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korean restaurant / 2016 Namhae Gourmet Map: Yeosu, Namhae, Tongyeong, Geoje – 644

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The winter sea is pleasant even when the weather is sluggish and the wind blows. Teeth are stiff, hands and feet flabby. Still, there is a different charm than summer when the breasts are piercing. I feel like I've become an atmospheric person when I come to the winter sea..? Of course, in the wind, my head would lose its place and wander like a girl running at you. If you go with someone some girl, think about a style that's great even when you're in the mood. Also, there's no need to worry about restaurants with food guidance from Shikishin! Don't miss out on seafood that seems to be fresher and more chewy in the winter!

What if I'm worried that I'll lose weight at the beginning of the new year because I've eaten too much? Another way is to snoop at a detox juice shop to get rid of swelling and toxins from your body in a short period of time!

1452160553494323 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

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But I don't know Alanga. Lunar New Year is coming soon.. It's just getting stabbed a little bit earlier anyway… If you eat it deliciously, it's 0 kcal.

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Ox Diner

Yeosu Dolge Restaurant

Dada Hanteishoku

Dongbaek Hall

Toad crab

Dolsan Restaurant


Jeonju sashimi shop

Four seasons

Korea-Japan Pavilion

Rotary cafeteria

Dumpling shop


Our restaurant

Mizo Restaurant

Samdado Seafood Restaurant

Baigane anchovy sambap


Wonjo rural halmae makgeolli

Moon sky

Treasure Island Namhae Korean Beef Plaza




Fat girl gimbap


Saengsaenggul Village Daepungwan

Omisa honey bread

Original Shirakkuk

Korean-Japanese gimbap

Manseong Bokjip

Chungmu Restaurant

Dalin chungmu gimbap

Tongyeong Chambok

Tongyeong Famous Street

The Tongyeong Pizza

Seafood price

Tongyeong Dorak


Fresh crackers

One million stones

Original seafood country

Cheonhwa Garden

Geoje oyster grill

Wonjo Geoje grilled oyster

Schumann and Clara

If you do it



Kangseong sashimi restaurant



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