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korean food / seoul / Take a summer vacation on the east coast with the sound of the waves! 5 best places to eat in Gangneung that you must visit – 2912

Donghae beaches opened all at once. The steaming heat is a factor that allows you to enjoy the cool waves of the East Sea even more. The east coast in summer is fun and free, with soft sandy beaches and swirling waves, people enjoying surfing, parasols that color the beach, and the loud chatter of people.

Once you've enjoyed playing in the water, it's time to “eat.” From seafood restaurants such as sashimi, grilled fish, steamed fish, and mackerel sashimi, there are many famous local foods such as chicken gangjeong, abai sundae, and sundae due to the large number of travelers. There are also many beautiful cafes and bakeries, so it's a great place to enjoy a relaxing time after a meal.

Famous sashimi restaurants on the east coast of Gangwon-do include Gangneung Knamun, Eunpa Sashimi Restaurant, Hansung Food, Samcheok Sea Sashimi Restaurant, Sokcho Dongmyeong Port Squid Festival, Yangyang Namaechang Sashimi Restaurant, Haenyeo Sashimi Restaurant, Pyeongchang Undu-ryeong, Pyeongchang Trout Restaurant, and Trout Restaurant.

Grilled fish, steamed fish, and soup restaurants include Gangneung Wolseong Restaurant, Imone Steamed Fish Restaurant, Grilled Sylbi Fish, Goseong Jebiho Restaurant, Nokwon Restaurant, Donghae Circle Seafood Restaurant, Samcheok Ennam Restaurant, Sokcho Sokcho Fresh Daegu, Chunseon-ne, Dongmyung Antibiotic Charcoal-grilled, 88 grilled fish, Imone Restaurant, Yangyang Cheonseon Restaurant, Saengdaegutang Hill Wee Beach, Inje Yongbae Restaurant, Baekdam Hwangbae Restaurant, Pia Seuntang, Chungnam Famous places include Gangneung House in Taebaek, Taebaek Chomakgogaldo, Pyeongchang Hwangtae Hall, and Hwacheon Eojuk-tang.

Famous sashimi restaurants include Gangneung Haemiga, Goseong Couple's Sashimi Restaurant, Sunyoung Ine, Donghae Donghae Dongbuk Sashimi Restaurant, Sokcho Songdo Sashimi Restaurant, Cheongcho Fish Sashimi, Sokcho Fish Fish Sashimi, Sokcho Pot Sashimi, and Gugu Sip.

Famous sundubu restaurants include Gangneung Chodang Grandma Sundubu, Cha Hyun-hee Sundubu Cheong Gukjang, Sonamujip Chodang Sundubu, Gofunok Grandma Sundubu, Gangneung Champon Sundubu Donghwa Garden Main Store, Sokcho Kim Young-Ae Grandma Sundubu Main Store, Chodang Sundubu, Yanggu Jeonju Restaurant, Yeongwol Kim In-su Grandma Sundubu, Inje Hometown House, and Chuncheon Seomyeon Son Tofu Restaurant.

Makguksu restaurants include Gangneung Samgyo-ri Dongchimi Makguksu Namhangjin Branch, Daedong-myeonok, Songjeong Beach Makguksu, Goseong Baekchon Makguksu, Donglu Golgoksu, Baekdo Makguksu, Bongpyeong Bongpyeong Hyundai Makguksu, Samcheok Buil Makguksu, Sokcho Hamheung Makguksu, Yanggu Dochon Makguksu, Gwangchi Makguksu, Yangyang Siloam Soba Noodles, Songwol Milsoba Noodles, Yeonggwangjeong Soba Noodles, Ippam Meertown, Beomil Town, Beombeom Soba noodles, Donghae makguksu, Danyang-myeon-ok, Inje forest vintebangdong makguksu, Nambuk-myeon-ok, Jeongseon soba chon makguksu, Cheorwon Cheorwon makguksu, Naedai makguksu, Chuncheon myeongga makguksu, Buan makguksu, Saembatmakguksu, Sylbi Makguksu, Yeonsan Golmakguksu, Yupori Makguksu, Nambu Makguksu main building, Toegye Makguksu, Samgyori Dongchimi Makguksu, Chunmakguksu, Chunmakguksu, Chunmakguksu Famous places include Makguksu, Mancheon Makguksu, Pyeongchang Yucheon Makguksu, Hongcheon-gun Garisan Makguksu, Jangwon Makguksu Main Branch, Gilmae Restaurant, and Gwangam Makguksu in Hoengseong-gun.

