Friday, September 22, 2023
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    Korean Food

    korean restaurant / All-you-can-refill! Igane tuna fishing day – 555

    On Hyangnam tuna fishing day to entertain guestsI went there:)Even if you go to entertain customersThey said they took a picture with a camera......

    korean restaurant / London chicken, chicken & homemade burger with good music – 291

    London chickenChicken & burgerLondon Chicken has good music~ Busan Dae Chicken Homemade Burger Busan Grand RestaurantText, photos | Slowsammy (slowsammy)London Chicken showing the big...

    korean restaurant / Kalguksu and hand dumplings, Jongno Grandma’s Kalguksu – 483

    The Agari Fighter, who woke up in the morning and was hungry, went to the kitchen and opened the rice bowl, but there was...

    korean restaurant / [Anguk Station] Waryong-dong Chicken Spicy Soup – 921

    Anguk Station Restaurant - Waryong-dong Chicken Maeundang : Wanso Chicken RestaurantAfter all, today is my personal favorite place, a chicken restaurant! Every time I...

    korean restaurant / [Anguk Station] Bukchon Kimchijae – 800

    Bukchon Kimchi-jae @ Anguk Station Gourmet Bukchon KimchijaeGo to store information â–¶ Bukchon Kimchi Jae, a restaurant at Anguk Station that I visited in April...

    korean restaurant / Australian – 674

    A “demand food party” that awakens your sleeping food DNAAn ambitious preparation for the Demand Gourmet PartyFirst foreign special AustraliaDiverse races and diverse cultures...
    rec5 September 22nd, 2023

    korean restaurant / Wolmido is also a gourmet restaurant, Mrs. Pippi Jindong – 444

    My friends and I revisited Wolmido, which I sometimes stop by after work on Friday evening.Even though it's already our third visit, the boss...

    Busan restaurant / Taste the rich bag at Kangtong Market, a specialty of Busan restaurant – 21

    Busan restaurant/Gourmet at Kangtong Market: You can get it in cash at Dairy Pocket, Red Bean Soup, Bibimbap, Sweet Potato Sticks, Busan Fish Cake, and Kangtong Market. Shopping list: kitty characters

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