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korean restaurant / A restaurant in Byeolnae-dong, Namyangju, the town where the stars fall – 257

Close to the Military Academy and Taerung Athletic Village, Namyangju Byeolnae got its name because it is rural and has many pear fields, and stars pouring down at night. Starting from Byeolnae Station on the Gyeongchun Line, a new city has opened, welcoming residents who have created a new place of life, composed of five villages with the name or meaning of the stars, Byeolgaram, Morning Star, Starlight, and Mirinae (pure Korean word for Milky Way). There are places that are still being built, and there are places where construction is in full swing, but beautiful cafes and road shops have been located in the apartment complex that has already been built, and villas with different designs have sprung up along the lava springs in front of Star Love Village, and cafes that are seated one by one have formed a street. Following Jeongja-dong in Bundang and Jukjeon Café Street in Yongin, we will introduce 5 restaurants highly recommended by social media users in search of restaurants in Byeolnae-dong, Namyangju-si, where you can feel relaxed close to Gangbuk.

1. Sandy homemade burger with antique and cute props

SANDY is the most famous homemade burger place in Starlight Village. A cute pony and an outdoor terrace greet guests first. The inside of the store is decorated with cute antique-style props and frames that you would see in a bar in Texas in the 70s. On the other hand, you can see signs of athletes training at Taerung Athletic Village. Sandy's menu includes homemade burgers, salads, hot dogs, and the side menu of French fries. The signature menu, Sandy Burger, is organic bread and thick patties filled with fresh, filling vegetables. If you add 3,500 won, you can enjoy drinks and French fries together. The self-service bar has water, jalapeños, and ketchup, so you can bring and eat whatever you want.

1432704232951518 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1432704243076519 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

â–²Shikigin (Siu Woo) Review: Relaxing Holiday Brunch ~Cream Beer and Homemade Burger Hamburger~

â–²Business hours: 09:00 ~ 22:00 â–²Price range (prepaid): 7,000 won to 9,000 won â–²Location: 218-2, Byeolnae-dong, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

2. Yangnim's zukkumi, a classic of grilled zukkumi with a deadly spiciness

There are so many customers that Mrs. Na Jeong-sun of Na Jeong-sun, who can be said to be a master of octopus cuisine in Korea, closes the door every day after the opening of Yang Zukkumi of Byeolnae named Chin Imo, due to lack of ingredients. Yang's signature octopus dish is the stir-fried octopus set meal. For 10,000 won, you get stir-fried octopus+acorn muksabal+acorn jerse+salad+rice, and it's so hearty that it's full of food. It is divided into spicy and less spicy flavors, but the less spicy flavor is spicy enough, so try to neutralize the spiciness with jasmine tea that comes in place of water and cool acorn muksabal.

1432704275752520 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1432704285140522 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

â–² Shikigami (Kids) review: I eat the wrong spicy food, but I keep eating it because it's delicious. Elementary school kids love it too.

â–²Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00 â–²Price range (prepaid): 7,000 won to 10,000 won â–²Location: 2nd floor of Rodem Tower, 1006, Byeolnae-dong, Namyangju-si

3. Enjoy a small space with style, Waffing Loft Café

A cafe district in Byeolnae formed along a lava spring. Franchises such as Idiya and Two Some Place are popping up one by one, from franchises such as Idiya and Two Some Place to small private cafes. Among them, Wapping Loft Cafe is the hottest place on social media these days due to its clean and modern interior. There was a large window, so the lighting was really nice, and the open kitchen and stairs made the small space feel amazing. They sell coffee, fresh fruit juice, beer, and wine, and they also have bread, cake, and pizza to go with drinks. There is also a table on the outdoor terrace, which is a bit uncomfortable to sit on, but if you want to get a little closer to the blue sky of May and the lava springs, I recommend enjoying it on the outdoor terrace.

1432704343849524 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1432704353145525 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

â–² Shikigami (Kids Are Not Gara) review: Nice view and a pretty whopping loft. The fresh grapefruit juice you make yourself is refreshing

â–²Business hours: 12:00 to 23:00 (closed on Mondays) â–²Price range (prepaid): 3,000 won to 5,000 won â–²Location: 953-5, Byeolnae-dong, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

4. Hwadok pizza baked by older sister other than older brother, Pizzabuckoo Sister Byeolnae

My older sister, who bakes delicious and reasonably priced pizzas in Gongneung-dong, has become a popular pizzeria in Byeolnae. The orange-colored casual interior stimulates the texture and makes people excited to look forward to the taste, and their sister's salad with orange dressing and mozzarella cheese, as well as margherita pizza, pomodoro, and paneh pasta are very popular. Homemade pickles are placed on every table, and when you order pizza, a candle is included to help keep you warm for a long time.

5. Immerse yourself in the charm of organic bread, Puwalan Bakery Café No. 2

Until now, at the beginning of the laid-back lava spring cafe street, there is a place bustling with customers. This is Powalan, an organic bakery cafe made from naturally fermented varieties and organic ingredients. Unlike the first store in the apartment complex, the second store has a lava spring, and the high ceiling has a nice interior that looks even cooler, and an outdoor table with grass, so when you sit at the table, it's reminiscent of coming to a foreign resort. All of the bread you make is consumed that day, so you can enjoy fresh bread every day, it's very digestible, and it's safe for children to eat. Each bread is unique, and I'm greedy to try them all, but cream cheese baguettes, in particular, are protein-based and convey their chewiness and moisture. Drinks such as shaved water and coffee are also popular. Bread costs 3,000 won to 5,000 won.



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