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Double Espresso Coffee Chiffon Cake With Fat Free Frosting


Fat Free Frosting

 – Fat free milk powder

 – Fat-free milk


Double EspressoCoffee Syrup

 – Espresso

 – Sugar

 – Kahlua


Chiffon cake

 – Egg

 – Weak flour

 – Baking powder

 – Cooking oil

 – Sugar

 – Salt



1. Add non-fat milkpowder and non-fat milk and mix.

2. The consistencyshould not be too thin or thick, so adjust it with milk and powder.

3. Store in therefrigerator for about 60 minutes to complete the frosting.

4. Add sugar to thehot espresso, cool it down, and mix Kahlua well.

5. Separate theyolks and whites of the eggs.

6. Mix the yolk andcooking oil well. Then add the flour, salt and baking powder and mix.

7. Mix theseparated whites like cream.

8. Mix 4, 6 and 7well.

9. Bake in an ovenpreheated to 170 degrees for 30 minutes.

10. Top the chilleddouble espresso coffee chiffon cake with fat-free frosting to finish.


Information onour food



What is Frosting?

Frosting is a sugarmixture used to fill and coat foods such as cakes and cookies. Frosting is madeby mixing various ingredients such as milk, fresh cream, and powdered sugar,and should be soft and easy to apply. Non-fat milk powder and non-fat milk are alsoused to make fat-free frosting.


What is Espresso?

It is coffee thatis finely ground and extracted with high-temperature, high-pressure, and smallamounts of water. In the early days, it was difficult to make large quantitiesin a short time because it was brewed by pouring hot water. However, as thedemand for coffee during lunchtime or break time increased duringindustrialization in the 19th century, a method of extracting coffee faster wasneeded. done Afterwards, a method using high-pressure steam was devised, andgradually advanced steam pressure extraction machines began to be made. Coffeemade in a short time using high-pressure steam was the early espresso. Overtime, espresso machines that use high-pressure hot water instead of high-pressuresteam, which is at risk of a major accident, have been mass-produced, andespresso extraction using high-pressure hot water using an electric pump hasbecome established today.


What is a cake?

A cake is a dessertbaked in a specific shape with flour, butter, milk, eggs, and sugar as the mainingredients. Commonly known cakes are generally composed of a sheet (genoise)and decorations, which are decorated with whipped cream, strawberries, sweets,and fruits on the sheet.

The modern conceptof cake baked with baking powder and sugar began in earnest in the 19th centuryand has become an important food for anniversaries.


Traditional kind

– Sponge Cake

Sponge cake is usedas a base sheet for cakes and is the basis for many cakes. It is a basic cakethat corresponds to a cake commonly referred to in a general concept. Almondsponge cake, whipped cream cake, Christmas cake, and many other types of cakesare sponge cakes. It is mainly made by pouring the dough into a round cake moldand baking it, using the most basic ingredients such as flour, eggs, and sugar,and sometimes simply adding spices to the dough. At this time, the names aresubdivided, such as almond sponge cake and chocolate sponge cake, depending onthe flavors added. After completion, when used to make soft bakeries such ascastella, no special decoration is required, and when used as a basis for othertypes of cakes, various ingredients are added, such as sugar coating with jamor cream on the surface or decoration with fruits.

It got its currentname not only because of its fluffy texture, but also because the dough swellslike a sponge when baked in the oven. It is also called Genoise because itoriginated in Genoa, Italy.


– Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake has asoft and moist feel like silk, and is derived from the word chiffon in France,which means silk. It has a fluffy texture and tastes similar to sponge cake,but it does not dry out or harden easily because it contains a lot of oil andeggs. Since the chiffon cake has a unique shape with a hole in the middle,there is a special mold for baking the chiffon cake. After the dough is baked,it is common to serve it after decorating it with syrup or whipped cream, etc.,rather than serving it as it is. They are named according to the ingredientsadded, such as white chiffon cake, black tea chiffon cake, green tea chiffoncake, and apple mango chiffon cake.


– Cheesecake

Cheesecake (cheesecake) is a cake made with cheese and milk, such as cream cheese or cottagecheese, as the main ingredients, rich in milk fat, and the taste is not sweetand soft. There are various types such as New York cheesecake, soufflécheesecake, Oreoberry cheesecake, meringue cheesecake, and American cheesecake,which can be largely divided into moist soufflé style, rich New York style, andcold rare style.[9] ] There are various types depending on the country orcooking method and form, but cheesecake is basically made by baking afterplacing the dough made using milk and cheese on a sheet such as castella orwhite bread.

The origin ofcheesecake seems to go back to ancient Greece, and it is estimated thattartlets made with cheese that people enjoyed eating at this time may have beenthe beginning of cheesecake. Cheesecake is sometimes classified as a custardpie rather than a cake depending on opinions.


– Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a cakederived from ‘tirare (lift up) + mi (me) + su (up)’, meaning ‘to feel good’ inItalian. Sponge cake sheets soaked in espresso syrup and mascarpone cheeseTraditional Italian cream cheese, chocolate syrup, etc. are alternately piledon top of each other, sprinkled with cocoa powder on top, and then chilled toharden. Unlike other cakes, tiramisu is served in a bowl or cup designedspecifically for tiramisu because it is easy to get out of shape.

It is an authenticItalian cake that first appeared in Veneto, Italy in the 18th century, but itwas only after it was introduced to France that it developed into what it istoday. In the United States and Japan, it started to become popular in the 1980s,and in Korea, it was introduced in the name of ‘Tiramisu’ following Japan in1991. However, Tiramisu at this time became famous not as a cake, but as thename of chocolate produced by Lotte Confectionery, and only in the late 1990sdid it become more known as an authentic dessert cake.


– Butter Cake

Butter cake is aterm that refers to all cakes that are richly added with butter and are usednot only as a dessert but also as a meal replacement. St. Louis Baked ButterCake and Almond Butter Cake, etc., are characterized by a very soft texture anda taste that seems to melt in the mouth.

Butter cake evolvedfrom pound cake. Pound cake is a cake that is baked for a long time over a lowheat and was first made in England. Its name comes from a recipe for poundcake, which is made with the basic ingredients, such as eggs, flour, sugar, andbutter, set to 1 pound. Recently [when?], rather than pointing to a specificcake, plain butter cake and cakes made by adding dried fruits to this plainbutter cake are collectively referred to.


– Roll cake

Roll cake is alsocalled Swiss roll in English and originally meant a cake with jelly, but in theprocess of developing as a basic item of Western-style bakery, syrup andwhipped cream were spread on the cake sheet and other ingredients such as fruitwere spread. It came to be used as a term referring to a column-shaped cakemade by rolling a sheet after adding (filling).


– Mousse Cake

Mousse cake is asoft cake like foam, ‘mousse’ is French for soap or beer foam. It is a form ofwhipped cream, egg whites, and gelatin added to a puree of ground fruit andthen raised on a sponge cake sheet. It is a distinctive feature from othercakes that it must be frozen after completion. And because of thesecharacteristics, it has a texture between ice cream and jelly.

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