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korean food / seoul / 5 New Gappo Cuisine Restaurants Pairing Clean and Refined Cuisine with Sake – 2989

“Gappo cuisine” satisfies all five senses with creative cuisine. Kappo cuisine is a genre of Japanese dining that falls between the finest “kaiseki” and the casual “izakaya.” If you interpret the name kappo in kanji, it means “to cut” and “to boil,” meaning “cooking using a knife and fire,” which means “cooking using a knife and fire,” which means “kappo cuisine.” In other words, dishes using recipes with excellent techniques are called kappo cuisine.

In Japan, kappo cuisine refers to high-class cuisine made by a chef with specialized cooking skills, or high-class cuisine where the chef instantly creates food that suits the customer's taste. A place where you can enjoy seasonal and creative cuisine by bringing in the freshest and tastiest seasonal ingredients. The visuals that stimulate women's hearts are a bonus! Here are five restaurants famous for their luxurious kappo cuisine.

Gappo cuisine and kaiseki restaurants in Seoul include Garosu-gil Negi Dining Lounge, Dosan Park Gappoaki, Dosan Park Gappo Moromi, Apgujeong Gappo Makoto, Apgujeong Gappo Healing, Apgujeong Mozu, Apgujeong Sangseok, Banpo Tamayura JW Marriott, Gwangjang-dong Moegi Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Samseong-dong Gappoaki, Seorae Village Gappoaki, Cheongdam Hannam Tatsu, Dosan Park Yojo-cho, Lee Dae Tenshin, Seorae Village Sino Sora, Seolleung Japanese Dining Anshin, Sindang Shimibe, Apgujeong Italian Gappo Buine, Yeouido Gappoaki, Yeouido Shuchiku, Apgujeong Gappojun x Esteban, Cheongdam-dong Gappoden, Cheongdam-dong Gappoden, Cheongdam-dong Gappo-hobin, Cheongdam-dong Makoto, Cheongdam-dong Mooney, Cheongdam-dong Sandai, Cheongdam-dong Washoku Sango, Cheongdam-dong Juan, Cheongdam-dong Tenjimong, Cheongdam-dong Hoshiku, Intercontinental Connant Hotel Hakone, Hakdong Wasai Jin, Hakdong Washu Dining Shuto, Hapjeong Miyabi, Mokdong Gappo Kumakase, Mukdong Gapporaon, Apgujeong Goryoriken, Dosan Park Romantei, Apgujeong Sakeria Ikkon, Serosu-gil Mirai, Yangjae Nihon Shubashi, Samseong-dong Ranjuku, Yeouido Kuma, Yeonhui-dong Caden, Shilla Hotel Ariake, Hyatt Seoul Kauri, Chosun Hotel Sushijo, Lotte Hotel etc. are famous.

Famous kappo cuisine and kaiseki restaurants around the country include Bundang Aoi, Songdo Tenmei, Songdo Gappo Seojin, Busan Seomyeon Momoyama, Haeundae Sakae, Haeundae Kyuno, Ulsan Daldong Gappoichi, Jeju Aewol Jeju Iwai, and Jeju City Gappoaki.

1. Seasonal Japanese cuisine and reasonably priced Japanese sake, Apgujeong's “Gappo Makoto”

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A high-end izakaya that specializes in Japanese cuisine. You can enjoy seasonal Japanese cuisine and reasonably priced wine and Japanese sake in a casual and modern Japanese-style atmosphere. The bar table seat close to the kitchen table is popular because you can watch the chef's delicate touch. Other than that, they are divided into table seats, rooms, etc., so it's easy to choose and sit according to the nature of the group. The signature is “Korean beef sukiyaki,” where the tip of a Korean beef is grilled on a sukiyaki iron plate and simmered with a special sauce and vegetables. The “Korean beef unimaki,” which is made by wrapping a sea urchin on the tip of the thigh and finishing it with caviar, is also popular.

[Eating tips]

â–²Location: 5, Eonju-ro 168-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

â–²Opening hours: 18:00 – 01:00 every day

â–²Price: Seasonal sashimi platter (2 people) 69,000 won, Korean beef sukiyaki 60,000 won, Korean beef eel 39,000 won

â–²Review (Namaste of Shikigin): Not to mention the fresh ingredients, house sake is also delicious. The lighting was slightly dim, so I personally liked it better. It has an atmosphere.

2. Cheongdam “Hannam Tatsu”, a culinary feast that makes you feel excited just by looking at it

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A private Japanese style dining sake specialty store. Thanks to the popularity of its head office in Hannam-dong, it established a new location in Cheongdam. The spacious and modern atmosphere is more casual than you might think, so it's a great place to visit comfortably. They offer a variety of Japanese cuisines, such as sashimi, tataki, ready-to-cook yakitori, steak, stewed food, tempura, and hot pot. Dishes made with fresh ingredients are good, but one of the reasons for this place's popularity is the plating, which strikes at a woman's heart like drawing a picture on drawing paper. By cleverly combining configurations and colors, it makes it possible to take a certified shot on its own. A clean meal and a cup of highball will melt away the tiredness of the day.

