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Basic Macarons Italian Meringue Method with Raspberry curd filling

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Italian Meringue

– Sugar

– Egg whites

–  Water

– Almondpowder

– SugarPowder


– Raspberry

– Egg

– Sugar

– Salt

– Butter



1. Dissolvesugar completely to make syrup.

2. Whip theegg whites to make meringue, and when bubbles rise to a certain extent, pour inthe syrup little by little while whipping at high speed.

3. Mix almondpowder, sugar powder, and egg whites and knead.

4. AddItalian meringue to the finished dough and mix well.

5. Adjust theconsistency of the dough and put the dough into a round piping bag.

6. Squeezethe dough on a Teflon sheet to make a round shape.

7. Eliminateair bubbles in the dough, make it flat without bending, and dry the dough formore than 30 minutes.

8. If thedough is dry enough not to stick to your hands, bake in a 150 degree oven for 8minutes and then in a 140 degree oven for 5 minutes each.

9. Grindraspberries in a blender.

10. Put sugarand butter in a pot and melt in a double boiler.

11. Dissolveminced raspberries and eggs in the double-boiled butter and add them.

12. Filterthrough a fine sieve and cool.

13. Sand thecooled raspberry curd between the completed 8 macaroons.


Informationon the food we made

What is Macaron?

Macaron is atypical round-shaped cookie in France. You can taste it in various combinationsby spreading ganache, jam, filling, butter cream, etc. between the crusts madeof meringue. The texture of the crust is crispy, and the soft and moist fillingharmonizes to create a unique taste, texture, and aroma. Macaron ischaracterized by its colorful and fine colors, and recently, it has been madeinto fat karon and clam macaron. various developments are taking place.


The origin ofmacaron started from the Italian word ‘macaroni’. Unlike other cookies, flouris not added and, as the name suggests, it is made by kneading dough and bakingit over low heat. There is a theory that macaron was introduced to France by acook who accompanied Cadrine de Medicis of an Italian family when she marriedHenri II of France.


There arecountless types of macarons, and you can feel the difference in taste dependingon what ingredients you fill them with. Popular ingredients such as chocolate,vanilla, and hazelnut are used, but fruits such as raspberries, bananas, andblueberries, black sesame seeds, and injeolmi are also added. Although it iseasy to enjoy thanks to its small and round size, it is recommended to becareful when consuming macarons as they are mainly high in sugar and containabout 100 kcal per piece.


Types of Macaroons

– Chocolatemacaron

– YellowCheese Macaron

– BlueberryMacaron

– InjeolmiMacaron

– Red VelvetMacaron

– QuanqueMacarons

– SaltedCaramel Macarons


What is Raspberry?

Raspberry isa fruit belonging to the genus Rubus in the rose family Rosaceae. ‘A plant thatgrows well in the forest and is edible, colorful and round fruits’ are calledberries regardless of the species, and among them, raspberries are calledraspberries. So raspberries and raspberries are synonymous. In Korea, it isproduced a lot in Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, and related foods such asraspberry wine and raspberry vinegar are also being developed.


There arevarious types of raspberries such as wild strawberry, row strawberry,blackberry strawberry, long strawberry, bear strawberry, beggar strawberry,repair strawberry, and raspberry. Because it can be easily found in themountains and is edible, it was a plant that was often eaten during barley hilldays. Bokbunja strawberry is native to Korea and has a dark grape color amongraspberries.


Usually,frozen raspberries are imported and have a strong sour taste when eaten alone,but when mixed with blueberries or blackberries, milk, yogurt, and soda, itgives off a sour flavor. Grinding raspberries with starch syrup andoligosaccharide gives a sweet and sour taste, so it is also used as a foodsauce in restaurants.


Foodsmade with Raspberries

Raspberry canbe made into cheong, jam, or puree and eaten with other breads or snacks.Thanks to its sour taste, it enhances the flavor of food and is used in variousdishes.

– Raspberrymilk

– RaspberryJam

– RaspberryCake

– Raspberrysmoothie

– RaspberryPi

– RaspberryRemington

– Raspberrycrepe

– RaspberryPancakes

– RaspberryTiramisu

– Raspberrybar chocolate

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