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korean food / seoul / A trip full of natural flavors in the streets of Hong Kong in the forest of Chongqing! 5 best new restaurants for lunch – 3001

When it comes to thinking about what to eat for lunch, everything from jajangmyeon, whose name appears in five fingers, to colorful dishes that surprise your eyes and mouth. The culinary spectrum of China is deeper and wider than any other country, to the point that “even Chinese people die of not being able to eat all of the Chinese cuisine.” Culinary culture, which developed as diverse as the size of a large continent, was further enriched by the fusion of the geographical environment and the characteristics of ethnic minorities.

Attempts to systematize these cuisines in earnest have continued since the Qing Dynasty, and are now completed as the “Eight Major Chinese Cuisines” with Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Hunan cuisine, and Huizhou cuisine. Due to differences in topography and climate, the northern part is characterized by eating mainly beef or lamb, which is rich and salty, while the south mainly eats seafood and poultry dishes, and there is also a geographical difference where sweetness and spiciness have developed.

Let’s go on a treasure hunt for all the natural colors of Chinese cuisine that has caught the taste buds of people around the world. This week, we’ll introduce 5 Chinese food hotspots that embody local flavors in Korea.

Chinese restaurants in Seoul include Seocho Daega-hyang, Seocho Yangga Diner, Guro Wollai Martyrs Hall, Siheung Dongheung Hall, Daelim Ringungzmen Hall, Banghwa Doilcher, Noryangjin Unbong Mountain, Nonhyeon Big Bag, Nonhyeon JS Garden Cheongdam Branch, Nonhyeon Il-hyang Nonhyeon 2nd Branch, Nonhyeon Hongmyeong, Nonhyeon JS Garden Black, Dangsan Dae Kwan-won, Banpo Modern Nurang Central City Branch, Banpo Mot32 Seoul, Bangbae-ju, Shinrim, The Chai, Samsung Banpo Seorae-hyang, Bongcheon Wailae-hyang Seoul National University Branch, Bongcheon Seongmin Yangkkochi, Bongcheon Rohyang Yakitori No.1, Bangi Seodoosan Dim Sum, Bangi Eo-yang, Sincheon Modern Nulang Live Jamsil Branch, Songpa Jinya, Sinsa Chimhae, Sinsa Song Chef, Sinsa Gadam, Sinsa Mutan, Sinsa Il-hyang Apgujeong Branch, Sinsa JS Garden Apgujeong Branch, Sinsa Worktionary, Sinsa Diningma, Sinsa Bongsa Restaurant Yangjae Mao Yangjae Branch, Yeouido Seogung, Yeouido Thyme Hyang, Yeouido Shindong Yangban Branch, Yeoksam-dong The Great Hongyeon, Yeongdeungpo Songjukjang, Yeongdeungpo Daemun Branch, Jamsil Dorim Lotte Hotel World, Dunchon Baeun Chinese Restaurant Gukbo, Cheongdam Deok-hoo Sensei, Cheongdam Mong Jungheon Cheongdam Branch, Sinsa Shenyang Cheongdam Main Branch, Cheongdam Pavula, Cheongdam The Round (The Round), Cheongdam SMT House China Room, Jangshin Seoul Palseon, Seogyo-dong Jin Jin, Yeonhui-dong Magnolia, Gajwa Rock Huian Gajwa Main Branch, Sinsa Mama Handmade Dumpling, Kyung Hee University Movie Theater, Gwanghwamun Four Seasons Hotel Seoul Yuyuan, Huam-dong Geumsan Noodle Shop, Gongdeok Sinseonggak, Seongbuk-dong Andong Branch, City Hall Lotte Hotel Seoul Dorim, City Hall Westin Chosun Hotel Hongyeon, City Hall The Plaza Dowon, City Hall Paledshin, Yeonnam-dong Haha, Yeonnam-dong Sanwang Ban Branch, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-won, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-dong, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-dong, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-dong, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-dong, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-dong, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-dong, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-dong, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-dong, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-dong, Yeonhui-dong Lee Hwa-dong, Yeonhui-dong Convenience store, Yongsan Famous Flower Garden, Euljiro Andongjang, Itaewon Johnny Dumpling Main Building, Hannam-dong Jue, Banghak-dong Sujeong Palace, Hongdae Choma, Hongdae Zhonghua Bokchun, Kondae Plum Blossom Branch Main Branch, Kondae Songhwa Mountain Sidosakmyeon, Cheongnyang-ri Gyeongbalwon, Cheongnyang-ri Hongneung-gak, Gongneung Gwangseong Branch, Gwangjang-dong Golden Dragon Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Mia Dazhong Dumpling, Hoehyeon Yalai Hyang, Huam-dong Shandong Dumpling, Daehak-ro, Daehak-dong Jinachun Ro Gyehyanggak, Changsin-dong Northeast Huaguang, Jangchung-dong Hobin, Dohwa-dong Shandong Dumpling, Dohwa-dong Oebaek, Mapo Ramland, Mapo Hyunnaejang, Dohwa Pinghao, Chungmuro Lanzhuramien, Myeongdong Gaehwa, Myeongdong Din Taifeng Myeongdong Branch, Myeongdong Ipoon-hyang, Myeongdong Shandong Gyoja, Myeongdong Hyangmi, Chebu-dong Tianmimi, Seongbuk-dong Ancient Chinese Restaurant, Seongbuk-dong Gongfu, Seongsu Jungang River, Seongsu Jeongsu Electronic Room, Seongsu Jeongsu, Seongsu Jeong Sang Speed reducer, Seongsu Siongmao, Seongsu Flavor Town, Gunja Pao Zhifu, Nam Yeong-dong Hwayang Yeonga, City Hall Wonheung, Idae Wanchai, Yeonnam-dong Hyangmi Yeonnam-dong Branch, Yeonnam-dong Mongjung-sik, Yeonhui-dong Ohyang Dumpling, Yeonhui-dong Delicacies, Ichon Donggang, Yongsan Hegger, Yongsan Seoul Dragon City Pay, Bulguang Zhonghwawon, Euljiro Oguban Branch, Euljiro Eulji Jang Manok, Gyeongridan-gil Nurangzhu, Hannam-dong Piesse, Insadong Center, Jongno Hongneunggak, Jongno Seohojang, Hapjeong Daejeong, Haejeong, Hongdae Zhonghua Bokchun Gold, Hongdae Jin Jin Ga Yeon, and Sangsu Tasi China.

