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chicken house / Why are you looking for a chicken house with your brother? – 13

A must-have guide for chicken lovers

One of the reasons I waited so hard for my father to get home from work when I was a kid was because of the chicken he bought every once in a while. The taste of taking out an electrically grilled chicken that has been dried on a paper wrapper, coated with meat and dipped in sesame salt remains an unforgettable memory. Before I knew it, chicken shops selling deep-fried chicken with a crispy texture began popping up one by one at the entrance of the town, and now they are evolving into a variety of flavors topped with unique condiments, green onions, and onions. This week, the SNS Taste Appreciation Group will introduce chicken restaurants that you must try at least once, directly recommended by social media users who are known to be chicken lovers.




1. Synonymous with curry-flavored Gwanghwamun chicken / chicken house

If you are an office worker in the Gwanghwamun area, no one knows Geosung Hope. This shop with a modest exterior is a chicken restaurant that has been loved in Gwanghwamun for 20 years and is full of office workers wearing suits on their way home from work. Once inside, you’ll find a loud atmosphere and the savory smell of deep-fried chicken. The most famous dish at this restaurant is curry chicken (15,000 won), which is deep-fried with curry powder in batter, but fried chicken has a slight curry flavor. If you dip the curry powder that comes with it, the curry flavor spreads slightly, and the savory flavor that goes well with the tempura batter is excellent. A place where you can relieve the tiredness of the day with chicken and a glass of draft beer with friends.



â Shikigami Hot Spot âHeejin Eâ review: Chicken I didn’t feel because of the curry flavor. I’ll send it to you with curry chicken and a glass of beer

â Business hours: 3 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.
â Price range: 15,000 won to 20,000 won
â Location: 3-7 Saemunan-ro 5ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (117 Dangju-dong)





2. Taste South American chicken dishes! Popular places in Gyeongridan-gil / chicken house

When you walk along Gyeongridan-gil in Itaewon, there are many shops with an exotic feel, but the place that definitely catches your eye is Tukan, where you can enjoy South American chicken. If you look at the yellow, green, and red exterior, it feels like Jamaica. The main menu here is Caribbean-style jerk chicken (22,000 won) and orange chicken (22,000 won). Jerk chicken is Jamaica’s signature street food, a chicken that has been grilled in a drum and has a unique seasoning that combines spicy, salty, sweet, and sour flavors. Orange chicken, which combines fried garlic and a sour orange sauce, also has an attractive flavor that cannot be felt anywhere else. / chicken house



â Review of Shikigin Hot Spot âuiopjkl85â: I went there because a friend recommended it, and it’s unusual and delicious. It’s unique, yet the chicken is delicious, and it’s similar and different from tandoori when eating Indian curry~~~!

â Business hours: 5 p.m. – 2 a.m.
â Price range: 22,000 won to 23,000 won
â Location: 3 Hoenamu-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (658, Itaewon 2-dong)





3. A chicken cafe with an atmosphere only for women

Saucewakko is a chicken restaurant popular among female customers for its pongdak, which means eating chicken with fondant in the sauce. The interior and exterior of the store are filled with a cute, orange-colored, youthful atmosphere to suit the tastes of female customers, and the cute pictures drawn on the glass windows are fun. Like the name of the store, the store is decorated with chicken-themed dolls and illustrations all over the store, and it’s fun that even the bells are ringing loudly. The main menu, pongdak, consists of boneless crispy chicken, Idaho potatoes, and cheese mochi dipped in a sauce of your choice. Carpon (carbonara sauce 18,900 won), cherry pong (cherry tomato sauce 18,900 won), and pinkfong (19,900 won for half a half sauce) are famous.


An essential guide for a chickenist who loves chicken One of the reasons I waited so hard for my father to get home from work when I was a kid was when I used to buy chicken every once in a while
Why are you looking for a chicken house with your brother?



â Shikishin Hot Place âI’m a College Studentâ review: Pinkfong is delicious~ LOL, girls’ favorite style~

â Business hours: 3 p.m. – 2 a.m.

â Price range: 18,900 won to 19,900 won
â Location: 127 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (514-10 Sinsa-dong)





4. If you don’t know this house in Suwon, spy <ì§ë¯¸íµë­>

If you go to the South Gate of Suwon, there is a place called Tongdak Street. Jinmi Chicken is a long-standing favorite in this chicken district, and it’s a place where you can enjoy old-fashioned chicken deep-fried in a cauldron. As soon as you walk through the chicken street, the savory smell of deep-frying chicken spreads from afar. There’s always a long line of people trying to eat or pack chicken at the entrance of the store, so be aware that you have to go into the store and get a vibrating bell in advance before standing in a random line. Fried chicken (14,000 won) and half-and-half chicken (15,000 won) are famous, and if you order chicken, they will give you a free fried chicken gizzard. The inside of the store is noisy, and there is no parking space, so it’s a hassle to visit on foot or park in a nearby alley. If you think of a hearty market ticket with chicken and a glass of beer, this is the place to go!


â âHijeong 222â, a hot spot in Shikishin review: The portion is cheap and the crunchy skin of the poop house is delicious!!!

â Business hours: 12:00 noon to 1:00 a.m. (closed on Tuesdays)
â Price range: 14,000 won to 15,000 won
â Location: 39, Paldalmun-ro 3beon-gil, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do (50 Paldallo 1-ga)





5. A unique teppanyaki chicken restaurant with a military concept <ë­ë ë¤>

Chicken Nalda, famous for its interior as unique as its unique name, is one of the famous restaurants in Hongdae Alley. It opened in 2001 and is already in its 14th year as a chicken restaurant. This place is steadily gaining popularity as it draws attention with military concepts such as American military tableware, drinking beer in a canteen, and military barracks. The basic snack is biscuits, but they are also served on stainless steel plates used by the US military. This place is famous for its original teppan (16,500 won), which is a teppanyaki chicken dish served with sweet and spicy condiments, and New Woo teppan (20,000 won), which is topped with plenty of mozzarella cheese on the original teppan menu. The spiciness can be adjusted in 3 levels, but if it’s too spicy, I recommend a rice ball covered with seaweed powder and a whole egg (2,500 won).


â Review of Shikigami Hot Place ‘Crazyrang’: Military-style interior, props, various chicken dishes, and beer served in military supplies containers, completely cool

â Business hours: 4 p.m. – 4 a.m.
â Price range: 16,500 won to 20,000 won
â Location: 22, Wausan-ro 18-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (360-17, Seogyo-dong)



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