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korean restaurant / 2016 Incheon Gourmet Map – 730

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Winter clothes were already in, and bright spring clothes adorned the show window. The green shoots began to grow. It's spring now. I thought… but the temperature is still swaying awkward~ but the sunshine alone makes me feel quite like spring. They say that on the weekend, the spring energy settles down again and you can really enjoy spring, so let's take a break from the neighborhood and explore restaurants. Spring is shorter than I thought. Wear laces on sneakers before the hot summer comes.

Not far from Seoul. A place where a big city and the sea coexist. Chinatown, Songdo, Wolmido, Incheon International Airport, Eulwang-ri… In Incheon, where there are many popular places for casual outings, there are also many secret restaurants. I was able to relax my shriveled shoulders and feel refreshed while taking pictures of Incheon's seascapes and going to restaurants. The food I ate on the outing was so delicious ☆

1458112535597086 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

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Pyeongane miso

Gwon O-gil Son Guksu

Jeong Ah Sik Dang

Sushi kid

Haesong sambap

Hwanghae Seafood Kalguksu

Red pox disease

Sipri incense

Rookie of the Year

Republic of Korea


New York bagel and cream cheese

Buam ribs

Wagyu Holic

Scallop noodles



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