other ingredients

Because it's made with only these three ingredients

It's nice to fully enjoy the flavor of sweet potatoes.

It's low in sweetness, so you won't get bitten even if you eat a lot

I think it tastes like you can eat two pieces!

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