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Busan Gimbap Restaurant 5 that you can enjoy easily.

Gimbap that’s good whenever and wherever you eat it. Although it is one food with various ingredients, it can be eaten in various ways, and these days, it is also in the spotlight as a diet gimbap with a new recipe called “Kito Gimbap,” which reduces the amount of carbohydrates and makes rice with egg garnish or radish instead of carbohydrates. Gimbap that captivated the excitement of going out, the ease of eating, and now health! This time, I introduce Busan Gimbap restaurant.

Busan Gimbap Restaurant 5

백설대학 in Yeongdo, Busan, smells of real restaurants from the signboard.

1.백설대학 gwanggyo foodfighte님의 인스타그램 2 Korean Food | Korean Street Food June 2nd, 2023
1.백설대학 meokja seokja님의 인스타그램 2 Korean Food | Korean Street Food June 2nd, 2023

백설대학 in Yeongdo, Busan, is a kimbap restaurant with sweet and salty fried tofu. There are two types of kimbap: regular kimbap with cucumber, pickled radish, ham, fried tofu, egg, and carrot, and tuna kimbap with egg, pickled radish, tuna, fried tofu, and carrot. It seems that only fried tofu is included in regular kimbap, but when you try it, it tastes better than expected. Fried tofu boiled down in soy sauce occupies a significant part of the taste. Watching a skillful boss cut several rows of gimbap at once also gives a different kind of fun.

▲ Location

74, Utseobal-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan

▲ Business hours

Tuesday to Saturday 11:30-21:00 (Breaktime 14:20-15:40) / Closed every Sunday and Monday


Jjol Udon 5,500 won. Gimbap 2,500 won.

광안시장박고지김밥 with good cost-effectiveness.

2.광안시장박고지김밥 flower hsm님의 인스타그램 Korean Food | Korean Street Food June 2nd, 2023

광안시장박고지김밥, which has an attractive chewy and crunchy texture. Bakgoji refers to dried gourd pulp cut like a long string, which is rich in fiber and easy to digest. The dried and chewy gourd goji gimbap with salty fried tofu mix well together to create a harmonize the ingredients. The sour taste of kimchi roll kimbap is another delicacy, proving that it is a specialty kimbap of Gwangan Market.

▲ Location

14, Suyeong-ro 603beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Busan

▲ Business hours

Monday to Saturday 09:00-15:00 / Closed every Sunday


Park Goji Burdock Gimbap 2,500 won, Kimchi Roll Gimbap 2,500 won

Limited sale kimbap for 50 lines. “큰손김밥” if you stand up.

3.큰손김밥 hello. .apple님의 인스타그램 1 Korean Food | Korean Street Food June 2nd, 2023
3.큰손김밥 hello. .apple님의 인스타그램 3 Korean Food | Korean Street Food June 2nd, 2023

Written “Big Hand Gimbap” that sells all menus for a limited time of 50 lines. You can taste a total of seven types of gimbap, limited to 50 lines a day, with Kito Gimbap, Fried Tofu Gimbap, Spicy Odeng Gimbap, Beef Gimbap, Ilmi Gimbap, Gimbapjeon, and Special Gimbap. Gimbap made by the big-handed owner is as big as it is, and it also has plenty of ingredients inside. Kito Gimbap, which is filled with egg garnish instead of rice, is the most popular, and it contains carrots, fried tofu, crab meat, burdock, and pickled radish, making it a perfect diet kimbap.

▲ Location

56, Seo-myeon-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan, A16, Car 40.

▲ Business hours

Mon-Fri 08:30-15:00 / Closed every Saturday and Sunday


Kito Gimbap 6,000 won, Ilmi Gimbap 5,500 won.

Sea urchin roe gimbap that you eat while looking at the sea. “옥천횟집” in Yeongdo, Busan.

4.옥천횟집 hayli.pink님의 인스타그램 Korean Food | Korean Street Food June 2nd, 2023

Okcheonhoejip in Yeongdo, Busan, where you can eat while looking at the sea in front of Yeongdo, Busan. Sashimi, seafood, and various seafood ramen are prepared, but the most popular menu is sea urchin roe gimbap full of melted sea urchin eggs. The sea urchin kimbap with sea urchin roe on top of the kimbap that seems to be cheap at home feels full of the scent of the sea when you put it in your mouth. Enjoy a special meal with gimbap with fresh sea urchin roe and blue ocean view.

▲ Location

2-21, Jungni Nam-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan

▲ Business hours

Wednesday~Sun 11:00-21:00 (Last order 20:00) / Weekend break time 16:00-17:00 / Regular closed every Tuesday


Sea urchin kimbap (for 2 people) 20,000 won

The unique bibim-gimbap in Youngdo, Busan, “사또분식”.

5.사또분식 jasmine cium cium님의 인스타그램 2 Korean Food | Korean Street Food June 2nd, 2023
5.사또분식 jasmine cium cium님의 인스타그램 1 Korean Food | Korean Street Food June 2nd, 2023

Sato Snack in Yeongdo, Busan, a unique bibim gimbap mixed with glass noodles. The most distinctive menu of this restaurant is bibim gimbap. Bibim gimbap, which is a little unfamiliar, is a food that is mixed with seaweed, seasoning, and real kimbap in glass noodles. The chewy taste of boiled glass noodles and seasoned kimbap are combined with a spicy and savory seasoning to create a different taste. It has an addictive taste and a cost-effective price, so you can enjoy it easily with a meal.

▲ Location

39, Jeolyeong-ro 35beon-gil, Yeongdo-gu, Busan

▲ Business hours

Wednesday~Sunday 16:30-22:00 / Closed every Tuesday


Bibim gimbap 5,000 won, udon 5,000 won.



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