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korean restaurant / A la carte menu, Seoul Gourmet Part 3. A soup dish that melts your heart in one bowl. – 982

What name comes to mind when it comes to our meal other than “kimchi”? If you think about it, there's one thing you can't miss. A “soup dish” that comes right from generation to generation. In fact, this “soup,” which may be simple, comes in a wide variety of forms in Korea. The names of soup, stew, soup, and hot pot are called differently depending on the ratio of ingredients to soup. The ratio of ingredients is higher than water in the order of hot pot > stew > soup, or it is also classified according to the ingredients contained. Also, I sometimes get bothered by the public opinion that “soup is a mass of salt.” However, “kimchi,” a typical kimchi stew, is high in lactic acid bacteria and fiber, which activates bowel movements, and the “beef bone” contained in gomguk soup or crucible soup is rich in protein and calcium, which is good for bone health. Additionally, when the weather has dropped below zero, there is no food that is as perfect as stew and soup. Not only on a chilly day, but when you're stressed, soothe your stomach with a sharp soup and a cup of soju; at the dinner party the day before, soothe your stomach with a cool haejang soup; when you're busy without a blink of an eye, you'll feel that your body and mind melt away with a hearty meal.

1. The sharp soup has the best flavor. Bangsan Market 'Eunjujeong'

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Eunjujeong is a kimchi stew specialty store near Bangsan Market that opened in 1986. It is a place that is so popular among nearby residents that they have to wait and eat at lunchtime due to its deep, 30-year tradition and hearty portions. “Kimchi Jjigae” is a unique menu at this place other than the dinner samgyeopsal menu. Aged jellyfish marinated in a large basin-like pot and clunky sliced pork are stewed in a rich, deep flavor. Served with 5 or more wrapped vegetables, it is also called “wrapped kimchi stew.” I recommend rubbing the stew broth on the rice, putting two wrapped vegetables on it, and putting the meat together. A hearty wrap will keep your stomach full. There are only two menus: kimchi stew for lunch, and domestic samgyeopsal + kimchi stew for dinner, so don't get confused when ordering.

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â–²Location: 43-23, Jugyo-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul â–²Business hours: 10:30 to 22:00 every day, closed on holidays & Sundays â–²Price range: Lunch (10:30 to 17:00) wrapped kimchi stew 8,000 won, dinner (17:00 to 22:00) samgyeopsal+kimchi stew 11,000 won (exact time) â–²Review (Let's go on a diet to eat): Kimchi stew contains a huge amount of pork. The meat doesn't taste good, and it's chewy and very tasty.

2. The colorful dumplings stimulate the appetite. Buam-dong Bugak Skyway 'Jaha Sondumpling'

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Zaha Sonmandu is a hand dumpling specialty store located at the entrance to Bugak Skyway in Buam-dong. The single-family house was opened and has a unique sense of style, and in the fall, it blends with colorful autumn leaves to create an even more spectacular view. The signature menu is “dumpling soup,” “mochi dumpling soup,” and “dumpling hot pot.” The dumpling soup shows the uniqueness of this place with a fluffy dumpling skin and a slightly boring yet warm and lukewarm broth. Basically, gyoza contains bean sprouts, meat, and onions to create a flavor that doesn't fry, and in the case of broth, they are seasoned only with soy sauce directly dipped in due to concerns about brisket, which is a bit boring, but the aftertaste is refreshing. The mochi dumpling soup has the color of spinach, carrots, and beets. The colorful colors of the dumplings stimulate the appetite, and the chewy jorangi mochi reminds me of the pleasure of chewing. The broth is slightly thicker and thicker than the dumpling soup. In addition, they also sell “gyoza,” which contains beef, shiitake mushrooms, and cucumber, which captures the unique feel of gyoza, and “beef dumplings” containing seasonal herbs such as shiitake mushrooms, cucumber, bean sprouts, and tofu for vegetarians. It was recently listed in the Michelin Guide Seoul, so be sure to check it out.

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â–²Location: 245-2, Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: 11:00 to 21:30 every day, the day before the holidays, closed on the day â–²Price: Dumpling soup 12,000 won, rice cake soup 12,000 won, dumpling hot pot (2 people) 37,000 won, small dumpling 11,000 won â–²Review (Shikigin Passion Payyum): I think I arrived around 1 o'clock and waited for about 10 minutes. There were people who ate it directly at the restaurant, but there were also many people who bought gyoza. I was lucky enough to sit by the window on the 2nd floor, and the view was really nice. The taste of the dumpling soup that I ate while enjoying the view was truly exquisite. I would love to visit again with my family.

