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Making coconut macaroon that disappears in your mouth


– Unsweetened Coconut

– Gravity

– Egg whites

– Sugar

– Butter

– Salt



1. Mix coconut with sugar, all-purpose flour and salt

2. Melt butter and mix with egg whites to form a ball

3. Bake for 20 minutes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees


Information on the food we made


What is Macaroon?

Macaroon is a type of baked confection similar to meringue.It looks similar to Korean night snacks. Small cakes or biscuits, usually madefrom almond meal, coconut, or other nuts. It is made with sugar and spices,food coloring, candied cherries, jam or chocolate coating, or a combination ofvarious ingredients, and some recipes use sweetened condensed milk.


Macaroon? Macaron?

Although macaroon and macaron are quite different sweets fromtheir appearance, the two sweets are often confused. Macaroon, which does notuse much wheat flour, has gained a lot of popularity as a Passover food amongItalian Jews. It was because there was no flour or leaven in the macaroon andit could be eaten during the Passover. In this way, macaroon was developedunder the influence of Jewish traditional sweets, while macaron began to gaingreat popularity in France and was greatly influenced by the French style.Macaroon is a snack made using coconut, and unlike macarons of various colors,macaroon is known as one color. The names of both sweets are derived frommacarone, and the ingredients used for cooking are similar, such as sugar, eggwhites, and almonds or coconuts.

In the 1800s, desserts using coconuts exported from Indiawere popular in the United States, but instead of adding almond paste tomacarons, coconuts were used to change the shape of macaroon.


What is Coconut?

Coconut is the fruit of the coco palm tree. Eat green or ripefruits as fruits. You can get coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut cream.Coconuts are mostly grown around the equatorial coast. The reason is that palmtrees, such as coconut trees, grow well when they are exposed to sunlight for along time, and they tolerate high salinity well, but they must have highprecipitation because they need to replenish water lost due to osmoticpressure. The largest producer is the Philippines, producing 2 million tons peryear. It is followed by Indonesia, India and Brazil.


Coconut Harvest

Palm trees do not have branches in the middle, and are ashigh as 4 to 6 m. Inside the light green outer bark, there is a dense and thicklydeveloped fibrous layer like tough wood. The outer skin and fibrous layer mustbe peeled off to reveal the innermost seed. The edible part is the contentinside the seed, which is very hard unlike the outer husk and the middlefibrous layer. You cannot cut without a saw or machete or wine opener. However,since it is a seed, there is a gap that can open naturally, so if you know thetrick, you can cut it without any special tools.

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