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It reminds me of a bowl of udon full of white seaweed in the cold season. When I was in elementary school, udon was a clear soup that was comparable to jajangmyeon in a Chinese restaurant. Udon noodles with yellowish cuttlefish and onions; udon made by adding a few more mussels at restaurants that say it's OK . On the day I wanted to imitate an adult, I remember putting it in place of jajangmyeon, which is a dark brown delicacy, and having fun among my friends . When I entered college and got a chance to ride an express bus, Udon, a new rest stop, came along. Yogi udon is perfect for a short break. The garnish of tempura powder , green onions, and red pepper powder is full of seasoning, but the umami of a clean empty bowl leaves your mouth happy until you arrive I made it. When I get to work, I come across another upgraded version of udon. It is a pot udon topped with a soft-boiled egg as a garnish. I put it in a simmered pot while it was boiling, and it often heated my mouth, but I put the soft-boiled yolk in the bonito broth and put the soft-boiled yolk in the skipjack tuna broth, spoonful at a time The flavor of the broth of wabi-udon that is eaten by scooping is perfect for a deep-fried seafood menu.

Up to this point, it's a memorable udon. However, even now, it's a udon that I often find and eat. Recently, one type of udon has been added to this. “My mischievous raccoon” is a udon inspired by an advertisement copy of a ramen company. This is Japanese-style udon, which has established itself as a high-class noodle menu at a price comparable to Italian pasta. Aside from taste, it is captivating the taste buds of young people by opening up a new world of udon with its clean and clean interior and friendly service.

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In fact, if you look up the word udon in a dictionary, it comes up as “a non-standard word for garak noodles. ” It's a Japanese pronunciation of “ondon (),” which means noodles eaten warm. When I looked for garak noodles again, they said, “This is one of the noodles with a thick rib. Or they boiled it and made it into “food cooked in a clear soup.” Unfortunately , udon, which is in our stomachs, is a completely different food from garak noodles.

In Japan, udon is the soul food of the whole nation. In Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, the home of “Sanuki udon,” which is synonymous with Japanese udon, udon that is popular among adults and children alike I spend my time immersed in noodles.

It's no exaggeration to say that they eat udon like a staple food, and they are so ingrained in the “taste of hometown” that they cross one house to another udon shop It's there. It's difficult to just accept it as eating it that way because it's cheap. There are also many high-end udon specialty stores that are as elegant as a dinner meal.

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In Japan, udon is the soul food of the whole nation.

As with all food, Japanese udon has different styles depending on the region. In the Kansai region, noodles are made with a clear broth and noodles with a focus on chewy and plump noodles, while in the Kanto region, soft noodles with a rich soy sauce soup flavor We will be presenting udon. When it comes to udon in Japan, not all udon is Sanuki udon. The three major specialties in Japan are Sanuki udon in Kagawa, Inaniwa udon in Akita, and Mizusawa udon in Gunma. Sanuki udon is made by stepping firmly on the well-kneaded noodles with your foot to remove the noodles, but even if you boil them in hot water for 10 minutes or more, they are chewy Crab is characteristic. Locals in Kagawa enjoy eating a menu called Sanuki bukkake udon, and they put hot noodles in a wooden bowl and make ginger juice like soba (soba noodles) It is eaten after soaking it in tsuyu (rich soy sauce soup) containing radish juice. The chewy noodles you never get tired of eating are similar to the biscuits you ate when you were in the military.

Inaniwa udon noodles are flat-shaped noodles similar to Korean kishimen noodles. However, it is not a cotton plucked by pushing it out; it is dried by holding a branch in both hands and stretching it. Although the noodles are thin, their chewy flavor is as good as Sanuki udon. Gunma, famous for Kusatsu Hot Springs and Ikaho Hot Springs, has Mizusawa udon, which lives up to its reputation as the second largest wheat producer in the country. It is popular among tourists visiting hot springs for its smooth luster and chewy flavor. Instead of mizusawa udon, there are also cases where Aichi Prefecture's kishimen, which has a wide range of noodles, is selected as one of the top three udon.

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In Korea , udon is imprinted on the head as a noodle made by rolling the noodles in a hot broth. However, Japanese udon is sometimes eaten chilled, and boiled noodles, like soba, are also commonly eaten dipped in tsuyu. It's a very confusing part when you first visit, but if you know a few menu terms, you can enjoy it even more.

Freshly boiled, rinsed in cold water, then rolled up in warm broth is called kake udon. The amount of sliced green onions usually goes up, but you can pay more and order additional garnishes such as tempura or fish cake It's there. It is called kiln udon when freshly boiled noodles are dipped in hot tsuyu without rinsing them in cold water. Gama Bukkake udon is eaten by pouring seasoning on warm noodles. Like soba, zaru udon comes “noodles separately and soup separately,” and is eaten by soaking the noodles in cold water. Here , a sack (sack) means a colander.

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The name of the menu also changes depending on the garnish, but kitsune udon is udon topped with deep-fried tofu. Kitsune means fox, and it was created because foxes like deep-seated women. Tanuki udon is topped with tempura crumbs. Tempura udon has deep-fried shrimp or squid added; zukimi udon has raw eggs; doro udon is dried; wakame udon has wakame seaweed I put it in.

