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korean food / Children’s Day Special, Toy Cafe & Restaurant – 780

We have prepared for those who are looking for a special place for Children's Day. A “unique toy cafe” where you can take “life shots” with your loved ones or children that you think will come out of your life Wow , for each pizza, hamburger, spaghetti, hamburger, hamburger steak, and pork cutlet menu that kids like, there are restaurants that are good to find on Children's Day I will introduce it. Have a nice holiday with Shikigami !

1. “Continers ” of toys , by toys, for toys

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If you want to visit with your child on Children's Day and leave a pleasant “certified shot ”, I recommend “Continer.” It's a pleasant space where both children and adults can't help but take pictures that will make them laugh. Continer is a cafe where various toys such as figures and dolls are displayed, and most of the toys on display can be purchased. The rooftop, which is popular as a photo zone, is filled with colorful tubes and props on artificial turf, making it feel like you're in a photo studio You can get it. In addition to fruit aids that are easy for children to eat, they also have cold beers for adults.

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▲Location: 49-9, Wausan-ro 13-gil, Mapo-gu ▲Opening hours: 13:00 – 23:00 ▲Price: 4500-7500 won ▲Review (Jiwani, the god of food): Too many colorful tubes and pastel paintings on the roof It's beautiful ♥ It's great to take pictures, and there are a variety of toys, so it's a paradise for Kiddult ~

2. This is the fairy tale , “Hello Kitty Cafe ”

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A kitty-only cafe for princesses who love kitties. Centering on Hello Kitty characters, the pink exterior, interiors such as sofas and windows, as well as cake and latte art, are all decorated with Hello Kitty It's a feature. The combination of pink and white creates a lovely atmosphere and is particularly popular among women for its cute interior. They have everything from large kitty dolls to rooms decorated with kitties, so you can take memorable certified photos with mother and child I recommend it. Recently, it is also considered a popular tourist attraction for Chinese visitors. The menu is also full of Hello Kitty , and the lovely pink Hello Kitty strawberry mousse cake is the most popular menu item, and if you order a drink, it's also a kitty cup and latte art You can meet Kitty.

1461746074074564 Korean Food November 29th, 2023

▲Location : 18, Wausan-ro 19-gil, Mapo-gu ▲Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:30 ▲Price: 4000 to 11,000 won ▲Review (Shikigin Four Seasons Taiyaki ): It's a cute pink space! When I order latte, they draw a kitty with latte art, and it's so pretty ~ the cake is kitty-shaped too ♡

3. If you are a figure enthusiast , “Seogyo-dong Model Cafe ”

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Kidalt Caffeine Model Cafe, located between Hongdae and Hapjeong Station, is already famous among fans of the manga One Piece and Gundam. Inside the cafe, various anime figures, plastic models, Disney toys, and dolls are displayed, and comic books can be viewed, not only for children It's also popular as a unique date course for couples. There are plenty of figure vending machines where you can pick cute toys, so be careful when you visit this place . This is because children who are captivated by cute figures can look at mom and dad with glowing eyes!

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▲Location : 2nd floor, 45, Hongik-ro 5-gil, Mapo-gu ▲Business hours: 13:00 – 23:00 ▲Price: 3500 to 5500 won ▲Review (Wild male tiger, shikigami): One Piece, Gundam figures, and plastic models It's great that they're on display and you can buy them right away!! It's already famous among enthusiasts ~

4. Meet Kakao Friends at “The Friends Cafe ”

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“The Friends Cafe” located on the 5th floor of Lotte World Mall in Jamsil is “Kakao Friends” where you can find Kakao Friends character goods It is a cafe operated in conjunction with “Shop”. It's popular because you can drink drinks in cups with cute characters at a reasonable price compared to other cafes nearby. Almond stick bread and cream cheese stick bread, which can be enjoyed for only 1,000 won, have a light flavor and are great to pair with coffee . A hot chocolate menu is available for children. If you have a kid who likes Kakao characters, they sell stationery such as dolls, pencil cases, and ballpoint pens, so you can buy them all at once as a gift for Children's Day Yes, you can.

1461746035763562 Korean Food November 29th, 2023

▲Location : 5F, Lotte World Mall, 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu ▲Opening hours: 10:30 — 24:00 ▲Price: 3500 to 4500 won ▲Review (Shikigami Chanhui Amida ): Visit Kakao Friends Shop and drink coffee~ The stick almond bread was delicious too !

5. “Gogo Cafe” full of figures

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It's a great place to stop by after a spring outing to Seokchon Lake with the family. Various figures are displayed in the store. The wood table, which is in harmony with the cabinet made of metal and wood, is impressive. An adult-sized Iron Man greets customers visiting the store and is pleasing to the eye with various character figures such as Dooly and Atom all over the store . The most popular menu here is homemade domestic daifuku and snowflake shaved ice. You can enjoy a more savory flavor by using adzuki beans cooked directly in the store's cauldron. Gogos hot dogs, which are easy to quench your hunger, are another popular menu item. Note that there is also a terrace with a view of Seokchon Lake.

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▲Location : 197, Seokchonhosu-ro, Songpa-gu ▲Business hours: 10:00 — 01:00 ▲Price range: 4,500 – 10,000 won ▲Review (Shikigin Dieterzeng): If you go here, your eyes will look at the cute figures I can't take it off, reallyA place where red bean paste is delicious and burgers are good too!