[Eating tips]

â–²Location: 23 Seolleung-ro 146-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

â–²Business hours: 16:00 – 24:00 every day

â–²Price: Sashimi 30,000 won to 120,000 won, tadaki 38,000 won to 50,000 won, handmade charcoal-grilled yakitori 10,000 won to 35,000 won

â–²Review (): First of all, the atmosphere is really nice, the staff are kind, and the plating is instagrammable. A clever izakaya~ I was very satisfied.

3. 'Sangseok' in Apgujeong, the essence of modern Japanese cuisine that is pleasing to the eye and mouth

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It is a place where you can find a new Japanese omakase with the concept of “modern Japanese food” by taking advantage of the advantages of kappo cuisine and kaiseki cuisine. As the name of the restaurant “High Seat” suggests, the chef's desire to serve food to “Sang-seok” was captured. Following the hotson, the pastry dish served as an appetizer is the signature of this place. Putting green soybean cheese cream on top of the pastry and putting tomato, basil pesto, and jamon on top, the visual as if you were looking at eclairs is amazing. The pastry captures the salty flavor of the garnish and finishes with a sweet and savory flavor. A hearty course with fresh sashimi, barley miso, soup dishes, grilled food, tempura, and kamameshi is also good.

[Eating tips]

â–²Location: 15, Nonhyeon-ro 159-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

â–²Business hours: Weekdays 12:30 – 22:00 (B·T 14:30 – 18:00), weekends 17:00 – 22:00

â–²Price: Lunch omakase 80,000 won, dinner omakase 150,000 won

â–²Testimonial (I think it's raining): It was kaiseki when hotson came out, but every time a dish was served, it felt like contemporary Japanese dining. The plating is so beautiful that it's a waste to dig it up and eat it. Surprisingly, I was surprised that the barley miso was delicious. Again, it is said that there are many people who buy it.

4. Japanese omakase using the touch of charcoal, Dosan Park “Yojora”

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It transforms from traditional casual Japanese dining and presents original Japanese dining using charcoal as the main theme. As the name of the store “Night Sky” suggests, the star-shaped decorations placed all over the store will blow your heart away. The course has a stable composition of otsumami, sashimi, grilled food, tempura, hot pot, sherbet, meal, and dessert, but dinner is a good value for money because alcoholic beverages are essential. The feature is that they didn't miss the performances, such as charcoal grilling in front of their eyes. The signature electric grilled chicken is made by putting a soy sauce-based sauce on top of the chicken, putting brown rice on it, and smoking it on charcoal, and the rich, oily flavor fills the filling.

[Eating tips]

â–²Location: 11-5, Eonju-ro 152-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

â–²Business hours: Monday, Friday, Saturday dinner part 1 at 18:00, dinner part 2 at 20:15, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 19:00 or 20:15 (1 round only), Sunday dinner part 1 at 17:00, dinner part 2 at 19:30

â–²Price: Lunch course 70,000 won, dinner course 65,000 won (in the case of dinner, a bottle of alcohol must be ordered)

â–²Testimonial (Dinner alone): I was thrilled by the twinkling star shape from the moment I walked in~~ Alcoholic beverages are essential for dinner, but I always order alcoholic beverages. For such people, this price is more reasonable.

5. Idae “Tenshin” is a Japanese restaurant with a high level of satisfaction that uses luxurious ingredients

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A Japanese restaurant with easy access located close to Idae Station. When you step into the compact interior, you can see at a glance the kitchen where cooking is done, such as a smoke pot and charcoal grill, making you wonder what kind of dishes will be prepared. The generous composition, which generously uses high-quality ingredients such as hotson, beef tongue, and fried sirloin, is also good. The highlight of the course is “Kansai style grilled eel.” It's a dish that stands out for its crispy skin texture by applying sardine sauce to eel slowly grilled over charcoal right in front of your eyes. It's also a good idea to finish it warm and filling with sukiyaki, which has a rich broth.

[Eating tips]

â–²Location: 24, Daeheung-ro 24-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

â–²Opening hours: 19:00 – 22:00 every day, closed on Sundays and Mondays

â–²Price: Dinner course 120,000 won

â–²Testimonial (My face is like shikigin tofu): It was the best place in Omakase to the point where I was so satisfied recently. I was very excited from the time the hotson came out, but when the smoke and burning were done right in front of my eyes, I was amazed by the flavors of the ingredients that contained the flavor. Sukiyaki and kamameshi were served, and when I finished, I was really full… Thankfully, I'm eating well.

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