3. It is a place with a history of Sundae since 1959 and 150. Daelim Dong 'Samgai Dust Mask Sundae Guk'

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Samgai Dustmask Sundae Guk started at 150 won in 1959 and is still a place that offers a cheap sundae soup of 5,000 won to this day. Perhaps because it has a long history, you can feel traces of time everywhere inside the store, such as a price list with 50 years of history and a panoramic photo of Sundae Gukjip in 1962. Again, the signature menu is “Sundae Guk.” Thanks to its long history, if you walk inside the store in the evening, you can meet elderly people who enjoy sake and sundae soup. The sundae soup here maintains the traditional method of cooking it in a cauldron. All of the ingredients in sundae soup are domestically produced, and the soup has the advantage of maintaining a deep flavor for a long time, even though the head meat and entrails can be cooked thoroughly to make them oily. Please note that the unique smell of sundae is strong. It has been selected as a future heritage in Seoul and an old Korean restaurant loved by Koreans, and you can also check various certificates at the store Hanpoong. There are always a lot of customers, so make a reservation when visiting in a group, so be sure to check it out when visiting.

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â–²Location: 963-9 Daelim-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: 07:00 – 21:00 every day â–²Price: Sundae soup 5,000 won, snacks 6,000 won â–²Review (shikigin cheese omelette): From the exterior that exudes the energy of the restaurant, ah, I thought this place would be a real hit. When I went in, I saw that the elderly were often looking for it. No, but do you know how much it costs? It's 5,000 won. It's been 5,000 won since 2011. But plenty of sundae and plenty of meat. What's more, the soup is also a rich country. If you eat sundaeguk in Seoul, the basic cost is seven thousand won… Surprised by the price and surprised by the taste. I even packed for my dad, who suddenly came to mind while eating.

4. Use 60 years of know-how to find a crucible. Jongno 'Daesung House'

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Daesung House is a restaurant specializing in crucible baths with a 60-year tradition. For some reason, a nostalgic atmosphere is conveyed here where all kinds of people stay for a single menu. Therefore, Dorando is a place where you want to eat a bowl while exchanging stories about life with people. This place was also listed in the Michelin Guide Seoul not long ago. The signature menu is “crucible soup.” The crucible is rich in calcium, protein, and minerals, and is said to be good not only for the growth of children, but also for osteoporosis, disc patients, and menopausal women. The texture of the crucible varies depending on how it is prepared, and Daesung Jip's crucible maintains the chewy texture of the meat and also captures the feeling, probably because it was cooked with 60 years of know-how. I recommend putting a crucible dipped in soy sauce on a spoonful of rice and eating it together.

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â–²Location: 5 Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: 8:00 to 21:30 every day, closed on Sundays â–²Price: Crucible soup 10,000 won, beef stew 22,000 won, special crucible soup (special) 13,000 won â–²Review (Nikki Shikigin): Needless to say, the crucible is delicious. Kakuteki is also sweet and delicious. The pickles are even tastier. Pickled garlic is awesome!!! They all go so well with the crucible

5. It boasts a refreshing and rich taste of Haejang soup 24 hours a day. Yongsan 'Changseong-ok'

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Changseongok is a 24-hour Haejang soup specialty store with a 70-year tradition, well known as one of the top three haejang soups in Yongmun-dong. It also appeared in the Three Heavenly Kings of Baekjongwon, and is a restaurant loved by nearby merchants because it is located inside Yongmun Market. The signature menu is “Beef Bone Seonji Haejang Soup,” which has a refreshing and rich flavor. The visuals look like a combination of Gamjatang and Seonji Haejang soup. The large beef bones and the lean meat on it stand out, and it has a soft texture because of the periphery around it. The seonji here is not bitter and fresh, so I recommend that even those who don't enjoy the seonji haejang soup try it. The peculiarity is that for an additional 500 won, you can order soft-boiled fries as a side dish. If you put fried rice on rice and grate it with the Haejang soup broth, you can feel the taste of Haejang soup again. If you have a large number of people, I recommend ordering their other menu, the “bone hot pot”. It has a slightly deeper flavor than Haejang soup because it contains plenty of bones, seonji, and kimchi and sauce. As a rule, it is open 24 hours a day, but there are days when they close early, so be sure to check the opening hours by phone if it's late.

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â–²Location: 25-16 Yongmun-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul â–²Business hours: 00:00 – 24:00, closed for holidays â–²Price range: Haejang soup 7,000 won, bone hot pot beef (2 to 3 servings) 21,000 won, bone hot pot medium (3-4 servings) â–²Review (Shikigin Fashion Wang Woo's name): Recommended for 3 people! Ah, even if I just look at the picture, I already want to eat it. It's a powerful Haejangguk

**This content was created by referring to restaurants in the book “The Happiness of a Meal” **

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The happiness of a meal

Author Kim Seok-dong

Publication Korea Broadcasting

Released 2016.05.16



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