Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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    Korean BBQ

    Eel over rice, a menu where you can enjoy a full meal with salty and savory sauce, moist and savory eel, and chewy well-cooked rice. In particular, Nagoya-style eel over rice (Hitsumabushi), which has a fixed...
    BTS, the world's best boy band born by South Korea. Among them, Jungkook, who is in charge of the main vocalist, is also famous for his particular love of meat. If witnessed, I will introduce five...

    A bowl of health food, Seoul eel over rice restaurant 5

    Eel is good for health. Eel is good for health. Eel, one of the health foods, has been widely used for rejuvenation since ancient...

    Grilled clam restaurants that sizzle when the cold wind blows 5

    It is delicious whenever you eat it, but there are foods that become more delicious when the cold wind blows around this time. One...

    Best 5 delicious Gimhae back meat restaurants.

    It is one of the nine delicacies of Gimhae, and it has been loved by Gimhae citizens for a long time because it is cheap and plentiful. Let's find out what the local taste like.

    Cost-effective frozen pork belly restaurant 5.

    Pork belly, which is thick and has chewy fat, is a popular food for men and women of all ages and is a precious...

    Real Retro Traditional Market Restaurant 5 on YouTube content.

    Restaurants that have long been loved by residents in one place are now emerging as tourist destinations. Many markets are being reborn with a modern feeling, but there are still many places that maintain their old appearance and taste.Which traditional market restaurant attracts 2030 generations with generous generation and rich taste?

    korean food / seoul / 5 best hiking places to see autumn leaves – 2472

    korean food/seoul/The season for autumn leaves has arrived, when the green trees throw off their green leaves and change clothes to colorful colors. The cool wind that blows
    rec5 November 29th, 2023

    korean food / seoul / 7 Family-Friendly Places to Go to in Hong Kong During the Chuseok Holiday – 1880

    korean food/seoul/“Hong Kong” is a city with a spectacular night view. Hong Kong has many attractions and things to do, such as Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, and night markets

    korean food / seoul / 5 Best Rooftop Bars to Go to in the Fall – 1889

    korean food/seoul/The rooftop, where you can enjoy the cool weather and night view, is a place where you can enjoy the day and night of Seoul. The cool view that unfolds before your eyes is delicious

    korean food / seoul / [TvN Demand Gourmet Party] BBQ – 1770

    korean food/seoul/A meat rebellion that was reborn after being filled with the scent of fire, juice dripped over the blazing fire! Today's food, “barbecue”

    korean food / seoul / Rooftop season is back. 5 Best Rooftop Bars That Will Blow Your Mind – 1671

    korean food/seoul/Seoul is a city where the lights never go out. At night, Seoul captivates people with its gorgeous night view. Enjoy the coolness and night view in increasingly hot weather

    korean food / seoul / My own pizza pizza – 1757

    korean food/seoul/MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA! “Pizzao” is a pizza specialty store located at the entrance to Haebangchon. Knead the Italian dough yourself for 72 hours

    korean food / seoul / It’s more delicious than Japanese food! Campus restaurants with delivery – 1578

    korean food/seoul/My dream vacation is over. It was an unusually cold winter, and the bed was the best! It had to be Jip Soon-i while shouting. The school I met after a long time
    rec5 November 29th, 2023

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