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korean food / seoul / You can’t miss this winter! Top 5 oyster restaurants in Japan – 2815

1. Oyster restaurant. But now, 'Dongpiranggul Village' in Dongho-dong, Tongyeong, served with sashimi

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1643856355612076 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1643856362126077 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

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A place where you can enjoy a variety of dishes made from seasonal oysters. Oysters can only be enjoyed as a course, and consist of steamed oysters, raw oyster sashimi, oyster sauce, oyster rice cake, oyster tteokbokki, oyster soup, and oysters. Oyster tteokbokki and oyster sweet and sour pork, which are not found in other oyster restaurants, are popular flavors, and people who don't really like oysters can eat them with satisfaction. Another popular dish, pot sashimi, may not be served during oyster season, so be aware.

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â–²Location: 23, Tongsaemi-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

â–²Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00

â–²Price: Oyster course (2 people or more) 23,000 won, pot sashimi (2 or more people) 15,000 won

â–²Comment from Hanayuri Shikigami: It's great to be able to eat a variety of things little by little. ~~ The oysters were tangy and delicious

2. “Jeongwoo Oyster Grill” in Dolsan-eup, Yeosu, is attractive for grilling grilling

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1643856375249068 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1643856382418078 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

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Put the oysters on an open fire without any empty spots, and cover them with a lid to prevent the skin from splashing. When you peel a well-cooked oyster, you can reveal plump, plump, seasonal oysters that are ripe. Most side dishes made from Yeosu specialties, such as fresh kimchi, seaweed, and dongchimi, have a sour taste that helps you not to feel it.

[Tips for eating]

â–²Location: 57 Anguljeon-gil, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do

â–²Opening hours: 10:00 ~ flexible

â–²Price: Grilled oysters (small to large) 35,000 won to 50,000 won, oysters 15,000 won

â–²Review of Shikigami Smile Bear-^⸺-: I can eat oysters until the battery runs out hahahahahahahahaha until I get tired of it later… If you eat oysters here once a year, you won't even think about the next season lol

3. The taste of boiled oysters on top of potatoes, 'Giant Mok Sanjang' in Yangseong-myeon, Anseong

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1643856414774079 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1643856424734069 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

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A place where you can enjoy oysters leisurely in a quiet hanok in a quiet location. The interior, which maximizes the atmosphere of a mountain village, such as wood, straw, hanji, and pottery, is lovely. Oyster noodles are topped with potatoes and grilled as if they were deep-fried, so the texture is crispy on the outside and the moist flavor of the oyster on the inside is excellent. Oyster rice is rice full of seaweed powder mixed with soy sauce, so you can enjoy the full aroma of oysters.

[Tips for eating]

â–²Location: 34-15, Dogok-gil, Yangseong-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

â–²Opening hours: 11:30 ~ 21:00

â–²Price: Oyster rice 13,000 won, oysters 23,000 won

â–²Comment from Isul Shil Chamisul, the god of food: The oyster bowl covered with potatoes is a bit unique, but I was surprised that it went so well together. I came here to eat oysters.

4. More bustling in winter, the 'richest man bosam' in Jongno-gu, Seoul

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Jongno 3-ga Oyster Bossam Alley is bustling with customers every year when the cold wind starts to blow. The smell of boiled bosam and grilling sashimi is already filled with the smell of the richest person's bossam in front of the restaurant. There are also sub-menus such as stir-fried octopus and chicken doritang, but you should order oyster bosam in the winter. Just looking at a plate consisting of ripe pork ribs, bosam kimchi, radish kimchi, and oysters makes you hungry. The service includes a sharp gamjatang and freshly prepared fish paste, which is very spacious.

[Tips for eating]

â–²Location: 22 Supyo-ro 20-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

â–²Opening hours: 10:30 ~ 00:00

â–²Price: Oyster bosam (small) 27,000 won, oyster extra 15,000 won

â–²Review from Shikigami Orleung: The restaurant I'm going to introduce this time is the richest person in Bossam Alley in Jongno! I ordered the main menu, oyster bosam and fried chicken soup, but strangely, it came from cooked oysters instead of raw oysters. Bossam was also tender, and the cooked oysters were really good after a long time, but the combination was better than I thought. Since it's a Bossam specialty store, I didn't really expect fried chicken soup, but the fried chicken soup tasted better than I thought. It's close to the station, spacious, and the rooms are separate, so I think it would be great for group gatherings.

5. Oyster gukbap made from chewy oysters, 'Jangsu oyster gukbap' in Okpo-dong, Gyeongnam

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1643856465526081 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1643856476582071 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

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A place where a clean store located along the street stands out. Gukbap is made from chewy oysters brought from Geoje. If you wait a bit with kimchi, kakuteki, and chives, which are the companions of gukbap, in front of you, the simmering oyster gukbap will arrive. The slightly sharp yet light and refreshing oyster soup will make you inhale even the last drop.

[Tips for eating]

â–²Location: 60 Okpo Seongan-ro, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

â–²Opening hours: 07:00 to 22:00 (closed on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month)

â–²Price: Jangsu oyster gukbap 8,000 won, Maesaeng oyster gukbap 10,000 won, oyster sambab 35,000 won

â–²Review of Shikigami Ukiki 9212: It used to be a popular place, but since it was moved and cleaned up, there are more people. The oysters in the oyster gukbap are really big. The soup is cool. Oyster bosam is also very popular.

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