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korean food / seoul / The beauty of Korean food that shines even in the new year, Korean fine dining restaurants – 2809

Fine dining, which offers a course consisting of appetizers, dishes, and desserts, generally refers to French, but nowadays, various food cultures such as Japanese food and Chinese food are often fused. Among them, contemporary dining, which is based on Korean food, seems to be very popular because it is a good environment for receiving ingredients, customers who are more familiar and friendly, the fluidity of Korean tableware such as mother-of-pearl and pottery, and the chef's philosophy captured in the food is easier for customers to understand.

Sometimes, I can't help but be amazed when dishes I thought would never be seen in fine dining, such as sashimi or samgyetang, are recreated by the chef and served on the table. Also, the story of the chef incorporating his own experiences and memories into cooking, and creating dishes that fit the bowl is inspired by the pottery of a famous person is also interesting. Korea's fine dining scene tells a story that goes beyond simply making food. I think that means that there are so many talented chefs in Korea, and there are also many foodies with the right taste.

New Year 2022 has dawned. The beauty of Korean food shines even more beautifully in the new year. Let's start a strong new year with Korean fine dining.

Modern Korean fine dining restaurants in Seoul that serve the best cuisine in Korea include Cheongdam-dong Mingles, Seorae Village Swaniye, Cheongdam-dong Restaurant, Hoehyeon Zero Complex, City Hall Jeong Jook, Yeoksam Station Ebit, Apgujeong Dosan Park Impression, Seoul Shilla Hotel Ra-yeon, Namsan Pestabai Min-gu, Dosan Park Conpier, Cheongdam-dong Exquisine, Seochon Onji Eum, Cheongdam-dong 7th Door, Dosan Park (OLH), Myocheong-dong (OLH), Samcheong-dong Mi, Cheongdam Aria, Yeoksam Chosun Palace Itanic Garden, Itaewon Ten Percent, Yeouido Barn, Hannam-dong Novel Hannam, Dosan Park Bontae, Myeongdong ROOM 201, Apgujeong Kwon Sook Soo, Seorae Village Table Popo, Dogok-dong Minimalist Kitchen Isubu, Hannam-dong Myeonsu, Dosan Park Gaon, Cheongdam-dong Muoki (MUOKI), Dosan Park Gyuban, Haebangchon Soul Dining, Jang Chung-dong Seoul Dining, Itaewon Sihwa Ning, Gahoe-dong Dureyu, Itaewon Restaurant Today, Jamsil Bichaena, Nonhyeon Sukdang, Apgujeong Solbam, Hannam-dong Air, and Cheongdam Ippan are famous.

Korean wine dining bars in Seoul include Dosan Park Fish Market, Apgujeong Dosulbak, Apgujeong Hwa Ice Field, Dosan Park Charcoal Field, Apgujeong Park Charcoal Field, Apgujeong Rodeo Earl's Bistro, after the sun in Mangwon-dong, Geumho-dong Kitchen Today, Apgujeong Ankitchen, Apgujeong Anchi, Apgujeong Gudul, Apgujeong Fisherman's Bar & Kitchen, Hyochang Park Yongmun-dong Bampijang, Hapjeong Jiri, Anguk Dansang, Apgujeong Kotabai Yoon-seoul, Dosan Park Hojok Class, Geumho-dong Geumnam-bang, Hannam-dong Bhutto, Seongsu Seongsu Seoullian, Seongsu Four Seasons, Seongsu Midorim, Ikseon-dong Pikbanju, Yeonnam-dong Gaehwa-yeon, Seodaemun Hyodongba, Samcheong-dong Space, Yeonnam-dong Heart, Yeonnam-dong Sueulgwan, Garosu-gil Ant House, Mulrae Chae Yun-hee, Hapjeong Madam Jeongseok, Dosan Park Mia Exhibition, Dosan Park Mukjeon, Jamsil Hanba, Haebang Hanba, Haebang Hanba There are Chon Yun Ju-dang, Insa-dong Eum, Korean bar Ansi Makgeolli in Gyeongridan-gil, Jeong-su-gil Pak, Domix in Seongsu-dong, and Yun-gong Sadang.

1. A sensuous Korean plate to enjoy at a restaurant with a view, 'thrill' in Samcheong-dong

1642486994192016 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1642486998892017 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

yi.clove's Instagram

If you walk for about 5 minutes from Exit 3 of Anguk Station, you will find a thrill. This is where the Dining in Space restaurant used to be. There are few tables in the restaurant, so the space is small, but there is a sense of openness with glass windows on all sides. Among them, the place where you can see Changdeokgung Palace is also known as a view restaurant and is very popular. The menu changes according to the season and presents contemporary dining that reinterprets Korean food. The advantage is the sensuous and delicate plating.

