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korean restaurant / A map of Usadan-gil, an alley mixed with strange charms – 538

It was Gyeongridan-gil that trendsetters began their search to escape the hustle and bustle of Itaewon.

After the accounting team rose through word of mouth and media, their interest moved to Haebangchon.

A place that is already known as a restaurant on Gyeongridan-gil is a situation where you have to endure an hour or two of waiting.

Reservations are bothersome, and I don't want to wait while feeling hungry and sensitive.

The place they chose was Haebangchon right across the street. It's still quiet, and the atmosphere of the alley is still alive.

However, trendsetters who have a list of “only I want to know” restaurants are already paying attention to the new path.

Itaewon was created by an atmosphere of freedom and art. Like Itaewon, not Itaewon, this place is like Itaewon!

When Gyeongridan-gil and Haebangchon began to attract attention, it is a place with a stronger alley color that they had.

This is a place where the exotic charm of Islamic culture and the playfulness of young artists are strangely in harmony.

This is Usadan-gil, where the mosque is located, on the back street of Itaewon Fire Station.

If Gyeongridan-gil is the highest level of hot spots, then Haebangchon is growing, and Usadan-gil is about to enter a new stage?

The hidden pearl-like restaurants in this street that isn't crowded yet. Let's take a look at Shikigami Hot Spots Restaurant Map.

The charming Forten Usadan-gil where Islamic culture, artists' workshops, and delicious food coexist.

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