Chinese restaurants outside of Seoul include Guri Riha, Bucheon Bokseongwon, Bundang Chuhong, Bundang Best House Champon, Suwon Suwon Dumpling, Suwon High Ban Branch, Suwon Honghwa Tower, Yangju Deokhwawon, Yangju Promotion Hall, Yangpyeong Yeji Hyang, Yongin Jinrae, Uijeongbu-si Jidonggwan, Uijeongbu-si Sinlae-hyang, Ilsan Ohyangseon, Ilsan Main Branch, Paju Ekinjang, Pyeongtaek Yeongbin-ro, Pyeongtaek, Wangga-dongjang Pocheon Mimi Hyang, Hwaseong Shanghai Road, Incheon Yonghwa Branch, Incheon Shinseung Branch, Incheon Mandabook, Incheon Republic Chun, Incheon Imperial Treasure, Incheon Geummundo, Incheon Seoinban, Incheon New York Branch, Incheon Shandong Spora, Incheon Deokhwawon, Incheon Bok Hwa Road, Incheon Jinheunggak, Incheon Sinseong Road, Incheon Zhonghua Tower, Incheon Sinseong Road, Incheon Zhonghua Bang, Incheon Wonbo, Incheon Yeonggyeong, Gangneung Wonjogang Branch Main Branch, Donghae Deokchuwon, Wonju Dongseung-ro, Pyeongchang Jintaewon, Daejeon Movie Bar, Daejeon Taehwa Hall, Daejeon Rangman, Daejeon Dongcheon-hong, Daejeon Oriental Pearl, Daejeon Karma Champon, Daejeon Donghaewon, Daejeon Buyeonbu, Daejeon Joy Branch, Gongju Donghaewon, Gongju Donghaewon, Gongju Donghaewon, Gongju Donghaewon, Gongju Donghaewon, Gongju Donghaewon, Gongju Dongshin-won, Seosan Yeongseonggak Main Store, Seocheon Dongsaengchun, Asan Cotton Shop, Cheonan Dongsunwon Seonghwan Main Branch, Hongseong Inbalu, Danyang Hyangmi Restaurant, Yeongdong Deokseunggwan, Okcheon Gyeongjingak, Jecheon Romantic Jajang, Cheongju Jeongdong Branch, Cheongju Dangjo Chinese Cuisine, Cheongju Yangjagang, Chungju Sangchon Restaurant, Daegu Gaya Seong, Daegu Shinshin Branch, Daegu Dimdim Sum Daegu Branch, Daegu Subongban Branch, Daegu Daedong-dong Branch, Daegu Rian, Daegu Yeongseong Branch, Daegu Yeongsaengdeok, Daegu Yeongsaengdeok, Daegu Sinshin Branch Yuchang Ban Branch, Daegu Bokhae Branch, Gimcheon Chinese Dumpling, Uljin Jeong Branch, Chilgok Manri Palace, Busan Yangjagang, Busan Shoe Garden, Busan Jangseong-hyang, Busan Hongseongbang, Busan Ipoomhyang, Busan Magamandu, Busan Bugwang-ban Branch, Busan Donghae Branch, Busan Taebaek Hall, Busan Dorim Lotte Hotel Busan, Busan Shanghai Mandu, Busan Bokseong Branch, Busan Shinheung Branch, Busan Hwaguk Branch, Busan Donghwa Branch, Busan Nampoong Paradise Hotel Busau An, Busan Geummun, Ulsan Cheonson Jajang, Ulsan Mandang, Geoje Cheonhwa Garden, Gimhae Manri Hyang, Sacheon Deokhapban Branch, Sacheon Buzasonjajang, Changwon Shinseong, Changwon Wonhae-ro, Gwangju Malihwaban Branch, Gwangju Laurel Restaurant, Gunsan Ssangyong Branch, Gunsan Bokseong-ro, Gunsan Jirinseong, Gunsan Binhaewon, Gunsan Transportation Branch, Gimje International Branch, Gimje Daehaegak, Namheungwon, Kyungbang-ro San Sindongyang, Jeonju Nobel Branch, Jeongeup Yangjagang, There are Goheung Ilsung Restaurant, Mokpo Zhonghwa Road, Yeosu Sunsimwon, Seogwipo Hongseongbang, Seogwipo Deokseongwon, Seogwipo Arseowon, Seogwipo Roy & May, Jeju-si Imseongban Branch, Jeju-si Sori-won, Jeju-si Shipwon-hyang, Jeju-si China House, Dara Hyang, Jeju-si, and Boyeong, Jeju-si.