▲Location: 83 Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 12:00 to 22:00 (closed on Sundays and Mondays)

▲Price: Lunch course 100,000 won, dinner course 180,000 won

▲Testimonial (Shikigin Daeok Na Seon Hwan): Please sit in the window seat. The level of satisfaction is very different for the same amount of money. It's nice that the sun shines in at lunch. I recommend

2. Cheongdam 'Aria', an artistic dish steeped in Korean

1642487011366018 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

evelyn_bjw's Instagram

Aria has been highly popular right after opening for its elegant and sensuous cuisine and service. It meant “capturing the dazzling skill of the white people.” It is a contemporary cuisine based on Korean food that captures Korean sensibility not only in the ingredients but also in the plating. The performance on the table in the middle of the course is enough to make this restaurant captivated. The most Korean-style final course will fill your stomach and leave you satisfied at the end of the meal.

▲Location: 420 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 12:00 ~ 21:00 (B/T 15:30 ~ 17:30)

▲Price: Standard course (lunch) 170,000 won, signature course (lunch/dinner) 270,000 won

▲Testimonial (Who used the nickname Shikigin): Plating is an art, really. I think it will be difficult to make a reservation if you stay here for a while. The serve is good too. I am also satisfied with the food.

3. Chosun Palace's New Contemporary Korean Cuisine, Yeoksam 'Itanic Garden'

1642487024245018 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1642487028527019 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Twoplusmom's Instagram

A Korean fine dining restaurant with a French base. It has been a popular place since it opened for its elegant and elegant space and services. It is divided into a bar and hall where you can watch the chef's cooking process, and window seats where you can sit side by side and enjoy a meal while looking out at the window, so you can choose according to the nature of the meeting. Currently, business has ended in '21 and is preparing for the '22 season, and the resumption of business can be found on the official website.

▲Location: 36F, Chosun Palace, 231 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 12:00 to 14:30 for lunch, 18:00 to 22:00 for dinner (temporarily closed in January)

▲Price: 180,000 won for lunch, 320,000 won for dinner

▲Testimonial (HyosuBee): There is an additional charge for mother-of-pearl boxes, but I think it would be nice to add them. For a certified shot ^^

4. Enjoy modern Korean food with the best seasonal ingredients in 12 months, Itaewon's 'Twelve Yul'

1642487040521019 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1642487044197020 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

sung_ha_94's Instagram

Twelve percent is located in the basement of the Mondrian Hotel. It is a restaurant that makes it possible to enjoy Korean fine dining at a very reasonable price by removing unnecessary elements while using seasonal ingredients. The advantage is that the menu changes every month so that there is no major deviation in the overall course structure. The signature is sea urchin fish sauce noodles, and when you eat sea urchin eggs on noodles full of perilla oil flavor, the rich flavor is felt in your mouth.

▲Location: B1F, 23 Jangmun-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 11:30 ~ 22:00 (B/T 15:00 ~ 17:30) Closed on the 1st Monday of every month

▲Price: Twelve percent lunch (lunch): 45,000 won; twelve-rate night (dinner): 65,000 won

▲Testimonial (Bizarre Oden-Fried Chicken): I went to a meeting with friends. The homemade aid is really delicious. The price is cheap, so I think it's affordable

5. Impressive dining without getting bored, 'Sol Bam' in Apgujeong

1642487056086021 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1642487059707022 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

angelina_feb15's Instagram

Chef Um Tae-joon of Impression opened a fine dining restaurant last September. Contemporary cuisine based on Korean food is presented, and it's interesting that the clean yet French nuances are peeking out everywhere. The characteristic of this place is that it is full of content, and it starts with picking chopsticks before the course starts, and you can mix and eat food on a DIY basis, and there are plates that look like opening a gift box, so there's no time to get bored even for a moment. The first chopsticks you pick will be given as a present later, making me even more impressed.

▲Location: 6 Dosan-daero 37-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 17:30 to 22:30 (closed on Mondays and Sundays)

▲Price: Solvam course 220,000 won, drink pairing 130,000 won

▲Testimonial (Shikigami Dolphin Pang Pang): If you have experience with impressions, that feeling is strong… The parametric feeling is also evident. Chopsticks and morning bread. Even jam.. I'm impressed

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