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korean restaurant / A hiking trail restaurant that will wash away the fatigue of a fall hike – 509

Autumn, when it's not hot or cold, and you can sweat comfortably in the cool breeze, has the best conditions for outdoor activities
. There is no season like fall to enjoy hiking while admiring the spectacular scenery
adorned with beautiful autumn leaves
. Therefore, in the fall, famous mountains
all over the country are often crowded with hikers wearing outdoor clothing that is as colorful as autumn leaves.
Restaurants are bound to pop up unmistakably in places where people visit, and restaurants with unique flavors and style are delightful to the taste buds of hikers around famous mountains all over the country. Today, the SNS Taste Appraisal Group will
introduce 5 restaurants around fall flowers and hiking courses recommended
by SNS users

1. 'Osak Sangol Restaurant', the representative restaurant of Gangwon Osak Local Food Village

On Mt. Seorak, there is a watershed tour support center course that starts at Osak Water Reservoir and climbs the limit. At the beginning of this course, there is Osak Local Food Village, where Gangwon-do's local restaurants are gathered. Among them, “Osak
Sangol Restaurant
,” which is native to this area
and has preserved the “taste of Gangwon” for two generations, is a restaurant that has been
loved by visitors to Mt. Seorak in one place for over 30
It is said that all the side dishes and medicinal herbs on the table of mountain restaurants are made directly from herbs and herbs
collected in the mountains and valleys of this area, so you can enjoy the taste of the food that blends
right into the flavor of the food. After enjoying a meal at Osak Sangol Restaurant, I recommend stopping by the Osak Water Fountain to drink medicinal water, which is rich in carbonic acid and iron.

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â–²What do you want to be when you're a shikigami? Review: It's really fine. â–²Business hours: 08:00 ~ 21:00 â–²Location: 39 Yaksu-gil, Seo-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do â–²Price range: Osak Yakjeong-sik
18,000 won/Hwangtaedeok-gu 15,000 won

2. Chodang sundubu made with natural soy sauce , “Kongsarang tofu ”

Tofu is an ingredient that is easy to eat in a variety of dishes, but there are many ways to make tofu itself. One of them is chodang tofu made with the idea of Heo Yeop, the father of Heo Kyun, the
author of “Hong Gil-dong
Instead of salt, they use clean seawater from the East Sea as a base water, and when it was rumored that it was tasty, Heo Yeop added his own name and called it “chodang tofu.” Kongsarang Tofu, located between Dobongsan Station and the Dobongsan hiking trail, offers chodang tofu that is differentiated from chemical kansu twice a
month by directly bringing gansu
from Gangwon-do. Tofu bosam, which is made with healthy
ingredients such as carrot tofu
and kale tofu, is a signature dish of this place's signature dish.

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