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korean restaurant / 2015 travel bucket list selected by readers, Changshado – 165

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Chosen by Cheongsa-lantern readers

2015 travel bucket list, Changsha

I followed the scent of camellia in the distance from Namdo to greet me in the spring. A flower island blooming on the sea, Jangsa-do in Tongyeong.

Editor Park Eun-kyung

Jangsa-do, located 21.5 km south of Tongyeong Port, belongs to Maejang-ri, Hansan-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, as an administrative district. The island, which is 400 meters wide and 1.9 km long, looks like a long snake, and is called the “Red Snake Island.” It was also called “Libi Island” or “Jamsado” because it looked like a silkworm. “Nimbi” means a silkworm.

It is said that there were once 80 residents from 14 families living on the island. It was in the early 1900s that people first began to live in Changsha Island. Then they gradually began to drop out in the 1990s, and now there is not a single person left.

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After being renovated for over 10 years, the city of Changsha, where people left, was reborn as a “camellia at the Changshado Marine Park” in December 2011. “Camellia (Camellia)” is the English word for camellia, meaning “true love,” “integrity,” and “moderation.”

The reason why the island, which was compared to a snake and a silkworm, became a flower is because, as the name suggests, it is full of camellias. There are about 100,000 camellia trees in Changsha Island. In particular, when camellias bloom in late March to early and mid-April, the whole island is covered with red flowers and looks like one big flower.

Two painstaking hours spent on Flower Island

Jangsa-do can only be reached by boat from Tongyeong and Geoje. It takes about 40 minutes from Tongyeong Cruise Terminal and 10 to 20 minutes from Geoje Gapae Port, Jeogu Port, and Daepo Port.

It doesn't matter where you start, but there are two things you must remember. Since you have to go out on the same boat, the viewing is limited to two hours, and the entrance and exit pier are different. There are good information signs all over the island, so there's no need to worry, but it's a good idea to pack a guide for a more structured tour and get on the boat in time. It only takes about 2 hours to get a map at the entrance and walk around the island in the order written. The road is comfortable enough for men, women and children of all ages.

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When you get off at the pier and enter the central plaza first, you'll be greeted by a statue of a woman lying on the open sea in the background. After meeting this woman like Anbangma from Changsa-do, I head to the next step, Changsa-do Bunkyo. The Changsa-do Branch Bridge, which doubles as a bonsai garden, is located on the west side of the central plaza. The one-square-meter school building that would have sounded like a few decades ago is the same as it used to be.

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Instead of smiling children, dozens of bonsai trees have an elegant appearance on the small playground. On one side, you can see the <> drama that filmed Sutap Street. The pictures of the protagonists who took pictures together with their faces on their faces make me want to follow along at least once.

When I get out of school and cross the red rainbow bridge, I run past the Snail Observatory, Seung Observatory, and Dado Observatory. There are various attractions in Changsa-do, such as the Dongbaek Tunnel, branch schools, and churches, but you can't miss the cool views that can be seen from everywhere. The entire island, which is about 100 meters above sea level, is like an observatory overlooking Hallyeo Marine National Park. There are only 16 places named “observatories” because of the beautiful scenery that can be seen. If you stand at observation decks built all over the island, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the large and small islands of Hallyeo Capital, such as Bijin, Jokji, Hansan, Retail Mun, Daedeok, and Sodeokdo, as well as Tsushima, Japan as far away as Tsushima, Japan.

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After visiting the three impressive observatories and passing under the rainbow bridge, you'll find a greenhouse. The half-moon shaped greenhouse, which displays cacti, succulents, and orchids, is representative of Jangsa-do. The rooftop, which doubles as an observatory, has cute statues that are easy to take pictures, and is always crowded with couples and children.

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After visiting the greenhouse, the island house comes out. In fact, Changsa is also the house where the citizens of the Republic of Korea lived. The atmosphere of an island village quietly permeates from the kitchen hut and roof. The song “When Mom Goes to Pick Oysters in the Shade of an Island,” which appears anywhere in the house, adds a sad feeling.

After leaving the island house and walking through the gallery to the maze garden, it's finally the Camellia Tunnel. The 60-meter-long tunnel is full of red camellias. Even though my heart is overwhelmed by the flowers that have fallen as if my throat is broken, I feel like I'm leaving without regret when I'm at my worst, and I'm really envious.

After staying in the tunnel for a long time, when you walk outside, you can see an outdoor extension next to the bathroom. The stage with the sea in the background is exotic. It is also famous as the place where the two main characters of “Stardom” filmed their kiss scene. The schedule of performances can be found on the homepage (

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If you've made it this far, your trip to Changsha is almost over. If you cross the bathroom of the venue, stop at the owl observatory, and climb back in the direction of the venue, you will come across a mail load. There is a <행복> <> engraved on it by Lee Yeong-do, the founder of Cheong Ma Yu-hwan and a postbox with a poem engraved on it. There is also Cheongma Street in Tongyeong city, but meeting Cheongma on the remote island of Jangsa-do is unusually pleasant. If you have time, you can send me a letter. The letter will be delivered on the desired date.

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If you keep walking in the same direction, you'll find a barefoot garden and a church. On top of that, there is a nubhouse where you can easily fill your stomach and a cafeteria where you can relax while drinking a cup of tea. On the right side of Nubi House is a beautiful island observatory. Here, you can clearly see Sojido, an island called a beautiful island because it resembles a woman lying down.

Now it's time to diligently head to the exit pier. A downhill road continues between the cafeteria and church, and at the end, a boat returns to the shore. If you have the time and energy to spare, don't go straight down to the pier; you can explore the outdoor gallery on the opposite side of the Indian Observatory.

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Changsha Travel Information

1. The way to find it

To get to Jangsa-do, you have to take a cruise from Tongyeong and Geoje. If you take the Tongyeong Interchange on the Daejeon Jungyeong Expressway and take a cruise to Jangsa-do from Tongyeong Cruise Terminal (055-645- 2307) in Donam-dong, it takes about 40 minutes. It takes 10 to 20 minutes to reach Gapae Port in Dongbu-myeon (055-638-1122), Jeogu Port in Nambu-myeon (055-632-4500), and Daepo Port (055-633-9401) in Geoje-si.

The fee is 21,000 won on weekdays and 20,000 won on weekends in Tongyeong. Geoje Gapae Port and Daepo Port 16,000 won, Jeogu Port 15,000 won. Cruise hours are 2 times on weekdays (11:00, 14:00) and 4 times on weekends (10:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00) in Tongyeong. Geoje Gabae Port once a week (14:00), 2 weekends (11:00, 14:00), Jeogu Port 2 times (10:30 to 11:00, 13:30 to 14:00), and 2 times at Daepo Port (10:00, 13:30). Cruise services are flexible, so call the city of Bande to inquire in advance.

2. Viewing information

• There is an entrance fee to Changsha Island. It's 8500 won for adults, 7,000 won for middle and high school students, and 5,000 won for children.

• Viewing hours are from 8:30 to 17:00 from October to March, and from 8:00 to 19:00 from April to September. Admission is only possible until 2 hours before closing, and admission fees are not refundable even in case of rain.

• Closed on the day before and on the day of Lunar New Year Also, it is difficult to watch when the cruise ship is cancelled due to bad weather.

3. Tourist inquiries

Camellia at Jangsa-do Marine Park 055-633-0362,



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