1. Gwangju’s famous Chinese restaurant lands in Apgujeong, ‘Bobo Restaurant’ in Apgujeong

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1674093747271024 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

s_h-wa_mukbag’s Instagram

1674093760138025 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

s_h-wa_mukbag’s Instagram

A restaurant opened in collaboration between Chef Jang Bo-won, the 3rd generation of Chinese cuisine, and Chef Hwang Gyu-yeon of “Negi.” It was originally a popular Chinese restaurant in Gwangju City, but they moved to Apgujeong to write new stories. Along with a regular table, there is a die-shaped bar table, so you can choose a seat that suits your taste. It is broadly divided into appetizers, pork, beef, poultry, seafood, and meals, and each category consists of foods that are unique to this place. The signature dish, dongpa-yuk, is a dish that wraps up pork, green onions, and cucumbers all at once, and has a good balance of vegetables that clearly capture the sweet and salty flavors of the meat. “Butter sweet and sour pork,” which has a slice of butter on top of sweet and sour pork, and “Shandong shaochi,” which is a cold dish of chicken, are popular.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 249 Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:30 – 22:00 every day, (B·T 15:00 – 18:00) Closed every Monday

▲Price: Dongpa pork with steam bun 402,000 won, butter sweet and sour pork (pork) 32,000 won, Shandong Shaochi 24,000 won

▲Testimonial (Shikigin Yoga): It was famous in Gwangju, but Dongpa-yuk was so fluffy that it was delicious. The liver is thick, so it goes well with steam buns. The spice flavor seems to be strong. The downside is that it’s difficult to make a reservation because it’s very popular~

2. ‘Seoul Dragon City Pay’ in Yongsan, adding a modern touch to authentic lunch

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1674093780503032 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

aupzf2bz0526 on Instagram

1674093802265026 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

aupzf2bz0526 on Instagram

Pei, a Chinese restaurant located in Seoul Dragon City, offers a variety of Chinese food using ingredients obtained from nature. White tables are arranged in dark tones throughout, and billboards are placed everywhere, giving a unique feel that is differentiated from traditional Chinese restaurants. About 15 chefs will present original Chinese cuisine, starting with Chef Yu Hyang-sung, who has been active as a chef specializing in Cantonese Chinese cuisine for over 30 years. There is no shortage of aphrodisiacs made from rare ingredients such as swallow’s nest and morel mushrooms, making this place one of the best places to eat.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: Seoul Dragon City Grand Mercure 2F, 95 Cheongpa-ro 20-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 11:30 – 21:00 every day (B·T 14:30 – 18:00)

▲Price: Lunch course 80,000 won to 150,000 won, dinner course 95,000 won to 250,000 won

▲Testimonial (Shikigami Wukung E): I was impressed by the smooth and friendly customer service, as if they had good team members. The course, which felt like eating fine dining, was good, and I think there was a bit of a single item price range.