Kalguksu restaurants include Gangneung Gangneung Potato Ongshim, Gangneung Main Branch, Hyundai Jang Kal Noodle, Brother Kalguksu, Ponam Sagol Ongsimi, Honeycomb, Byeongsan Potato Ongshim, Gamjabau, Dongdong Jang Kalguksu, Geumcheon Kalguksu, Donghae Daewoo Kalguksu, Ottogi Kalguksu, Samcheok Bumyung Kalguksu, Sokcho Persimmon Gongshim, Wangbakgol Restaurant, Jeongdeon Restaurant, Gonggane Potato Shim Sokmyeon, Jeong Seon-ok, Jeong Seon-ok Chuncheon Traditional Sonjang Kalguksu, Boyeong Ine Seafood Kalguksu Main Store, Hoengseong-gun's sister restaurant, Yeongwol Gangwon local restaurant, and cold noodle restaurants are famous for 40 years, Goseong's traditional Omi Naengmyeon, Sokcho Dancheon-myeonok, Ijo-myeon-ok, Hamheung Naengmyeon-ok, and Yangbandeak Hamheung Naengmyeon.

Abai Sundae restaurants include Sokcho Shindashin and Danchon Restaurant; Chicken Gangjeong and Chicken restaurants include Sokcho Manseok Chicken Gangjeong Market Parking Lot, Jungang Chicken Gangjeong Main Branch, Yeongwol Ilmi Chicken Gangjeong, Wonju Nambu Chicken, Ssangdong Chicken, and Korean restaurants include Gangneung Gangneung Pungnyeon ribs, Yeonggok Hichogutang, Gilson, Wichon-ri traditional Korean beef, Bongpyeong Watermill, Dakidak Farm, Buckwheat Flower Pilmu, Samcheok Samgai Hansilbi, Chicken in the Kitchen Garden, Sokcho Hupo Restaurant, Sadon House, Miga, 2nd Songrim Sundae Restaurant, Choi Dae-seop's Gimbap, Yangyang Old Garden, Mountain Village Raw Sirloin, Lantern Restaurant, Gakdougol, Persimmon Tree Restaurant, Matsutake Mushroom Village, Yeongwol Donggang Dasulgi, Dasulgi Hyangchon Seongho Restaurant, Jangneung Barley Rice Restaurant, Mutton House, Wonju Park Sun-rye Sundae Restaurant, Heungyeop Restaurant, Woori Market, Now Gooi House, White Garden Tojeong Chueotang, Wonju Bok Chueotang, Kudsan Mountain Resort, Gangneung House, Inje Mountain Valley Outing, Jeongseon Dongbak Gol Restaurant, Oksanjang Stone and Story, Donggwang Restaurant, Hoedong Restaurant, Yunganae Korean Beef Village, Cheorwon Pohang Restaurant, Cheorwon Big Rib, Chuncheon Big House Korean Beef, 1.5 Dak-galbi Main Branch, Chuncheon Log House Dak-galbi, Specialty Dak-galbi, Sangane Dak-galbi, Wonjo Charcoal-grilled Chicken Bulgogi, Woosung Dak-galbi Main Store, Saedongmyeong Woo Bibon Branch, Farmhouse Dak-galbi, Oak Charcoal-grilled Dak-galbi, Ocher Charcoal-grilled Dak-galbi, Saembatan Charcoal-grilled Dak-galbi, Tapgol Garden, Gaboja Sundae Guk, What Farmer, Taebaek Wonjo Taesung Silbi Restaurant, Taebaek Sylbi Restaurant, Kim Seobang Dak-galbi, Taebaek Korean Beef Restaurant, Pyeongchang Buil Restaurant, Flat Restaurant, Hometown Story, Doam Restaurant, Daegwanryeong Charcoal Grill Hall, Yongpyeong Hall, Busan Meat Restaurant, Namgyeong Restaurant, Soba Country, Hongcheon-gun Yangjimal Fire Grill, Odaesan Hometown, Hongcheon Cheil Charcoal Chicken Galbi, Hoengseong-gun Bisugumi Restaurant, Hoengseong-gun Log House, Samjeong Restaurant, Samjeong Restaurant, Samjeong Restaurant, Samjeong Restaurant, Samjeong Restaurant, The main branch of Gangneung Wonjo Gangneung Gyodong Branch, Donghae Deokchuwon, Wonju Dongseung-ro, and Jintaewon in Pyeongchang are famous as Hyup Korean Beef Plaza Saemal Branch, Hambat Restaurant, and Chinese restaurants.

