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korean restaurant / A college district restaurant for college students who have nowhere to go – 741

In the opening season, the university district is more vibrant than ever. At lunchtime , the thought of gathering three to five people for a meal and looking for a place to eat also begins. I'm no longer impressed by the imones in front of the school, which I used to walk in and out of the door, and the student cafeterias and kiosks that I used to visit during classes. For college students who want to spend time with delicious food rather than just cooking a meal, the SNS Taste Appraisal Group is a university district We have prepared a restaurant. There's no place to go now, so don't get lost and take the lead and guide your friends .

1. 'Coyote Saloon' in Hongdae , with the same taste and style of the mainland

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Coyotesaloon is an impressive restaurant and pub with a wood interior that would be a favorite of western cowboys. You can enjoy beer along with pizza, so people keep visiting not only at lunchtime but also late at night. The signature dish, wood-fired pizza, is popular for its chewy dough and rich toppings and cheese. It's a good idea to note that pizza can also be ordered in half. The savory yet refreshing ricotta cheese and the green grape salad, which contains plenty of large green grape grains, are also popular items on the menu. Since it comes with light flatbread baked in a wood-fired oven, putting ricotta cheese and green grapes on the bread and wrapping it like a wrap and eating it It's the secret to enjoying this house .

2. HipHop restaurant specializing in shrimp , 'Hourframe ' in Daehak-ro

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When you visit Hourframe, the phrase “hip-hop restaurant” written in large letters on the outer wall of the store arouses curiosity. When you enter the store, hip-hop songs and various props make you feel excited. The first floor is a kitchen, and you have to go down to the basement to eat a meal It has a unique structure. In the open kitchen, you can watch the boss cook himself, making it even more popular among women. There are a variety of shrimp dishes, such as garlic butter shrimp, sweet spicy shrimp, and parmesan cheese cream shrimp, but they are the most popular The menu that is on the menu is Spy Shrimp. Spy shrimp is a dish of deep-fried shrimp coated with a special powder and sprinkled with sweet and spicy hot sauce and cheese. It is a delicious blend of savory cream sauce and rigatoni carbonara flavored with oiled eggs.

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▲Shikigin Dancing Cotton Candy review: Absolutely perfect ♡ A restaurant that suits the tastes of girls! The atmosphere is great too!

Ah, the shrimp dish in particular is really a hitBlah, it's spicy and full of cheese

â–²Business hours: 12:00 to 22:00 (closes at 16:00 on Monday) â–²Location: 1F, 53-11 Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: 10,000 won to 15,900 won

3. Seoul National University Kyung Hee University 'Dog ', a restaurant that encompasses foreign universities

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“Dog”, located at the intersection of Tteokjeon Bridge, is a yakiniku restaurant famous for its menu called “Gangster Bulgogi.” The owner is Wang, and since he has come out enough, he refuses to appear on the air, and this place attracts people with its pleasant atmosphere that never changes. The menu says that the price of Gangster Bulgogi is 600 million won, but it's a witty expression of 6,000 won, so it's a good idea to note. Although the price is low, the thick meat goes well with the name Gangster Bulgogi. The meat comes out raw once, but it is thick and must be cooked well. Once the meat is cooked, you can enjoy it even more if you dip a little bit of sauce and curry powder and wrap it with sammu and seaweed. Check out a regular's tip that stir-fried kimchi and corn cones can also be eaten deliciously.

4. The taste of fire in tteokbokki , Kondae 'Seoul Snack'

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Seoul Snack, which has its head office near Seoul Forest, is rapidly growing in popularity to the extent that it recently opened a second store in Kondae. The signature menu, “Jikka Butteok,” doesn't have a strong spiciness, so anyone can feel free to eat it, and has an impressive unique fire flavor It's tteokbokki. “Direct fire oven cheese tteokbokki” is topped with plenty of savory cheese and baked in the oven, and the cheese stretches to further enhance the flavor of tteokbokki . The Mexican-style “Kimchi and Shrimp Fries” is another popular menu item. You can enjoy the rich flavor by putting stir-fried kimchi on Cajun french fries and adding sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, and grana padano cheese. It's also fun to find the 4 hidden shrimps. They sell beers that can be enjoyed with lunch, so it's a good idea to go with “Tteokmak.”

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â–²Shikigami Apple Pie Mashi-chan's review: Tteokbokki tastes bad and it's so delicious!! It's exciting, but it's delicious

I also ordered rice balls, so if you sprinkle them on an open fire and eat them together, they taste like honey ♡

â–²Business hours: 12:00 ~ 23:00 â–²Location: 2nd floor, 47-81 Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: 6,000 won to 13,000 won

5. Gami udon with 38 years of tradition , Idae “Kami Bunsik ”

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It's a traditional food restaurant in Idae that even high school students who have graduated from school always think of that flavor and go there on purpose. Unlike regular udon, the signature dish, kami udon has a red broth mixed with egg. The visuals are reminiscent of ramen, and the noodles are about one-third as thin as regular udon noodles. It features a deep, cool soup made from natural kelp and anchovies. It's a good idea to eat rice made from domestic glutinous rice with minced beef and rice balls. Onigiri with an attractive chewy texture made of glutinous rice are dipped in mustard sauce, and when eaten in mustard sauce, the tangy sauce blends with the savory meat It has an unforgettable flavor.



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