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Funfetti angel food cake with non fat frosting


 – Sprinkles

 – Fat-free milk powder

 – Fat-free milk

 – Weak flour

 – Egg whites

 – Sugar

 – Salt

 – Lemon juice

 – Banana Express



1. Add egg whites and sugar and mix.

2. When bubbles rise, add sugar, salt, and lemon juice and mix.

3. Add vanilla extract and soft flour and mix again.

4. Lastly, add sprinkles and mix evenly.

5. Bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 30 minutes.

6. Add nonfat milk powder and nonfat milk and mix.

7. The consistency should not be too thin or thick, so adjust it with milk andpowder.

8. Store in the refrigerator for about 60 minutes to complete the frosting.

9. Finish by decorating the finished frosting on the angel food cake.


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What is Sprinkle?

The main ingredient is sugar, and it is a stick-shaped cookie of various colors.Sprinkle or mix to decorate cakes, cookies, cookies, etc. Funfetti are sweetsmade by adding sprinkles to the dough and baking.


What is Frosting?

Frostingis a sugar mixture used to fill and coat foods such as cakes and cookies.Frosting is made by mixing various ingredients such as milk, whipped cream, andpowdered sugar, and should be soft and easy to apply. Non-fat milk powder andnon-fat milk are also used to make fat-free frosting.



What is Angel Food Cake?

It is a white sponge cake baked onlywith egg whites. It is called angel food cake because it is white and so lightthat angels can eat it and still fly without losing weight. The angel food cakeshould be beaten until the egg whites are firm, and it is recommended to usesoft wheat flour for better leavening. It is recommended to use a serratedknife to cut the angel food cake. A straight blade compresses the cake and isnot suitable for cutting. Depending on the region, it is used as a wedding cakeor even at funeral receptions with the idea that the dead live in heaven amongangels

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