Roasteries, bakeries, desserts, and ocean view cafes include Gangneung Dolceteria, Terra Rosa Coffee Factory, Bohemian Leaf Tea Coffee, Western Food, Brunch, Pubs, and Beach Clubs include Gangneung Peter Comma Anmok Shop, Meat Culture, Blue Kitchen, Rakoshina Bai Lee Sung Yong, Thumjine Stall, Willow Brewery, Goseong Rose Gyeong-sik, Yangyang Farmer's Kitchen, Yeongwol Salon Dream, Jeongseon Park Kitchen, Wonju, Sweet Auto Chuncheon Ramos Burger and Squeeze Brewery are famous.

The east coast is the best choice for a summer vacation! Among them, here are five restaurants in Gangneung that are popular these days.

1. 'Sanchi Diner, 'a pasta like a jewel to enjoy in Gangneung

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1660012835599506 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: bluesky.homes Instagram

1660012841632507 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: g_neungluv's Instagram

There's no signboard, so it's hard to find a red brick house, but it's a place where you can be rewarded with taste. It's a small restaurant that sells seafood-based pasta, salads, and drinks. The signature menu, “monkfish liver pasta,” is flavored with monkfish liver sauce and finished with hanchi wrapped around frozen mackerel eggs. The unique flavor and consistency of the green monkfish liver goes well with pasta noodles. “Scallop pasta” is made with scallops and shrimps cut to be easy to eat, seasoned with rich bisque sauce and shaped with arugula and cherry tomatoes.

[Eating tips]

▲Location: 9, Imyeong-ro 163beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

▲Business hours: Thursday to Monday 11:00 to 22:00 (B·T 15:00 – 17:30), Tuesday 11:00 to 15:00, closed on Wednesday

▲Price: Sanchi egg salad 12,000 won, monkfish liver pasta 18,000 won, scallop and shrimp pasta 18,000 won

▲Testimonial (Kim Ae-kyo, Shikigami): I stopped by twice during my trip. It's so delicious. Monkfish liver is expensive, but this is the first time I've tried pasta made with it. It's full of sea flavor and has a buttery feel. It's so good~

2. “Duessis”, a flavor created by putting a lot of effort into it

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1660012848503504 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: p._.yummy's Instagram

1660012855263508 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: p._.yummy's Instagram

A small restaurant that combines cooking classes and an Italian restaurant. It's a restaurant with a sense of skill where everything from the broth to the sauce is made by hand. The most popular menu item, “Truffle Cream Sauce Gnocchi,” contains plenty of chewy potato gnocchi and mushrooms in a rich, truffle-flavored sauce. The “Quattro Formaggio Pizza,” which is topped with four types of cheese, including gorgonzola, baked on top and then dipped in honey, is also popular.

