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Making my own moist chocolate cookies


– Cacao powder

– Baking powder

– Weak flour

– Sugar

– Salt

– Butter

– Egg



1. Add sugar andmix with butter

2. Add eggs andmix

3. Add cacaopowder, baking powder, and soft flour to make dough

4. Refrigeratefor 1 hour

5. Shape thecookies

6. Bake for 15minutes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees


Informationon the food we made

What arecookies?

Cookies are apopular type of Western sweets. The etymology is the Dutch koekje, kuk.jə, which means small cake.


It is a type ofbiscuit made by adding sugar, creamed butter, flour and chemical leaveningagent, and adding various favorite foods. Crackers are simply made with flourand leavening agent.


The appearance ofcookies is not known exactly, but the food most similar to the form of cookiesappeared in Persia in the 7th century, when sugar began to be common. It wasknown in Europe around the 14th century, first encountered in high society, andthen popularized through the French Revolution in the 18th century. As thediscovery of the American continent facilitated the spread of spices, theyexpanded into foods that anyone could easily eat.


Types ofCookies

– Dacquoise

– Margaret

– Macaroons

– Butter Cookies

– Saber

– Shortbread Quee

– Oreo

– Gingerbread Man

– Choco Cookies

– Fortune Cookies


What ischocolate?

Chocolate is akind of sweet-tasting snack made by adding sugar to cacao mass refined fromcacao beans. The etymology is derived from chocolate, which means bitter waterin Nahuatl, a drink made from cacao beans and red pepper by the MexicanMessica. For reference, chocolate mold is very bitter, so it’s good to taste itcarefully.


Chocolate ishardened into a solid, or powdered into a liquid to drink, and is used as aningredient in many desserts. Just like the chocolate cookies we made today.


Cacao, the rawmaterial of chocolate, was used as a drink or medicine by Mexican natives, callingcacao beans, the seed of cacao, a gift from God, and was also used as currency.Later, European explorers encountered it and became known to the West. At thattime, it was very bitter because no sugar was added and was drunk only inbeverage form, so it was said to be very different from chocolate in solid formtoday. At that time, there was no sugar in America, so it is said that peopleenjoyed the spicy and bitter taste by adding red pepper. After being introducedto Europe, people started drinking it with sugar to reduce the bitter taste. Inthe 1800s, manufacturing technology was developed in the Netherlands and spreadto other countries. After that, it was made into the same shape as today’s milkchocolate by Daniel Peter and Henri Nestlé in Switzerland.


Types ofChocolate

Chocolate isclassified according to various criteria such as taste, material, and shape.Today, we are going to look at the types according to taste.


– Dark Chocolate:

– Milk chocolate

– white chocolate

– Ruby Chocolate

– Ganache

– PralineChocolate

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