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Small Asparagus with Sesame Lemon Ginger Dressing

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– Asparagus

– Ssam vegetables

– Olive oil

– Lemon juice

– Sugar

– Salt

– Whole sesame seeds

– Ginger



1. After washing theasparagus, drain the water and cut off the tough part of the stem.

2. After cutting intobite-sized pieces, put salt and asparagus in boiling water and blanch themlightly.

3. Spread vegetablesfor ssam in a bowl and place blanched asparagus on top.

4. For the sauce, addolive oil, lemon juice, sugar, sesame seeds, and ginger and mix well.

5. Pour the preparedsauce over the asparagus and add cherry tomatoes, eggs, or cheese depending onyour taste.


Information onthe food we made

What isAsparagus?

Asparagus is ahigh-quality vegetable that has been consumed since the Greek and Roman times,and began to be supplied all over the world from the late 16th century. Thereare about 300 kinds of asparagus, and white in Spain and the Netherlands, greenin England and the United States, and purple in France are used for food. Inthe past, white asparagus was also produced a lot, but recently green asparagusis mainly used because the nutrient content is low.


Asparagus is rich inan amino acid called aspartic acid. Asparagus’ unique bitter taste is asparticacid, which promotes metabolism and helps protein synthesis. In addition, it iseffective in relieving fatigue and nourishing tonic, and is effective inrelieving hangovers as it contains aspartic acid, which is 1000 times higherthan that of bean sprouts.


When choosingasparagus, it is good to have a shape with hard peaks and gathered ends, andthick but soft stems. The more vivid the green color, the fresher you can feel.If stored at room temperature, the freshness decreases, so it is better to wrapit in wet newspaper and store it in a plastic bag or plastic wrap.



Asparagus ischaracterized by its bitter yet light taste and crunchy texture, so it can beeaten raw. It can be used in a variety of dishes, such as lightly blanched,grilled, or deep-fried.

– Bacon Asparagus

– Pasta

– Salad

– Pickle

– Omelet

– Fried rice

– Seasoned


What is a Lemon?

Lemon is the fruit ofthe lemon tree, an evergreen small tree of the Rutaceae family, and isconsidered synonymous with sour taste. Lemon juice has a lot of citric acid(citric acid), so it is acidic and has a strong sour taste, and has both sweetand bitter tastes. Juice, skin, and pulp are all widely used in cooking, andare often used to remove the fishy smell of meat and fish. Because of itsstrong acidity, it is sometimes used when making cheese, and when making jam,lemon juice is added to fill the lack of pectin.


Because lemons andlimes were used a lot for sour taste and vitamin supplementation, the image ofvitamin C is strong. Vitamin C content is higher in red peppers and greenpeppers, but since lemon is more useful in beverages and cooking, it isexpected that the image of vitamin C synonymous with oranges and tangerineswill be maintained for a long time.


Lemon consists of 90%water and is rich in vitamins, minerals, phosphorus, and dietary fiber. It isrich in liminoids, which are antioxidants, and helps suppress active oxygen andaging, improve blood circulation, and boost immunity.


LemonUtilization Food

Lemon is used invarious foods due to its various uses. Since there is nothing to throw away,including the peel, pulp, and juice, we looked at the uses of lemons fromdesserts to ingredients.


– Lemon salt

– Lemon butter

– Lemon syrup

– Lemon Tart

– Fried Chicken withLemon Sauce

– Lemonade

– Vitamin juice

– Salad

– Steak

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