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Chocolate chip cherry cupcakes


 – Cocoa powder

 – Chocolate

 – Chocolate Chips

 – Whipping cream

 – Cherry

 – Weak flour

 – Butter

 – Egg

 – Vanilla extract

 – Sugar

 – Baking powder

 – Cooking oil

 – Milk



1. Separate the eggs into yolks andwhites.

2. Mix the yolk and sugar sufficiently,add milk, cooking oil, butter, and vanilla extract and mix again.

3. Add soft flour, baking powder, cocoapowder, and chocolate chips and mix again.

4. Form the meringue in a new bowl. Addthe separated whites and sugar and mix.

5. Melt the chocolate in a new bowl overdouble boiler.

5. Mix the finished meringue and meltedchocolate in 3 times.

6. Line the parchment paper on the cupcakemold and pour the dough into it.

7. Bake in an oven preheated to 170degrees for 20 minutes.

8. Add sugar to fresh cream to make ithard.

9. Place cream on top of the finishedcupcakes and finally place cherries.



Information on our food



What is Cherry?

Cherry, called the diamond of fruits, isthe fruit of the cherry tree. Edible cherries are largely divided into Americancherries and Japanese cherries. American cherries are dark red, large and hard,and Japanese cherries are smaller and softer than cherry-colored Americancherries. Generally speaking, cherries are American cherries, which have a highsugar content and a good taste. Compared to other fruits, it is red, small, andcute, so it is used as a decoration for cakes and desserts, and is often usedas a decoration for cocktails. We are familiar with cherry pie, cherry liquor,and cherry ice cream.


What is chocolate?

Chocolate is a kind of sweet-tasting snackmade by adding sugar to cacao mass refined from cacao beans. The etymology isderived from chocolate, which means bitter water in Nahuatl, a drink made fromcacao beans and red pepper by the Mexican Messica. For reference, chocolatemold is very bitter, so it’s good to taste it carefully.


Chocolate is hardened into a solid, orpowdered into a liquid to drink, and is used as an ingredient in many desserts.Just like the chocolate cookies we made today.


Cacao, the raw material of chocolate, wasused as a drink or medicine by Mexican natives, calling cacao beans, the seedof cacao, a gift from God, and was also used as currency. Later, Europeanexplorers encountered it and became known to the West. At that time, it was verybitter because no sugar was added and was drunk only in beverage form, so itwas said to be very different from chocolate in solid form today. At that time,there was no sugar in America, so it is said that people enjoyed the spicy andbitter taste by adding red pepper. After being introduced to Europe, peoplestarted drinking it with sugar to reduce the bitter taste. In the 1800s,manufacturing technology was developed in the Netherlands and spread to othercountries. After that, it was made into the same shape as today’s milkchocolate by Daniel Peter and Henri Nestlé in Switzerland.


Types of Chocolate

Chocolate is classified according tovarious criteria such as taste, material, and shape. Today, we are going tolook at the types according to taste.


– Dark Chocolate:

– Milk chocolate

– White chocolate

– Ruby Chocolate

– Ganache

– Praline Chocolate


What is Cupcake?

Cupcakes, a type of cake, are said to haveoriginated from muffins. In England, muffins are called fairy cakes and theyare said to have been served as treats. Muffins developed as they crossed overto the United States, and butter, cheese, spices, and coloring were added tomake the shape and taste pretty, and the shape resembled a small cake, so thename cupcake was born. Cupcakes are also eaten simply with tea, but unlikecakes, they are small in size, so they are suitable for one person to eat andare easy to carry, so they are said to have become popular.

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