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korean food / seoul / Top 5 grocery stores that are popular these days to enjoy while shopping – 2930

A fun grocery shop where you can browse a variety of groceries and miscellaneous goods that you can't easily find in supermarkets or convenience stores. If you're looking at the owner's favorite ingredients, kitchen utensils, and miscellaneous goods, it's such a drug-like space that you don't know when time has passed like this.

Grocery+ restaurant type stores that combine food stores and restaurants are also still popular. Recently, the neologism grocery+eat (grocery+eat) also appeared. After enjoying your meal, take your time to enjoy the shop. However, you should be careful that your passbook may become “empty” if you are careless. We invite you to the world of groceries that are popular these days.

Groceries and groceries markets that are popular these days include Cheongdam Animation, Dosan Park London Bagel Museum, Cheongdam Simmons Grocery, Dosan Park Beauty Grocery, Seongsu Munches & Goodies, Mangwon Creta Market, Hannam-dong Perfects Today, Apgujeong Dast & Taste, Pangyo Hyundai Department Store Itley, Jangchung-dong 1995 Groceria, Jongno Gwangjang Market 365 Day Market, Apgujeong Custom Sujang Market, Super Gongdeok Famous places include Fur Seoul, Seochon Restore, Gwanghwamun Long Weekend, Busan Jeonpo Brown Grocery, Daejeon Dunsan Sleepy Town, and Daegu Beomeo-dong Low Edition.

1. Cheongdam 'Animation' with a cool interior and a stylish interior

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1663051661711194 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: maybelucy__'s Instagram

1663051668850163 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: maybelucy__'s Instagram

GFFG's brand has been a hit one after another, such as Downtowner and Knotted Donut. It's a place where deli, wine, and grocery come together, with a focus on bagels. The interior of the cork chairs and shelves creates a unique mood. There are plenty of 8 types of bagels available, including plain, onion, and chocolate chunk. The most popular blueberry bagel is a chewy bagel with a subtle blueberry flavor that enhances the taste. You can also enjoy it as an open bagel or sandwich. Recently, an oyster bar where you can enjoy wine was opened on the 2nd basement floor.

[Eating tips]

▲Location: 14 Dosan-daero 51-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 1st floor every day 10:50 – 21:00 (takeout 09:50 – 10:50), 2nd basement floor 16:00 – 00:00 daily, closed on Mondays

▲Price: Plain 3800 won, onion 4200 won, blueberry 4600 won, black olive 4,000 won

▲Testimonial (Shikigami HIPSONG ♥): The interior is a bit small, but it's great to sit on the terrace when the weather is cool. If you place an order and sit down, they'll bring it to you. The staff are also very kind.

2. Dosan Park's 'London Bagel Museum' became a must-see pilgrimage to Panji

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1663051677610164 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: stoneby77's Instagram

1663051683953195 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: stoneby77's Instagram

1663051691056165 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: stoneby77's Instagram

The London Bagel Museum is famous as the number one “Panji Pilgrimage” for its various types of bagels and flavors. It's a pleasant space with a classic atmosphere and a friendly and lively atmosphere. The signature “Brick Lane” is a sesame bagel sandwiched between cream cheese, and the flavor is considerable when eaten with a little honey. The most popular “potato cheese bagel” combines mashed potatoes with thick cheddar cheese, and has an excellent savory and salty flavor. You can shop cute items such as signature eco bags and mugs.

[Eating tips]

▲Location: 33, Eonju-ro 168-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 08:00 – 18:00 every day

▲Price: Brick Lane 6800 won, potato cheese bagel 5,500 won, fig bagel 4700 won

▲Testimonial (Gobble): It's a place where I get tired of waiting, and every time I come here, it's a place that's empty… hahahahaha, the goods are so beautiful.

3. 'Simmons Grocery' in Cheongdam, a fun place to watch

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1663051698304196 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: simmoya_'s Instagram

1663051705299166 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: simmoya_'s Instagram

1663051711356197 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: simmoya_'s Instagram

It is a space created by remodeling a detached house, and has a grocery store on the first floor and a burger shop on the second floor. It is a place where the interior and objects centered on highly saturated primary colors give a youthful yet kitschy feel. There are various foodstuff-shaped stationery and props, so it's fun to look around. At the burger shop, you can enjoy moist and juicy homemade burgers, and the signature “bacon cheeseburger” is a fluffy burger bun filled with thick beef patties, cheese, lettuce, bacon, onions, jalapeños, and tomatoes.

[Eating tips]

▲Location: 14-1 Seolleung-ro 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:30 – 20:30 every day

▲Price: Cheeseburger 9900 won, classic burger 9900 won, bacon cheese 10,900 won, Hawaiian burger 10,900 won

▲Testimonial (Midori Shikigami): I thought they were selling groceries, but it turned out it was just stationery!! There are photo zones everywhere! The picture looks great. The burger shop on the 2nd floor is also really delicious lol they said they will be open until the end of this year.

4. Change your mood with a healthy salad, Dosan Park's 'Positive Hotel Flagship Beauty Grocery'

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1663051718922167 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: iamfood___ on Instagram

A space where you can enjoy healthy wellness foods, including salads, plates, and smoothies based on Mediterranean cuisine. You can experience and buy all the products of a passive hotel at the underground mini market. The popular salad “Mediterranean Market Bowl” combines various vegetables, including tofu, seasoned sweet potatoes, avocados, and chickpeas, with apple vinegar and olive oil. “Truffle Beet Sushi,” which has an attractive pop color, can be enjoyed in limited quantities every day, so it's a good idea to check it out.

[Eating tips]

▲Location: 77, Apgujeong-ro 46-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 11:30 – 19:30 every day (B·T 15:30 – 16:30)

▲Price: Mediterranean Market Bowl 16,000 won, Chicken Protein Ball 16,000 won, Salmon Detox Ball 19,000 won

▲Review (Shikigami SONZ1993): It's rumored that Sonna is a favorite salad bowl restaurant, so many barf students seem to come here, so I ordered Beatsushi after reading reviews, and it's unique and delicious.

5. “Munches & Goody's” in Seongsu, a space where you can fall in love with props has come, salt bread has come

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1663051726388198 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: calista_kitsch's Instagram

1663051733620168 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: calista_kitsch's Instagram

1663051739779199 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Image source: thearchive_dearfromp's Instagram

A grocery store and bakery full of displays and objects full of European sensibility. There are various types of bread, such as croissants, pretzels, and scones, but the most famous one is the savory “salt bread.” The rich flavor of melted butter and the saltiness of salt is added to the bread, which is slightly crispy, yet has a very chewy texture on the inside. Note that the quantity of original salted bread purchased is limited to 4 pieces. There are tableware and household items with stylish designs, including groceries and wine, which are fun to look around.

[Eating tips]

▲Location: 33 Yeonmujang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 11:00 – 21:00 every day

▲Price: Salt bread 2800 won, cheese salt bread 3700 won

▲Testimonial (Be sure to put on makeup): I saw a salt bread, and it was as delicious as I expected. It was fun because there were more things to see than I thought. I tried to buy more to keep in the freezer, but they were sold out… It's a pity that the salt bread was sold out so quickly haha

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