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korean restaurant / 2016 Seoul Midnight Food Delivery Taste Map – 879

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Cheering for the Olympics is also after the meal! A late-night meal delivery
A late-night meal is essential for watching the Olympics during the Liberation Day holiday!

As the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics reached its 8th day of opening, the heat continues day by day

Thanks to the support of the people, the Republic of Korea is promoting while maintaining the top 10 overall ranking.

Major games are held in the early morning hours due to the time difference with Brazil, where the Olympics are held, so if you spend the night with open eyes

It's about to come out before you know it… Here are some late-night food delivery restaurants in Seoul that will quickly and deliciously satisfy your hunger when this happens.

Some of the selected restaurants have their own delivery services,

It also includes places where delivery is possible through popular delivery apps recently, so there's a wide range of choices!

If you look at the major restaurants selected, the strength of “Chine Nim” stands out. “Today's Chicken”, which has maintained its place of popularity in Sinchon since 1977, “Samwoo Chicken Center,” an electric grilled chicken that can be eaten casually without fat, and was also selected as a good restaurant

From “Chicken in the Chicken” in Hongdae, various chicken-themed dishes were selected, starting with chicken.

Pig's feet, which are essential for late-night meals, are also included on the map, and the satisfied Ohyang pork foot, known as Seoul's top three pig's feet, is at Wangsimni

They have their own delivery service, and you can also find “matsui pig's feet” at the shrine and “honey thigh pig's feet” in Yongsan at home.

Delivery was not possible before, but it also included restaurants where you can easily enjoy delicious food at home through delivery apps.

“Mokpojip”, a famous chicken stew restaurant located at the shrine, “Busan Restaurant” famous for steamed monkfish, and “Octopus & Chicken,” which has an excellent chewy flavor

If you use “Shikigami Hero,” a delivery service provided by Shikigami, you can enjoy delivery even when it's late.

+ Shikigami is hosting a “Shikigami Hero Midnight Meal Discount Event” so that people can enjoy the Olympics even more

A tip that you can get an instant 3,000 won discount when you pay for an order from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. every evening during the Olympics!

(However, delivery is only possible in some parts of Gangnam, so check the Food & Drink app for details.)

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