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korean restaurant – food / Mangridan-gil restaurants that are as hot as the sun – 866

'Mangwon-dong' is the representative of the emerging alley business district. Recently, it has even been nicknamed “Mangli Dan-gil” and is very popular. Not only the atmosphere and taste, but also the sentimental interior that catches the attention of young people. Why don't you go to Mangwon-dong, which is as hot as the hot weather? The sweetness after waiting will increase even more .

1. Taebaek dak-galbi soup , “Taebaek dak-galbi ”

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This restaurant is famous for its Taebaek-style soup dak-galbi in Gangwon-do. Unlike Chuncheon-style dak-galbi, which is stir-fried on an iron plate, it is characterized by having its own soup. When it starts to boil, you can eat rice cake and vegetables with a cool broth first, and when the potatoes start to cook, you can eat chicken. Recently, it became known as the restaurant that Nam Joo-hyuk mentioned in Three Meals, and its popularity increased even more. Note that you can add sari such as ramen and gyoza if you like, and you can refill the broth.

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▲Location : 130, Heewoojeong-ro, Mapo-gu ▲Opening hours: 11:00-23:00 ▲Price: Dak-galbi (2 servings) 18,000 won ▲Review (Young Angel Shikigami): I go there sometimes because it's close to home. It's so popular that you have to stand in line to eat it every time ^^ I think the dak-galbi with soup is really unique ~ as a snack It's perfect!

2. Japanese shaved ice specialty store , “Tokyo Shaved Ice ”

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A Japanese-style shaved ice specialty store made by sprinkling plenty of sweet condensed milk on fine ice and topping it with puree. You can enjoy unique shaved ice that is hard to find anywhere else, such as cherry tomato shaved ice, strawberry mascarpone shaved ice, and sweet pumpkin caramel shaved ice It's popular because it's there. Recently, watermelon shaved water and avocado shaved water have been newly released, but please note that the shaved ice sold changes every day. All purees are made by the owner himself, but the business closes when the ingredients run out, so it's a good idea to check before visiting .

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▲Location : 1st floor, 9, Poeun-ro 8-gil, Mapo-gu ▲Opening hours: 12:00 – 22:00, closed on Mondays ▲Price: Strawberry mascarpone shaved water 8,300 won Cherry tomato shaved water 7,900 won ▲Testimonial (Kimderella the Divine): Beautiful pink visuals melt in your mouth ♡ Fresh strawberries and mascarpone cheese! The sweet shaved water is in harmony haha

3. “lapin”, a bakery specializing in white bread

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It is a bakery specializing in white bread that bakes bread by making dough from naturally fermented varieties of apples and raisins grown by hand. Soft and moist bread can be cut if desired, but I recommend tearing it along the texture. Chestnut bread, which is rich in stewed chestnuts and is proud of its sweetness, and fig bread containing dried figs that pop in the mouth are representative Popular white bread. Please note that all bread is sold on the same day, and only takeout is available .

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▲Location : #101, Daemyung Full House, 43, Huiujeong-ro 16-gil, Mapo-gu ▲Opening hours: 12:00 – 20:00, closed on Sundays ▲Price: Lapang Bread/ Chestnut Bread 4,500 won ▲Review (GlueStick): Red bean bread When I accepted it, I was surprised by its heaviness and amazed by the taste. It was light and the red bean paste wasn't too sweet, so I kept eating it without getting tired, and then I ate all that big stuff in an instant

4. European bistro , “Boracho ”

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Boracho, which means “space for drinkers,” reinterprets common European food and traditional food that were not introduced in Korea. CEO “Lisbon Seafood Rice,” a Portuguese seafood gukbap based on rich seafood stock and chicken stock and adding various kinds of seafood Popular menu. Please note that there are a variety of dishes that go well with wine, such as Iberian black pork steak and gambas al ajillo .

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▲Location : 9, Poeun-ro 8-gil, Mapo-gu ▲Opening hours: 17:00 – 02:00, closed on Sundays ▲Price range: Lisbon seafood rice 23,000 won ▲Review (Shikigin mint chocolate latte): Seafood broth I was able to feel the heaviness of the Lisbon seafood meal! I never imagined that broth and coriander could go so well together, but it was so delicious🙂

5. Moist French toast , 'kiosk '

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“Kiosk” , which was famous in Seochon for its moist and soft French toast, recently opened a new door in Mangwon-dong “Somehow” No. 204. You can enjoy adding various toppings to French toast; blueberry cream cheese, peanut butter banana, and vanilla ice cream are the most popular toppings. Please note that the owner runs it alone, so if it is crowded, the person in front of you must complete the menu before you can place an order.

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▲Location: 74, World Cup-ro 19-gil, Mapo-gu ▲Opening hours: 11:30 — 21:00, closed on Sundays ▲Price range: 2,500 won for plain, 1,000 to 1,500 won for additional toppings

▲Testimonial (Shikigin Waguwagu): Soft toast with blueberries and cream cheese Seriously, it's really delicious. A lot of people ordered vanilla ice cream, but next time I'll go with that!



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