3. Hapjeong “Zaja”, a Chinese restaurant that brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients

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1674093825311027 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

gooong_hk’s Instagram

1674093840233033 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Mojomean’s Instagram

A Chinese restaurant located a short walk from Hapjeong Station. This space was opened by Chef Lee Guk-young from Baek Ri-hyang, a Chinese restaurant in the 63 building. The signature menu, “Dushiki,” is a stir-fried dish made with fermented black beans and chicken, and is a special dish that can only be enjoyed here. This dish also won a silver medal at the Hong Kong International Culinary Competition. Also, the cool seafood champon and spareribs are popular. The characteristic of the cuisine here is that it makes the most of the natural flavors of the ingredients, while the sauce gives a slight sense of support. In addition to the lunchtime meal menu, the advantage is that there are plenty of basic dishes.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 18 Dokmak-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:00 – 21:30 every day (B·T 15:00 – 17:00), closed every Tuesday

▲Price: Seafood champon 15,000 won, two seasons 25,000 won, seafood soy sauce 15,000 won

▲Testimonial (shaved cheese omelette): No matter what you try, everything is delicious. I ordered it from the menu you recommended, but the seasoning was just right, and it was very good because the seasoning wasn’t strong. Two seasons are the first food you see, the taste you see for the first time… The pepper flavor is also nago~ It’s not that expensive, so I think it would be great for a party

4. “Chinatown” in Hongje-dong, where you can enjoy handmade dim sum at a reasonable price

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1674093857794028 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

shashasha199’s Instagram

1674093867941034 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

shashasha199’s Instagram

A Taiwanese Chinese restaurant located near Hongje Station. Signs of celebrities and chefs famous as foodies who quickly went there are displayed on the glass of the restaurant. Homemade dim sum items such as shomai and soryongpo are popular, and it is remarkable that they put pictures of food on the wall to make it easier to choose for customers who are not familiar with dim sum. It is a place full of juice that comes out when you bite into a bear while having a chewy texture that is tightly blended with the ingredients of shomai and gyoza. The light flavor makes you feel comfortable even if you eat a lot.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 11, Tongil-ro 40an-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 11:00 – 23:00 every day

▲Price: Homemade shrimp shomai 7,000 won, homemade meat shomai 7,000 won, jajangmyeon 6,000 won

▲Testimonial (Fat Lady Sharala): It’s great that there are delicious Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood. Champon ~ so delicious~ sharp yet refreshing soup. Among dim sum, meat shomai is recommended. You put in the ingredients very carefully!

5. Chinese-style dumplings with tuna, ISU “Hong Kong tuna dumplings”

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1674093884470029 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Recognize.taek’s Instagram

1674093893799035 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Recognize.taek’s Instagram

A small dumpling shop located in a market alley near Isu Station. There are many slightly unfamiliar dishes without jajangmyeon or champon, so I recommend this place if you want to try new Chinese cuisine. Although it’s a small store, customers are constantly coming and going, just like a sparrow mill. “Tuna dumpling,” which is a mixture of tuna and Japanese mackerel in dumpling sauce, has an excellent light flavor unique to fish. The characteristic of dumplings is that they have thick blood. “Chilli stir fry,” which has a crunchy texture made by sautéing bell peppers and paprika in chili oil, “wood ear mushroom tempura,” which is unfamiliar but has an attractive sweet-like texture, and “jisamsun,” which is stir-fried with eggplant, are also popular.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 35, Dongjak-daero 29na-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 12:00 – 22:30 every day (closed every Monday)

▲Price: Tuna dumpling 12,000 won, Chinese cabbage dumpling 8,000 won, Jisamseon 16,000 won

▲Testimonial (Rakhubarit*): The dumpling skin is thick, so if you like thin skin, you should know in advance lol I was very satisfied because I like thick blood. The seats are a bit small, and it’s noisy because there are lots of customers, but the appeal of a long-established store is that it’s a great place to have a cup of soba with gyoza and stir-fried peppers!



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