6. 'Yoon Kyung-yang Diner , 'with the sincerity of home-cooked meals

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It's OK for me to eat, but what if I'm looking for a hearty food for my child to eat? I recommend Yoon Kyung-yang Restaurant near Seoul Forest. You can enjoy a warm meal that captures the sincerity of home-cooked meals. Enjoy fresh seasonal salads, pork cutlets made from domestic black pork, hambak steak made from pristine chilled Australian beef, and grilled yuzu miso Yes, you can. The most popular menu item, hambak steak, is minced and kneaded by hand and has a soft texture. The soft-boiled egg fried when sprinkled on top of the hamburger steak is also impressive. Japanese style pork cutlets are deep-fried in a thick shape without stretching using a hammer or machine to preserve their chewy flavor and moist juiciness . It's a restaurant that doesn't take reservations, so it's a great place to eat or enjoy a picnic with your kids at nearby Seoul Forest through takeout .

1461746020945560 Korean Food November 29th, 2023

▲Location : 2nd floor, 96, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu ▲Opening hours: 11:30 – 22:00 (break time 15:00 — 17:00) ▲Price: 8500 to 11,500 won ▲Review (take a break): Egg yolk on top of hambak steak Talk.. Fried egg ♥ The pork cutlet is also crispy and thick, so it's great!! Even the salad that comes with it is really delicious ~ Regular reservation🙂

7. A savory yet moist homemade beef patty , 'Brooklyn The Burger Joint '

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My kid doesn't like hamburgers! This Children's Day, with a homemade burger, “Mom-chan!” Let's make them shout. Brooklyn The Burger Joint, located in a quiet alley in Seorae Village, is famous for its homemade burgers. The most popular menu item is “Brooklyn Works.” The combination of a moist patty with a subtle grill flavor and savory cheese , tomato, and lettuce is a favorite of all ages. The patty can be selected between 140g and 200g, so you can adjust the amount to eat. French fries are also popular on the menu that is topped with cheese, but the American-style vanilla shake dipped in French fries is also a delicacy. Reservations are not possible, but in addition to the Seorae Village branch, there are Samsung branch, Garosu-gil branch, and Apgujeong branch, so there is no difficulty in using it.

1461746002470558 Korean Food November 29th, 2023

▲Location : 51-13, Donggwang-ro 43-gil, Seocho-gu ▲Opening hours: 11:30 – 22:00 ▲Price: 7800 to 12,800 won ▲Review (Shikigin Dieterzen): A place I love the atmosphere ♡ The burger patties are also really deliciousIt's especially great that they have a variety of sauces, so you can choose whatever you like! It's also a lot of fun to watch!

8. “Dochi Pizza ,” a chewy and light Hwadok pizza

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It's a pizza specialty store located near Gangnam Station where you can enjoy wood-fired pizza baked right in the oven. An authentic Neapolitan pizza that is crispy on the outside but has a chewy texture on the inside by putting fresh ingredients on top of a thin yet elastic dough and baking it on the spot You can meet them. In addition to pizza, they also have a variety of salad and pasta menus, so both children and adults can enjoy a satisfying meal. “Quattro Stazione,” where you can enjoy 4 flavors of gorgonzola, mushrooms, ham, shrimp, and homemade dried tomatoes, is representative Popular menu. You can also make reservations for Children's Day, so it's a good idea to check it out. For young children, if you want to enjoy classic pizza in a healthier way, I recommend this place.

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▲Location : 27, Gangnam-daero 98-gil, Gangnam-gu ▲Opening hours: 11:30 – 22:00 ▲Price: 18,000 to 23,000 won ▲Review (Captain Mayo, Shikigami): All the food came out fast It was great , and above all, I was impressed by the taste of the pizza I had in Italy!! Even though Hwadok pizza is popular, there's no place that has the same spicy flavor, but it's amazing!

9. “Le piano quipium,” a classic of crispy homemade Japanese pork cutlets

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If you're tired of playgrounds for kids, such as Children's Grand Park or Kids Café, head to Myeongdong. Myeongdong, with its delicious street food and shopping, is a place that both children and mothers will love. Unlike the name of the elegant restaurant , Le Piano Quipum, located in Myeongdong , specializes in pork cutlets. After studying the flavors of famous pork cutlet restaurants in Japan over a long period of time, I developed a pork cutlet sauce that suits the tastes of Koreans. The pork cutlet, which is carefully made at the store in limited quantities every day, is worthy of satisfying the tastes of both children and adults. Tenderloin cutlets made with a soft tenderloin or cheese cutlets full of mozzarella cheese are popular for children to eat . Use 2 layers It's large, so even if you visit without a reservation, you can enjoy it without waiting.

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▲Location : 10-1, Myeongdong 10-gil, Jung-gu ▲Opening hours: 10:00 — 02:00 ▲Price: 7,500 to 10,800 won ▲Review (Meals are eaten every month lol): Kids love it ~ Salad and gorgonzola It's delicious, and it's so unique and goes well with pizza and pork cutlets ^^

10. 1 course fusion set menu for 1 person, 'Fedorus' in Guui-dong

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A place where you can find the wellness diet of Chef Cha Jun-beom, who has over 20 years of experience at the Hilton Hotel. Based on the concept of hygienic one-course fusion Korean food for one person, we offer luxurious course meals using good ingredients. Group seats and free valet parking are available for gatherings such as first birthday parties, seven-day parties, and face-to-face meetings, and there is also a separate children's menu and playroom for family gatherings, making it a great place to eat with children. The store is large, so you can visit without a reservation even on Children's Day. It's located at the back gate of Children's Grand Park, so it's worth stopping by after visiting the Grand Park on Children's Day.

1461746147950568 Korean Food November 29th, 2023

▲Location: 556 Gwangnaru-ro, Gwangjin-gu ▲Business hours: 10:00 – 22:00 ▲Price range: 22,000 won to 35,000 won ▲Review (number of meals): I went there a few times with my kids, and the food was always nice and clean, the playroom was spacious and clean, and above all, I was able to enjoy a meal comfortably with my friends. I recommend it.



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