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1426652386304273 Korean Food September 25th, 2023

1426652393714274 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Various organizations promoted Korean food

Bloggers have become witnesses to the bubble theory.

I couldn't see a path forward for Korean food, and
the only thing I
could see was gimbap heaven
, but I couldn't explain what Korean food was
because it was at the level
of “samgyeopsal
and soju.”

Cj pushed
Bibigo to define Korean
Bibigo entered their own league, but it was a success that was hard
to feel, and even
then it was hard
to comprehend.

Due to the irony that cannot be
in the land of Korean food, which is a barren
land of Korean food,
some believers
provided answers to Korean food without an

I made this dough,
<정식당> hit the mochi, and then
ate the mochi
<밍글스> <이십사절기>.

Their achievement is a brilliant achievement
in the history of Korean food.

Some bloggers
may denigrate them for not being glamorous
, and
some broadcasters may disparage them for deviating from orthodox
Korean food.

They are trying to
revive Korean food by stepping on them.

It's not the
they want to globalize Korean food
, but with the keywords
“fusion” and “properly.”

1426652434040277 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

What kind of organization are the people in the Gouhan Association
Opinions of the Korean food I'm talking about “clean and clean” are divided.
The more I insist on Korean food, the
more I insist on going inward
, and I want more simplicity.

The more one wants simplicity and cleanness,
the better it is to leave
the swamp behind and have their own

No words needed.
This sincere interior is proof that
it will overcome those opinions

blank Korean Food September 25th, 2023

1426652456329279 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Foods that come as appetizers

It's the
freshness of being hit in the back together
If you brazenly serve sweet potatoes, you get
a red cabbage as porridge and a fresh spring-flavored salad that's sorry
1426652497337283 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Food is worth checking in.
Fry the appetites and fry the oysters.
The vibrancy of the ingredients
pierces the batter and shows off their appearance, soaking up this endless feast,

and prawns and lobster sprint

Which crustaceans were so colorful?
on the slightly salty
side have plump flesh that doesn't make you feel salty, and
the skin is full
of plump flesh
filled with the richness of the sea
as if
had been before.
1426652532543286 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

The main one definitely shines, but
The lead actor is “Drumfish Country.”
Which drumfish country was like this?
<무교동북어국> I bow my head at this one of the best places in Gangbuk,
many countries with a history of tangban history pass by like
a kaleidoscope
, and I am fascinated by this
clear country.

Rather than the expression
“bulldojo,” because the scent isn't strong, it's a piety
reminds me of a
time when the kings of
Joseon were tired of banquets
and calmed their bodies
with yakiniku soup

am confident and calm, as if I had found a
definite thing
in the complex and subtle flavors.

I'm not envious of
the all-encompassing
anonymous meal <밍글스>.

1426652559789289 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Korea's most common diseases' dessert ',' service '
This place also failed to solve that problem.
Ice cream has
visuals reminiscent of a trio, but <밍글스> they can't keep up with the
and strawberries and ice cream don't harmonize.
After being stored deep in the refrigerator, the
cold air that came out in a
was preserved, and the flavor had already disappeared.

Service is an eternal challenge.
It's hard for “alba” to take responsibility, and
the owner doesn't blame the
business by questioning the “alba”.

Customers who want
service from employees who work under contract have a bad mindset, but it's a
bit too
bad to be treated as a “sommelier” like
any other store

I made this dough,
<정식당> hit the mochi, and then
ate the mochi
<밍글스> <이십사절기>.

In particular, the “value for money” here is unrivaled.
Wherever you go in
the world
, eating this food at this price is close to

Han Joo-pyeong: Complete Korean cuisine ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



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