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korean food / seoul / You don’t need to go to the East Sea ~ 5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Seoul – 2975

Fresh seafood is delicious no matter when you eat it, but it's best these days when the cold wind starts to blow. In order to overcome the cold, seafood that is plump and full of the scent of the sea hits the palate of foodies. If you don't know seafood, freshness is the most important thing. This week, we'll introduce five seafood restaurants where you can enjoy the fresh taste of fresh seafood up close by receiving seafood from the east coast directly from production areas.

1. Yangjae “Jin,” known only to those in the know, as if the sea of the East Sea had been moved as it was

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A place where you can enjoy seasonal fish such as anchovies in spring, sekoshi and mackerel sashimi in summer, gizzard and mackerel in fall, and dochi and yangmiri in winter. Natural creatures from the east coast are sent directly from the east coast every day, and you can enjoy the proper taste of fresh ingredients. It's always a good time to find fresh seasonal mackerel soup, fresh sashimi, and freshly grilled fish. Delicious side dishes such as radish sprouts, white kimchi, and pollack gill kakuteki, which have been dried and boiled by yourself with time and care, are also excellent.

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â–²Location: 15-11, Gangnam-daero 18-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul

â–²Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-22:00, weekends 11:00-21:00, B.T. 15:00 – 17:00, closed on the 2nd and 4th Sunday

â–²Price: Steamed sea bream 35,000 won, grilled yam 20,0000 won, dochi altang 30,000 won, steamed mountain squid 30,000 won, Japanese mackerel soup (medium) 40,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Shikigami, *The sand is sparkle*): The savory pike, which is very full of eggs, is a big hit. I also recommend steamed squid. If you eat it together, you can see the magic that relaxes as you drink it. It's spacious, so it would be great for a dinner party!

2. 'Yoo Jeong' in Chungmuro continues to be visited by regulars

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A seafood bar where you can enjoy seafood from the East Sea sent directly from Samcheok. The compact interior is clean and perfect for office workers to end their day comfortably. They sell a variety of seafood, such as octopus, wild goldfish, grilled and stewed salmon roe. In particular, home-marinated flounder is popular among regulars because of its sour acidity and umami flavor.

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â–²Location: 3 Pildong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

â–²Opening hours: No information

â–²Price: Octopus 30,000 won, grilled sea bream 15,000 won, natural goldfish 20,000 won (variable)

â–²Testimonial (Shikigin Nignaninho): There were no reviews, so I went here half-heartedly, but the seafood was fresh and the side dishes were delicious. The owner seems to have a good taste… It seems like almost all the office workers nearby are regulars.

3. A savory and chewy natural makgee and a cup of soju, Yongsan 'Makesip'

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A specialty store of natural sashimi and seafood delivered directly from the production area. Makkashi can be eaten by putting as many seasoned vegetables as you like on the front plate, putting thickly sliced sashimi on top of the vegetables, then adding special soy sauce and then mixing it. I like the savory flavor of soybean powder and the flavor of chōjang, which spreads softly with the scent of green onions. It can also be served with menus such as shrimp detour, goldfish, and octopus sashimi delivered from the Sea of Japan.

[Tips for eating]

â–²Location: 11, Hangang-daero 62-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

â–²Business hours: 11:00 – 02:00 every day

â–²Price: Natural Mountain Sashimi: 50,000 won; Abalone Sashimi or Chamsora: 32,000 won; White Bone Sashimi & Octopus Sashimi: 35,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Meal Love Recipe): It's delicious when eaten with a lot of soybean flour, it's really small! There were so many types of food that it was hard to choose! It's on Yongridan-gil, so it's great to go to another house on the second car!

4. Steamed seafood made from the sea, Kondae “East Sea Seafood”

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A seafood specialty store located at the entrance of Hwayang-dong Alley. They handle seafood sent directly from the East Sea every day, such as pufferfish, chicken, flounder, and goldfish. Steamed seafood, which minimizes seasoning and allows you to enjoy the fresh taste of the seafood itself, is signature and is made with plenty of ingredients such as blue crab, whole squid, abalone, goldfish, and shrimp. Asking and ordering the freshest type of seafood on the day is a tip from regular customers, so it's a good idea to check it out.

[Tips for eating]

â–²Location: 16 Dongil-ro 26-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

â–²Opening hours: 11:00 – 22:30 every day

â–²Price: Steamed seafood (medium) 50,000 won, flounder sashimi 45,000 won, octopus 30,000 won

â–²Review (Wanna Be Heidi): A friend from Kondae-dani said it was a hidden restaurant, so I went there! Hmm, I'm the only one who wants to know… It's so delicious

5. The sweetness of wild prawns, Seoul National University entrance 'Donghae Sekoshi'

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A place where you can enjoy wild seafood sent directly from Uljin Jukbyeon Port, including prawns, a treasure of the East Sea. If you order prawns, they will separate the head and body so that you can enjoy the body as a sashimi and the head grilled in butter. The brightly colored prawns are green yet have a subtle sweetness. A set menu with white bones or cuttlefish is reasonable.

[Tips for eating]

â–²Location: 16 Cheongnyong 1-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul

â–²Opening hours: 17:00 – 01:00 every day, closed on Sundays

â–²Price: Prawn sashimi (medium) 70,000 won, grilled prawn in butter 80,000 won, sashimi sauce 40,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Shikigami GlueStick): I'm glad your aunt was so kind. The side dishes were also delicious. Prawns are expensive, but this place has a set menu, so I think the price is good.

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