A place with delicious udon

Kami udon

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Kami Udon Wakame Udon

This is a place where a Japanese chef from Kagawa Prefecture presents Sanuki udon with thick, chewy noodles. The noodles are handmade by the chef, and when all the noodles made that day are used up, the shop closes. If you're lucky, you can see noodles being picked directly from the window. You can find udon that has the charm of clean Japanese food without any clutter. There aren't many menus, but you can enjoy a clean and clean taste no matter what menu you choose. The biggest appeal of this place is that the price of udon is quite reasonable. Kake udon is 5,000 won. The set menu with fried chicken added to this costs 7500 won.

23, Hongik-ro 2-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 02-322-3302

Kanemaya Noodle Mill

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Kanemaya noodle soup with fried chicken

They sell a variety of menus, such as on-udon, cold udon, and tempura, and the most famous menu is on-udon. It is a udon with a unique flavor that combines broth mixed with broth and tsuyu over a long period of time, and green onions roasted over a strong fire. The soup is quite thick, but if it doesn't suit your taste, ask the staff for a clear broth to season it. It's interesting to look at the menu because there are ways to enjoy each menu deliciously. Kanemaya Onudon is 5,000 won per bowl. Deep-fried chicken with a crispy texture costs 2500 won for 2 pieces. Hongdae Main Branch 360-10, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 02-322-0141

Udon Kaden

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Remove the noodles by stepping on the dough directly on the spot. It is said that the chewy, chewy noodles have gone through two aging processes to further enhance their texture. Kakiage udon (8500 won), made by deep-frying shrimp, onions, and burdock as garnishes, combines Sanuki-style noodles with Osaka-style soup You can enjoy it. You can also find a variety of other menus, such as shrimp cream udon, kitsune udon (deep-fried udon), and curry udon. Ebiden bukkake udon topped with deep-fried prawns

(8500 won) is a favorite menu for customers who want simple flavors. 391-5, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 02-6463-6362

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Udon Kaden Ebiden Bukkake Udon


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It's a place you can't leave out when talking about Sanuki udon. After going through Mok-dong and Yeongdeungpo Ward Offices, I recently settled in Hapjeong. Kyodaiya is Korea

It is also famous as a place where Japanese people who live here go when they miss the flavors of their hometown. Sanuki udon noodles are made using the traditional method to make the most of their chewy and chewy texture. The flavor of the soup is as deep as the noodles, so if you eat a bowl on a cold winter day, the inside will be hot. If you want to enjoy the taste of noodles, go for saku bukkake or kiln bukkake; if you want to enjoy the taste of soup , you should go for kake udon or tempura udon . Tempura udon set meal with tempura and deep-fried sushi is 13,000 won. 39 Seongji-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 02-2654-2645

Genroku udon

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Kenroku Udon Side Menu Inari (Yubu Sushi)

The most famous item on the menu at Genroku Udon is Chidori Udon, a representative udon from the Gyusu region of Japan. In Japanese, jidori means a local specialty, that is, free-range chicken. Hand-picked noodles topped with well-boiled chicken and fire-flavored green onions, then seasoned with salty soy sauce Udon is eaten with soup. With tuna , dried mackerel, horse mackerel, and kelp, we had the deep flavor of the broth and even the mouth-watering fire flavor before eating It's all in a bowl. You can order two times minus two or three at the same price, providing unlimited support for young people who have no money and are hungry I receive it. Chidori udon 7000 won. Hongdae Main Branch 2F, 39, Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul. 023025-8555


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Dongpyeong-dong curry udon

Curry udon, which was popular until a few years ago, has recently become quite popular. The place that introduced curry udon for the first time in Korea was Donggyeong-dong in Euljiro Sangga. It is said that when the owner visited Japan over 30 years ago, he tasted curry udon and came back to Korea to set up a restaurant. Curry made by slicing up potatoes and simmering them thoroughly covers noodles with a familiar texture when sprayed. If you try udon noodles blended with the familiar flavor of curry, you can see why they have been loved by men and women of all ages for over 30 years . It's a place that feels like a food stall and has an excellent value for money. Udon 3500 won, curry udon 3900 won.

26 Eulji-ro 16-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 02-2274-3440


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Mentongdan's Mentongdan Udon and Yaki-udon

This is the udon restaurant of Korean chef Nam Kyung-pyol, who was the first foreigner to graduate from Japan's prestigious cooking school Hattori. Popular menus include traditional Japanese kake udon, zaru udon, and oden udon. They sell cream udon and spicy yaki-udon with creativity unique to male chefs. The noodles are selected by hand, making the most of the Japanese people's favorite chewy flavor and the Korean favorite chewy flavor. The soup is made by adding various ingredients such as dried shiitake , kelp, bonito flakes, anchovies, radishes, and green onions. Deep-fried sushi (2 pieces, 2000 won) served in consideration of customers who don't have enough or insist on “somen noodle soup (finish with rice after eating noodles)” ) is also a delicacy. Mentongdan udon 6500 won.

51-2 Seongnam-daero 997beon-gil, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. 031-755-1222


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It is the origin of Sanuki udon in Korea. This is a place where the owner makes noodles using the authentic Sanuki udon method he learned directly in Japan. Add only the flour and salt water and be sure to step on it with your foot to make the noodles. You can fully enjoy the smooth and plump taste of Sanuki udon. The cotton itself is so clear that it feels transparent. The first way to enjoy this restaurant's udon is to put it in your mouth without taking a picture and be sure to chew it. The soup is refreshing by adding only salt and bonito flakes to a boil. A typical menu is a sack of bukkake (7,000 won), which is eaten by sprinkling sauce on top of neatly rolled udon noodles. #101 Good Morning Plaza, 124, Gumi-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. 031-713-5242



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