[Eating tips]

▲Location: 7, Geumseong-ro 14beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

▲Business hours: Wednesday 17:30 – 21:00, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11:30 – 21:00 (B·T 15:00 – 17:00), Sunday 11:30 – 15:00, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

▲Price: Grilled potato gnocchi with truffle sauce 18,000 won, Korean beef tenderloin steak & grilled vegetables 409,000 won, Quattro Formaggio pizza 19,900 won

▲Testimonial (Red bean paste 1): The good thing about Duesis is not only the taste, but the plating is also very meticulous. They put up a few herbs, such as edible flowers and dill, and even though it was a lot of work and a hassle than I thought, it was a great source of food. I'm going to eat very well~

3. Gangneung Night with Wine, 'Meat Culture'

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1660012862390505 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: woul_house on Instagram

1660012868451509 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: woul_house on Instagram

Wine dining takes advantage of the good benefits of bringing in ingredients. You can enjoy wine and cocktails along with Swedish cuisine, seafood dishes, and steaks. “Today's fish dish” uses fresh fish brought in that day to create dishes that match the ingredients. “Hering,” an appetizer made by pickling herring from the East Sea, combines thin baguette with eggs, onions, herbs, and herring, and has a fresh yet unique flavor. I definitely recommend ordering “Fish & Chips,” which is tender fish meat served with three different sauces.

[Eating tips]

▲Location: 2629, Gyeonggang-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

▲Opening hours: 11:30 – 14:30 for lunch, 17:30 – 22:00 for dinner, closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

▲Price: New York strip steak 60,000 won, herring 13,000 won, fish and chips 27,000 won, Swedish meatballs 25,000 won

▲Review (Shikigami GD & Sun): Be sure to try fish & chips and meatballs. If you don't make a reservation, you may be at a loss; I recommend that you make a reservation in advance. It's a pity that the parking space is a bit limited, but… Still, it's a place I want to visit every time I visit Gangneung!

4. “Analog Society,” a wine dining restaurant famous for its atmosphere

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1660012876516506 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: soso_gangneung's Instagram

1660012883311510 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: soso_gangneung's Instagram

A restaurant located in a residential area in Gyo-dong near Gangneung-Wonjudae. The richly colored interior and antique accessories create a vintage yet calm feeling. You can add wine to steak and pasta, and the wine list is diverse, with red, white, champagne, and port wine with brandy added. “Basil pesto scallop pasta,” which has a fresh herb-flavored basil pesto sauce and chewy scallops, is popular. There is a coffee menu discount system only for customers who order a meal, which has the advantage of being able to enjoy both meals and tea time in one place.

[Eating tips]

▲Location: 13, Hasla-ro 232beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

▲Business hours: 11:30 – 22:30 every day (B·T 15:00 – 17:00), closed on Sundays and Mondays

▲Price: Analog steak 46,000 won, basil pesto scallop pasta 19,000 won, prosciutto crudo 21,000 won

▲Review (Shikigin Mukmyeon, Alcoholic King): The atmosphere seems to be a bit more casual than it was at the beginning, but I don't think there are any restaurants in Gangneung that have this kind of atmosphere. I like the combination of hamon and wine the most.

5. Euljiro vibe felt in Gangneung, 'Bonjour'

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1660012890665507 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: zziniee_94's Instagram

1660012897370511 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: zziniee_94's Instagram

1660012904438508 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: zziniee_94's Instagram

I saw a “Chin Retro” sign and asked, “Isn't this a hot spot?” If you have any doubts, you have come to the right place. If you walk through the Euljiro inspired exterior and walk into the underground store, you'll find a restaurant decorated with cute accessories and fresh flowers. Pasta and steak can be served with wine and beer. Creamy croissants and salad are provided as an aperitif, so you can have a hearty meal. “Bonjour vongole pasta” contains plenty of clams and brings out the rich flavor of seafood. “Bonjour paella,” which combines seafood and rice, is also popular.

[Eating tips]

▲Location: 292, Gajak-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

▲Opening hours: 17:00 – 01:00 every day, closed on Mondays

▲Price: Bonjour paella 30,000 won, Bonjour Vongole pasta 20,000 won, Bonjour tenderloin steak 48,000 won

▲Testimonial (Let's play with me): The signboard was so steamy that it was hard to find. LOL The atmosphere was so nice, they kept giving me the service menu, and the boss was so kind that I want to come back. The menu is on the large side.

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