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Halloween scream cheese and spider web brownies


 – Dark chocolate

 – White chocolate

 – Cocoa powder

 – Weak flour

 – Butter

 – Egg

 – Sugar

 – Vanilla extract

 – Cream cheese

 – Lemon juice



1. Mix darkchocolate and melted butter.

2. Mixvanilla extract, sugar and eggs in a new bowl.

3. Whilemixing 1 and 2, mix cocoa powder and soft flour together.

4. Bake in anoven preheated to 170 degrees for about 15 minutes.

5. Mix creamcheese, sugar, and eggs until slightly runny.

6. Placecheese on top of brownies baked for 15 minutes.

7. Bake in anoven preheated to 170 degrees for about 20 minutes.

8. Melt darkand white chocolate for decoration.

9. Spreaddark chocolate evenly over the brownies.

10. Finally,we will use white chocolate to decorate the spider web.

11. Sprinklewhite chocolate all over the cake.

12. Use afork or knife to draw white chocolate like a spider web.


Information on our food



What is Halloween?

Halloween isan English-American event, and it is believed that the spirits of the deadappear on the last day of October, so people go around wearing costumes such asghosts, witches, or monsters to avoid being stolen. Recently, it is regarded asan anniversary of a commercial and cultural nature. Foods that representHalloween include:

 – Pumpkin Pie

 – Pumpkin Bread

 – Pumpkin Candy

 – AppleCandy

 – Corn candy

 – Jellies in the shape of spiders, bats, andworms


What are Brownies?

It is asquare chocolate cake and is commonly used as a brownie, although chocolatebrownie is correct. Brownie was born in the United States, and while makingchocolate cake, I accidentally didn’t add baking powder, so I made a cake thatdidn’t rise, but it tasted surprisingly good, so everyone liked it.


What is Cheese?

Cheese is asolid food made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk or other mammalianmilk. Cheese is made in a variety of ways depending on the type of raw materialand manufacturing method. Representative countries that make cheese includeItaly, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Turkey. Cheese is a fermentedfood that is naturally made by eating animal milk. The oldest traces of cheesein history have been found in ancient Egyptian earthenware around 2300 BC. Ingeneral, cheese is made by mixing milk with lactic acid bacteria and fermentingit with lactic acid. Lactic acid lowers the pH of the milk and causes it tocoagulate, giving off the distinctive flavor of cheese. It is usually white,but yellow dye may be added to it. To make coagulation more certain, use asmall amount of rennet to make it into a yogurt-like form, cut the coaguluminto small pieces, wash it, lower the temperature, and add salt. Then put it ina mold and apply pressure to complete the cheese.


Cheese Dish

 – Carbonara

 – Raclette

 – Macaroni and Cheese

 – Cheeseburger

 – Cheese French Fries

 – Cheese ball

 – Cheese sticks

 – Cheesecake

 – Pizza

 – Gratin

 – Lasagna

 – Pungdu


What is chocolate?

Chocolate isa kind of sweet-tasting snack made by adding sugar to cacao mass refined fromcacao beans. The etymology is derived from chocolate, which means bitter waterin Nahuatl, a drink made from cacao beans and red pepper by the MexicanMessica. For reference, chocolate mold is very bitter, so it’s good to taste itcarefully.


Chocolate ishardened into a solid, or powdered into a liquid to drink, and is used as aningredient in many desserts. Just like the chocolate cookies we made today.


Cacao, the rawmaterial of chocolate, was used as a drink or medicine by Mexican natives,calling cacao beans, the seed of cacao, a gift from God, and was also used ascurrency. Later, European explorers encountered it and became known to theWest. At that time, it was very bitter because no sugar was added and was drunkonly in beverage form, so it was said to be very different from chocolate insolid form today. At that time, there was no sugar in America, so it is saidthat people enjoyed the spicy and bitter taste by adding red pepper. Afterbeing introduced to Europe, people started drinking it with sugar to reduce thebitter taste. In the 1800s, manufacturing technology was developed in theNetherlands and spread to other countries. After that, it was made into thesame shape as today’s milk chocolate by Daniel Peter and Henri Nestlé inSwitzerland.


Types ofChocolate

Chocolate isclassified according to various criteria such as taste, material, and shape.Today, we are going to look at the types according to taste.


– DarkChocolate:

– Milkchocolate

– Whitechocolate

– RubyChocolate

– Ganache

– PralineChocolate

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