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korean restaurant / 2,000 won noodle collection – 495

I'm happy even in line
! Busan Seomyeon's best value for money 2,000 won noodle shop

On a pleasant day with a cool breeze, a high blue autumn sky, and
still warm sunshine
, I stumbled upon a memorable confectionary store with my friends. Memorable bad food items sold in front of elementary school are all over this place. We picked up our
favorite snacks one by one
. Apollo, chewy, lotto, jewel rings, etc. While we enjoyed chatting while looking at the same sweets over a
decade ago and now, it was
the price that clearly made
me feel that so many years had passed
. “Once upon a time, it only cost 100
.” (It's 500 won now lol haha).

The proportion of “food” in monthly expenses is enormous these days. In fact, I often think of the “food price” of memories more than the food I remember.
In fact, it is said that the price of
jajangmyeon, which is currently between
4,000 won and 5,000 won, was around 1,000 won to 2,000 won
in the 1990s, so wouldn't you be very happy if you
could eat a delicious meal at this price even now

So Hyeja Road Team found it. A delicious one-meal restaurant that's still enough for
2,000 won
! The
place I visited this time was Seomyeon in Busan, the city of flavors
. In fact, Seomyeon is one of Busan's most famous downtown areas, so it's called “Busan's Myeongdong,” but is there really a Hyeja restaurant in this downtown area? If you have doubts, why don't we meet? You can't help but fall in love with the
charm of Hyeja Hye-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-san

If you go to Seomyeon Street, where the charm of the market is properly mixed with the charm of a downtown area, you'll be surprised by the number of franchise stores that are significantly
smaller than in Seoul
, and once again surprised by the cheap restaurants hidden in every corner. Among them, the hidden restaurant is definitely one of the best

“Hwajeon Guksu” is a noodle and gukbap specialty store . It's inside a small
alley, so it's easy to pass by right in front of you if you're a first-time traveler
. (I really went through a few times before I
found it

1444787134017019 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Find a hidden restaurant in a small alley next to LG U+, behind the new Judy Star-Hwa building .

1444787148028021 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

The “Hwajeon Guksu” sign at the entrance of the alley .

1444787161255022 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Once inside the alley, the orange sign is easy to find .

1444787186119023 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

A small space that can seat about thirty people

1444787260852026 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

The most expensive menu is only 3,000 won !

1444787271164028 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

bar (?) A
Hwajeon noodle shop that even has seats so you can come alone

After receiving reports that they were eating in line at lunchtime, customers kept coming in even though they visited around 4 p.m., which was the least crowded. There were
three tables for 6 people (and an auxiliary chair added each),
two tables for 2
people, and a place where they could sit in a row to eat, but there were only about 30 people
in a row. For a moment, I thought, “It's so small, but I need that many people…”, and all the employees
didn't have time to rest due to the huge turnover rate
. (Do you
know how fast you eat and go, and how many people come

The characteristic of this place is that many people come alone to eat , so it's natural to sit together. When I was
wandering around looking for a vacant seat
, they guided me to an empty seat at a table for 6 people. Up to now, a
total of three teams have joined together
. However, no one was uncomfortable or concerned,
and they were eating as if it were a matter of course
. The atmosphere was quiet compared to a small store full of customers.

OK, let's place an order now? The people sitting at the same table were eating bibimbap (2,500 won), but if it's a noodle specialty store, of course, noodles! I always liked noodles very much
, so I ordered hot noodles without any hesitation
. And a word that comes back. “It's prepaid.” Yes , it is. This is prepaid. Also, nowadays, there
are people who only carry cards without cash, but
be sure to pack cash when you go here ~ I can't get a
. (That's why I picked up cash at a convenience store..)

1444787504945041 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Onguksu that came out at the speed of light followed by disgrace given at the speed of light

1444787316661030 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

wonder if a huge amount of sheep
can eat it all

1444787327207031 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Unpack the sauce under the piles of seaweed and chives ~

1444787349677032 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Now it's time to take a bite !!!!

1444787360826033 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Water and kakuteki are
, noodles are unconditionally goopo noodles ~

1444787378564034 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

You're also
satisfied with the origin, right

Onguksu is
made from simmering light anchovy broth with chewy gupo noodles and boiled jeongguji (Gyeongsang-do dialect of “chives”), seaweed
powder, and perilla powder. It's probably just a lot of noodles… if you think about it,
you're wrong
! Fresh broth, chewy noodles , and a bunch of green
!! I was moved by the texture and asked about the identity of the vegetable, and the staff looked at me
to see if they didn
't know it, and said, “Jeongguji!” He told me that. (Jeongguji is the Gyeongsang-do dialect of chives) No, is this really the chives I've always eaten All the ingredients came together to create a very light and refreshing flavor, but the chewy gupo noodles and the chives, which have a
texture, were truly amazing,
and I took in a bowl
. (I almost bought a box of Gupo noodles!!)

Another signature dish
of this place
is beef gukbap. It's a noodles/gukbap specialty store, so you won't be able to taste it, right? If you make an earthenware pot, Chinese cabbage kimchi will come
it. A special side dish offered only to those who eat rice (?) It is. Again, a light and cool gukbap soup! It also contains plenty of beef, but it's
3,000 won! It was raining and it was a bit cold on this day, but a bite of hot soup that makes you feel refreshed is a perfect menu for Haejang soup. The garnish of green onions topped with lots of green onions is Hualong! Again, the soup may overflow
if you're a little careful with a generous amount, so be careful when you brew your first drink
~ (I really don't like leaving food behind, but in the end, gukbap is enough to leave behind even after eating a lot…!!)

1444787400041035 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

gukbap packed tightly in an earthenware pot

1444787410325036 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Lots of soup
, lots of rice, lots of bean sprouts, lots of meat, lots of waves !

1444787433939037 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Did you know that bean sprouts actually contain a lot of ingredients that are good for haejang ?

1444787452085038 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Put kimchi on a bowl of gukbap and enjoy!!!

Even on a simple scale, Hwajeon
Guksu has kept this alley consistent for 10 years
. It's not enough to be called Seomyeon's representative Hyeja restaurant. It's not a place where you can relax and chat and eat, but I felt like it was a place where you could really
focus on the “food.
It's a place where you can feel the food and the taste of not sparing the ingredients, even though the prices are cheap.
It's perfect for eating with a light heart and coming out pleasantly. Personally, I recommend gukbap for seafood, and I usually recommend the noodle menu. If you like spicy flavors, I also recommend Bibim noodles !

[Store Information ]

â‘  Address: 27-4, Jungang-daero 702beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan (168-407, Bujeon-dong)

â‘¡ Menu: Onguksu 2,000 won, bibimbap 2,500 won, beef gukbap 3,000 won

â‘¢ Business hours
: 11:00 to 21:30 (closed on the first and third Sundays)

Shikigami's one-line review
: I found a huge house and the sake was delicious too! Great price
! The boss is very kind!

⑤ Hyeja Index
: 9 points



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